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Chapter 66



Su Yingqiu was a person who had struggled in the overseas music circle for many years after all.

After his feelings were exposed to his face by Lin Zixi, he only felt embarrassed for a few seconds before adjusting his mentality.


It was just that when he spoke again, the arrogant, distant, and cold aura he put on before had a crack on it, "I really like him.

I’ve liked him for more than 20 years."


Lin Zixi quickly took a sip of the ginger soup in his hand to suppress his shock.

Then he said a little guiltily, "But first come, first served doesn’t apply on feelings.

Gu Zecheng and I are already in love with each other.

Even if you like him from birth, it's also useless."


Su Yingqiu got up from the sofa and looked at him condescendingly, sneering, "In love with each other Hehe, if Zecheng gets back together with his first love, or even chooses any woman, I’ll accept it.

But a social climbing fake like you Humph, are you worthy!"


Damn! Big Artist Su, you actually think that ‘since the younger sister can do it, so can the older sister’!



it’s hard to say now, but twenty years from now, you really can.


Lin Zixi absolutely didn’t expect that Su Yingqiu and his dad had actually had a two-way crush and misunderstood each other back then, which ultimately led to a miss.


But then again, if the two of them had not misunderstood and missed, then there would have absolutely been no him, Lin Zixi, in every sense.


Lin Zixi took another sip of ginger soup, thought for a long time, and finally made a very sincere proposal to this ‘sister’, "It's not easy for me to convey your words to Gu Zecheng.

How about you go and confess to him yourself, Teacher If you don't have his contact information, I can give it to you."


Su Yingqiu’s elimination could be said to be the cause of this intractable predetermined fate, which allowed him to be born in this world, but Lin Zixi himself really didn’t know how to deal with the current situation.

After all, young actor Lin had only played some kind of domineering president, heroic renegade, and scumbag emperor….

As for ‘sisters’ who had a bitch fight over a man, he had no experience.


Since Su Yingqiu came here for his dad, he should leave it to his dad to deal with it.


If by any chance Gu Zecheng was really taken away by Su Yingqiu, then he could only treat it as the plot that had been derailed for more than 20 years was finally corrected and then pretend to withdraw gracefully and magnanimously.


However, he had to ask his dad for ten or eight top-notch TV and movie resources as the breakup fee at that time.

In the future, he would concentrate on his career as an actor, striving to be an international movie emperor and stepping onto the pinnacle of his acting career.


Lin Zixi's brain was like an out of control horse running madly all the way, thinking up which big directors’ dramas he should choose after breaking up with Gu Zecheng.

Su Yingqiu, however, seemed to have been greatly insulted and slapped the table hard, "I have his contact information.

There’s no need for you to be hypocritical!"


After speaking, big artist Su was about to slam the door on his way out, but...


"Fuck, it's hot hot hot!" Lin Zixi, in his absent-mindedness, was startled by Su Yingqiu's action of slapping the table and accidentally spilled the remaining half of the ginger soup in the bowl on his leg.

The ginger soup was not as hot as it was when it first came out of the pot, but Lin Zixi was only wearing a pair of thin sweatpants now, and the heat was enough to scald a large area of his skin red.


Su Yingqiu was also taken aback by this accident and hurriedly turned back to check on Lin Zixi's condition.


The door of the RV was slammed open at this moment, and Gu Zecheng, who had already heard Lin Zixi's screams outside the door, rushed in.


"What happened! How are you, Baby" Without even looking at the other person in the carriage, he brushed past Su Yingqiu's side, went straight to Lin Zixi, crouched down, and inquired rather anxiously.


"The soup...

The soup spilled onto my leg QAQ." Lin Zixi shed a few drops of physiological tears because of the pain and looked at his father, whom suddenly appeared, with wet eyes.


Without saying anything further, Gu Zecheng carried Lin Zixi into the narrow bathroom, let him sit on the toilet lid, took off his pants, and rinsed the area that was scalded just now with cold water.


The skin on Lin Zixi's body was originally fair, and the area between his thighs was even as lustrous and white as snow.

Although his luck was not bad this time, and there were no blisters, the bright red patch looked quite unsightly and scary.


"Rinse it with cold water again for a while.

I'll go to the crew to ask for scald medicine." Gu Zecheng said and was about to leave the bathroom, but he was stopped by Lin Zixi.


"It's better not.

There’re no blisters anyway, so it's not too serious a problem..." Lin Zixi looked at his dad and touched his nose embarrassedly, "Getting scalded by the soup I got because of preferential treatment.

I'm afraid of losing face."


As a result, his dad reached out and twisted his nose, "So you’re going to use a stand-in for the scene in the sea later"


Thus, between using a stand-in and losing face, young actor Lin had to obediently choose the latter.


Gu Zecheng stroked his head once and was going to look for medicine, but as soon as he walked out of the bathroom door, he was handed a tube of ointment by someone waiting outside.


"Thank you." Gu Zecheng passed on the scald medicine to Lin Zixi and carried him to the bed before finally paying attention to the third person in the RV and facing him directly, "Su Yingqiu, it's been a long time."


Su Yingqiu nodded and spoke with an unconscious smile on his face, "Brother Gu, it's really been a long time.

It's been almost three years since we met in Li City, O Continent.

Time flies so fast.

How are you doing" 


“Pretty good.

It’s really a coincidence at that time.

I was going to Li City to talk about business, and you’re actually giving a concert there." Dad Gu glanced at his little lover who was listening with both ears perked up as he spoke and pointed to an area on his thigh, "Baby, you haven't put on the ointment there yet."


Then he looked at Su Yingqiu again and asked knowingly, "Are you planning to go on tour in China when you come back this time"



I came to make the soundtrack for this Coast Rescue Team TV series." Su Yingqiu glanced at Lin Zixi, who had covered his legs with a thin blanket after applying the medicine, and said to Gu Zecheng jokingly, "Also, I'm a book fan of the original work.

I don’t feel reassured if I don't come to the filming site to have a look at the protagonist's acting skills."


Gu Zecheng also smiled and pulled a corner of the blanket to cover the exposed part of Lin Zixi's leg before asking in a natural tone, "Then after you saw your sister-in-law’s filming with your own eyes, do you feel reassured"


"Sister-in-law!" Lin Zixi and Su Yingqiu shouted almost in unison.


If Big Artist Su really calls me that, will I have my life shortened….

Lin Zixi, seeing Su Yingqiu's face instantly lose its smiling expression, swallowed his saliva and pondered silently in his heart.



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