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Transmigrating into an SSSSS-Class Dark Demon Dragon

Stars Academy.

On the stage, the Dean was explaining some basic knowledge to the students.

Meanwhile, the students below were all waiting in excitement.

“Next, everyone will enter the Overlords Plane,” said the Dean. “In the world of the Overlord Plane, you will all create a new world with the heroes you summon.”

“Everything obtained from the Overlords Plane such as items and powers can be brought back to the Blue Star. For a new Overlord who has just entered the Overlord Plane, the first new hero is especially important in order to develop in the Overlord Plane!”

The Dean patiently explained things to the student from the stage, while the students below whispered to each other.

One student was filled with anticipation. “I hope my first hero is the legendary Angel of Light!”

The Angel of Light, the legendary SSS-class hero, was the top species among the Heroes of Light!

When another student heard this, he ruthlessly shattered the others fantasy. “Wake up from your dream. With your aptitude, its already a blessing from the ancestors to be able to summon the Knight of Light.”

“Angel of Light Are you crazy or drunk”

A cold and arrogant man scanned the surroundings from a corner.

He said in disdain, “According to the prediction of our family elders, I will either summon the Wuji Sword Saint or the Aale Sword Hero, Lao Ai.”

Those were the top SSS-class heroes among the Heroes of Light.

On the stage, the Dean was tired of talking.

“I still have a few words to say,” said the Dean.

The freshmens expressions froze on their faces. They knew how tedious the Dean of the Academy was.

He often said he had a few words to say and would go on for hours.

“Everyone, be quiet!” said the Dean. “What I am going to say next is extremely important.” The Dean shouted, and all the students present instantly quietened down.

“Ever since our Blue Star collided with the Overlord Plane, countless Overlords have been born. According to the rules of the Overlord Plane, each of you will have your own initial territory and initial buildings when you enter.”

“The Overlord Plane is very dangerous. If youre unlucky, youll encounter a powerful monster the moment you enter it. You might even be torn apart by the monster! Strength is important but whats more important is luck and intellect.”

Half an hour had already passed with those “few words”.


“Im really looking forward to it. What will my first hero be”

“The legendary SSS-class hero, Succubus Queen”

“That wont work, I feel a little overwhelmed...”

“But if its really the Succubus Queen, I wouldnt mind...”

Xu Yuan was in a daze. When he opened his eyes, he widened it in shock as he realized his situation.

“Wait, Im not...”

“Shouldnt I be waiting for a contract hero!!”

Xu Yuan looked at his left and right. He shook his head, unable to accept the reality.

“What happened to summoning the Succubus Queen”

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Xu Yuan was baffled. He muttered for a long time. “It was just a dream! I am a hero waiting to be summoned!” He looked up at the sky.

Xu Yuan was a transmigrator. When he had just transmigrated to this world of Feudal Lords, he saw himself in the Feudal Lord Academy, waiting with countless students to summon a hero.

At that time, he had even hoped that he would summon all kinds of powerful heroes.

However, the reality was that he wasnt a Lord he was just a hero waiting to be summoned!

After looking up at the sky for a long time, his palpitating heart gradually calmed down.

At this moment, he finally had the time to pay attention to his surrounding environment.

Xu Yuan saw two large pools nearby.

One was filled with the power of light, while the other was filled with the power of darkness.

At first glance into the Pool of Light, Xu Yuan saw an Angel of Light with pure white wings on its back, an Elf with pointy ears, and a majestic Stone Giant.

Xu Yuan felt that the dark aura he emitted was out of place in such a bright pool, he did not step into it.

Instead, he took a few steps towards the Pool of Darkness. As he got closer to it, the angels, elves and other heroes in the pool of light heaved a sigh of relief. It was as if being stared at by Xu Yuan was a terrible thing.

Xu Yuan looked down into the Pool of Darkness. He saw a humanoid creature covered in flames.

“Hello” Xu Yuan said.

The dark creature that was covered in flames was so frightened that its flames almost went out. It quickly escaped and disappeared from Xu Yuans sight.

“Why are you running” shouted Xu Yuan after it.

Xu Yuan didnt understand. He continued to look around. A horse made of blue flames let out a frightened cry.

The knight in black armor on the horse pulled the reins in a panic, trying to control the horse. But the horse broke free of the restraints and ran away.

Near Xu Yuan, a huge dragon with only bones, expressed its allegiance to Xu Yuan!

For a moment, the information of these creatures appeared in Xu Yuans mind:

Dark-Type S-Class hero avenging Soul Flame, Dark-Type SS-Class hero Nightmare Knight, Dark-type SSS-class Hero Dark Bone Dragon, Chi Chi.

“Whats going on Why are you all so afraid of me”

Xu Yuan looked down and saw a leg wrapped in countless Black Dragon scales.

Black Bone Blades emerged from the joints of his legs, and the Black Dragon scales flickered with a mysterious light.

I have become the highest-level SSSSS-level Dark Demon Dragon among the darkness-type creatures!

Xu Yuan raised his head, the vertical pupil of the Demon Dragon appeared on his chest.

He gently swung his tail. There was a dark blue flame at the end of it. Purple-black lightning cackled on Xu Yuans body.

Under Xu Yuans feet, a mysterious array was spinning. Countless stars appeared in the array, like a Galaxy!

There were a total of twelve dark energy balls floating around him. The huge dragon wings spread out, covering the sky and earth!

“The legendary Darkness Demon Dragon! D*mn it, how could there be such an existence of the darkness element”

When Xu Yuan spread his wings, all the heroes, regardless of whether they were light or dark, panicked.

“Its a pity that the Overlord Plane will suppress me. Once Im summoned to the Overlord Plane, my strength will also be suppressed, and Ill need to grow slowly.”

Xu Yuan was a little reluctant. A data panel suddenly appeared.

[Name: Xu Yuan]

[Demonic Dragons true name: Luphus Olga]

[Race: Dark Demon Dragon]

[Level: 1]

[Strength:10 (affects physical damage)]

[Spirit: 8 (affects magic damage)]

[Agility: 7 (affects attack speed, evasion, and movement)]

[Constitution: 10 (affects mana recovery, stamina recovery, maximum health, physical defense, and magic defense)]

I havent even arrived at the Overlord Plane, but I am already affected by the Overlord Planes rules. The display panel showed his power in the suppressed form.

Xu Yuan saw another string of data appear:

[The Dragon God cultivation system has been awakened!]

[Acquired special ability!]

[Night conversion LV1: as a Darkness Demon Dragon, it can convert the energy of the night into its own power. At night, experience will be automatically gained. The amount of experience gained will increase according to the current level.]

[Dragon Gods Slumber: unlocked at level 30!]

[Rebirth of the Demonic Dragon: unlocked at level 60!]

[Dark Wing Blade: unlocked at level 90!]

[Endless Devour: unlocked at level 120!]


At this moment, a bell rang in the sky.

Xu Yuan muttered, “It seems the Lords are going through with their summoning. Hehe.”



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