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Recrudescence of the Apocalypse Chapter 3. First s'kill'

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I opened the notification message. The process was simple, just like the expansion of the windows in the regular panel, the inbox panel opens the message according to our will. My eyes slightly trembled when I read the contents of the notification sent through the system.

Extreme senses detected.

Successfully escaped death.

Realizing the skill Perception of death.

Perception of death:

You can sense death and make an instinctual effort to avoid it.

Note: This skill activates itself when you are under life-threatening attacks.

I read the whole message before returning back to the second line. Escaped death it said. This meant that had we not dodged the recent wall-shattering attack, it would have been the end. However, I realised, after collecting myself from the shock, that this skill warns me about attacks that I cannot see coming as well. This got me elated. Also, the word instinctual meant that my reflexes come into action upon perception, and the slight difference in time created could most possibly decide my survival.

I slowly moved my focus back to the threat we were facing right now and then to the twins. All of them remained unmoving, the monster was probably in a dilemma about the dish to taste first while the twins were scared out of their wits.

"For the next 15 minutes, the both of you are going to follow my orders to the tee." I shouted as loud as I can to grab the attention of the three beings in the room. The twins nodded slowly before turning their attention back to the monster, gulping down their own saliva. The beast slowly turned its head and looked at me as if it was declaring that I would be presented the honour of being its amuse-bouche.

I slowly stood up inching towards the right and signalling to Ms. Willis to make her way to her brother. Acknowledging my signal, she scrambled from behind the desk as quickly as she could while hiding from the predator. As soon as she reached her brother, I once again gave them my command. "Roll the extinguisher towards the shelf and both of you run out. Close the door immediately."

"But…" Mr. Willis seemed reluctant to leave me alone, but he rolled the extinguisher before starting to speak.

"No arguments, Willis. Im better off at fending it alone than with you two here. After leaving this room, hide in the infirmary. Its close, so you can make it there without any other hinderance. Now, GO!" I shouted.

Why was I acting as the decoy for their escape? Have I grown close to them? Is this some false bravado? Did I hit my head during the intrusion of the monster? The reason was simple. If the monster attacked with all three of us in the room, then it was almost inevitable that one of us dies. This would result in psychological instability in the other two and wed all end up being its prey. My choice of action was simply the best shot I had at surviving. Also, I cannot do what I was about to do in their presence.

The system has thrown down a single thread of support towards me in this crisis. The efficiency of its usage will determine the outcome of this encounter between me and that monster.

I couldn run away. It was faster than me in the open fields. I couldn take my chance at being chased in the building; I don know how many monsters it hosts. A fight. That was the only solution. I had to fight it and win. I slowly scanned the room to find any possible weapons that I could use in this showdown. I secured one weapon, but that alone wasn going to cut it.

As I was in the midst of my thoughts, the stalemate between me and the monster broke as it lunged forward, baring its sharp fangs. And with a slight buzz in my head, I ducked. Flattened myself completely onto the ground, to say. I witnessed the creature sailing over my head missing me by miles as I rolled to the right and got up.

It was the first time my skill was activated. And as much as that thought excites me it also worries me seeing how close to death I was treading. Though very reassuring, having such a skill meant that I would be facing attacks that could literally obliterate me in the future, and that really scares me.

The monster slowly turned towards me getting ready for another attack, while I readied myself for my next course of action. This time, it started with a small run before pouncing towards me to increase its momentum. Having already expected the attack, I grabbed the plant pot on the desk and slammed it hard into its head, deflecting it into the cabinet beside me, using its own momentum, causing it to crash into all the trophies that were displayed there.

That was when I saw it. The weakness. Though it had a very sturdy head, sharp fangs and sharp claws, the rest of his body wasn built on par with these parts. It contained a very bony frame and the underside was severely under-protected for a monster of such strength and aggression. Though the frame looked huge, its neck and underside however looked fragile, as if it had belonged to a creature that was starved for several days.

A sequence of actions that would lead me to victory slowly started to form in my head. Now, all I had to do was execute it correctly but isn that the hardest part of all?

I looked around one last time to make sure everything was where its supposed to be for my plan to succeed and just in time the beast readied itself for another attack. Little did it know that this would be the last showdown between us. That only one could make it out of this sequence alive, me or him.

A soon as it got up and moved toward me, I used the principals chair to jam it against the desk and slammed its head with the biggest trophy that was present in this room, the pride of our school was what it was if I had to quote it in the words of our principal. Though the trophy couldn damage the monster enough, it left it in a dazed state that would last for a few seconds. Enough to continue to the next step of the plan. The extinguisher.

I grabbed the extinguisher and after adding another hit to its head, I used the hose pipe to strangle it around its neck and expose its belly to me. Still tightening the pipe with one hand, I reached out to grab all the sharp stationary on the desk to ram it into its ribs and belly. As I held a pen, I stretched out my hand to gain as much momentum as I could to stab it into its gut. As it was moving its paws in a desperate attempt to free itself, I stabbed it with the pen, pushing it as deep as I could before twisting it and pulling it free to proceed for another stab on the same spot but at a slightly different angle.

With the pain increasing, it started to fight back more violently than ever making it harder to hold the pipe to strangle it. After ramming the pen for the third time into its belly and pushing it deeper once more, I let go of the pen before giving it another hit on the head with the keyboard on the desk.

Though the monster had a strong and sturdy head capable of blasting through a wall, I knew it had to have experience backlash from the repetitive collisions it had, so that was the best spot I could aim for.

After the hit with the keyboard, I let go of the hose I was holding and gripped the fire extinguisher properly to ensure maximum transfer of power as I swung it hard towards the pens rammed into its body once before landing a final hit on its lower jaw when it howled in pain.

After that, I just stood there, breathing heavily with the extinguisher in my hands ready to be swung at anyone who comes at me as I observed the monsters breathing slowing down before final stopping.

I finally let go of the extinguisher and my body slouched down. After the fight, I was completely drained of my energy and also seemed to be experiencing the side-effects of the intense doses of adrenalin pumped into my body during that fight.

As I looked at the clock now, the fight seemed to have not lasted even 10 minutes and most of it was just me desperately trying to kill the beast with the puny amount of damage I was making. Now that I see it, I don know what killed the beast. The excessive hits to his head or the stationary stuck in its gut or the strangling. I just made use of all possible means available to me that could cause it damage. I was desperate cause the slightest mistake and I would be left defenceless and, having used up all my energy, the beast would have taken its time to return the damage to me. So, I was glad for all the little help I could get.

I looked at the corpse, the monstrosity covering the entire chair, lying there unmoving, and then at the latest notification from the system.

Congratulations on killing a Minor Abomination!

Rewards will be generated soon.

Congratulations on killing your first monster!

Rewards will be generated soon.

Congratulations on killing a monster alone!

Rewards will be generated soon.

Performance grade: S

Rewards have been deposited into your inventory.

Along with that message came the sight of the corpse that occupied the chair slowly turning to ash.

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