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RebirthTyrants New Reality Chapter 29 Distressed Sister

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After roaming for two hours and having fun at various places. Arkhen bid farewell to the three girls since he had to go for the daily training session with Zoe and Evelyn. He also had to complete the daily quest.

"Alright, see you tomorrow!" Elli, Makoto, and Dionne said with smiles as they had much fun with Arkhen today.

As they saw Arkhen leaving, Elli sighed. "I want to date him."

"Me too." Makoto and Dionne said at the same time.

The three of them looked at each other before bursting out laughing. However, their thoughts were in a different direction than usual because Arkhen had spent 13 reality points altering their real perception and thoughts.

"Hmm, we will hang out with him for several days more and then…confess at the same time. What do you think" Elli said with a grin. "He can choose one among us, but no hard feelings, okay"

"Alright," Makoto nodded.

"No problem," Dionne also agreed.

As such, these three girls entered Arkhen's web that will slowly alter them in a way that Arkhen wanted.

After one hour of intense training of Taijutsu and various exercises to make their bodies stronger, Evelyn and Zoe nodded at each other and surprised Arkhen.

They took off all of their clothes and lay on the mattress, fully naked.

"Brother, this way, you can massage our full body," Zoe said with a smile. A hint of red on her cheeks.

"Yep. Start, please. Our bodies are aching because of your hardcore training," Evelyn pouted.

"Naughty girls, haha. Alright," Arkhen said with a light laugh as he sat down between them and started with their shoulders.

He slowly moved towards their plum breasts and tummy in the next twenty minutes before putting his middle fingers of both hands into their pussies.


"Brother…this is b-best," Zoe said with misty eyes, feeling very satisfied with the full body massage.

"Yeah, brother. Please don't l-leave us...ever," Evelyn said with half-opened eyes as she still twitched a bit due to cumming because of Arkhen's fingering.

"I won't," Arkhen said with a grin. After squirting both girls once, he moved to their lower body parts and massage their thighs and legs.

"Alright, turn around."

Zoe and Evelyn turned around as Arkhen started their back massage. He started with shoulder backs and slowly moved lowered before slapping their butts.

"Want one more ride"

"Yes, please."

"Yes, please."

Arkhen put his middle fingers in their pussies again and started moving. His top-class finger techniques combined with heavenly massage made girls moan out loud and they cummed shortly later.

Their bodies became relaxed as Arkhen continued with the massage to their lower body parts like back, thighs, and legs.

"Alright, today's session is over. I finished it quickly because I need 30 minutes to exercise. You two can relax and bath before meeting up with me at the bus station, alright"

"Ok, brother," Zoe said with her eyes closed.

"We will lie like this for a few minutes more," Evelyn said before she suddenly remembered something. She stood up and turned around to see Arkhen's crotch. "See! You are hard again. Let us help you."

"No, it's fine," Arkhen shook his head. 'Velshi, you know what to do.'


"Why" Zoe pouted. "It must pain there."

Arkhen flicked their foreheads with his hands and smiled. "I said no. Now I am getting late. Just contact me when you arrive at the bus station."

After saying that, Arkhen didn't wait for their response and left the private training room.

Zoe and Evelyn looked at each other with a downcast expression.

"Why did brother say no" Zoe said.

"Sigh, maybe we are not good enough" Evelyn sighed.

"Not good enough…" Zoe muttered as she also sighed. "You are probably right. We are noobs, so we can't satisfy him with our mouth or hand."

"Should we…" Evelyn said as she looked at Zoe's vagina. "If he uses protection, it should be fine, right I don't want Arkhen to go away. If he only massages us and makes us feel good while we can't do anything for him, he will eventually get tired of us."

Zoe's eyes became moist just thinking about Arkhen leaving. "You are right. I don't want my brother to leave us. But will he agree to do that"

Evelyn became silent as she also felt that Arkhen wouldn't agree. [A/N: Lmfao!! Hahaha]

"We have to think something."


On the other hand, Arkhen went to another training center and was surprised to see the beauty goddess there sparring with another girl.

However, he focused on his daily quest first.

He finished 100 push-ups in 100 seconds. 100 sit-ups in 100 seconds and ran around the big training room without pausing for 10km.

[Daily Quest completed]

Arkhen took out candy and ate it before checking his system interface.

[-Reality System-]

[System level: 1]

[Reality Points: 115]

[Skills: Lightning Tendrils, Condensing Impact, Heavenly Massage Art, Touch of Ecstasy]

[Talent: Gaze of Conqueror]

[Bloodline: none]

[Super Powers: Perpetual Prime]



|Shop|- opened

|Lucky Roulette|- 3 Spins.



-Stamina: ∞

-Strength: 30

-Agility: 30

-Charm: 8

-Energy Power: 1124

—> Primal Energy: ∞



-Dragon-Tiger Jade Spear

-Memory Crystal Fishing rod


"I want to increase EP," Arkhen murmured. He looked at the shop, but today's items were also out of his reach. The cheapest cost is 1000 reality points.

'Will there even be items I can buy Or minimum is 1000' Arkhen questioned.

[There will be. It's just your luck is bad that no cheap items appeared]

'Alright, will see what I get tomorrow,' Arkhen thought before he turned to the ring where Sierra was sparring and walked towards her.

"Would you care for a spar" Arkhen said with a smile.

Sierra glanced at Arkhen and remembered him as she saw him yesterday. "Are you sure"

"Haha," Arkhen laughed in response and entered the ring. Since it was a martial arts spar, he was confident. Moreover, Sierra was also sparring unarmed.

"Don't cry later," Sierra indifferently said as she took a fighting stance.

"You can't win, girl," Arkhen said with a faint smile as he put one hand behind his back and beckoned her with his right hand. "Come."

Everyone was shocked at the guts of this unknown guy.


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