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Chu Yi could not react for a long time.

“You… youve taken a fancy to Shengsheng”

Mo Shengsheng was a famous princess in the capital.

She was the apple of the Mo familys eye.

One might say that she had inherited all her parents strong points in terms of looks.

She was beautiful beyond belief.

She might be a princess, but her character was not at all like that of a princess.

Mo Beihan, who adored his daughter, was afraid that she would be bullied when she grew up, so he raised her to be completely fearless.

If Chu Yue was a gentle little fairy, then Mo Shengsheng was a scheming demon queen!

She was intelligent and eager to learn but also scheming and crafty.

She was full of wicked ideas, but she was exquisitely beautiful and looked innocent and harmless.

When she was quiet, she looked like a goddess.

But when she flew into a rage, she was like a demon.

Among the boys, she was the boss.

Among the girls, she was the ringleader.

She had a whole gang of little followers.

She had been the chief among the children since she was young.

She was always looking for trouble and never went for longer than three days without a fight.

But Mo Beihan stubbornly believed that his Little Sweetheart was obedient, mature, intelligent and adorable.

Every time Mo Shengsheng got into trouble, it was always someone elses fault.

After a while, the entire capital knew that there were two people in the Mo family whom they absolutely could not offend — one was the mistress, Gu Qingyao.

The other was the darling, Mo Shengsheng.

Master Mo was completely unreasonable in anything that involved the two of them.

Even if it was not your fault, it was also your fault.

His wife and daughter were never at fault.

Master Mos adoration of his daughter created a lot of trouble for the people in the capital.

It was all right if he was protective of his wife.

After all, Gu Qingyao was a classic noble lady.

If you did not offend her, she would not attack you.

But Mo Shengsheng was a different story!

She was a demon queen and a child.

Children will have their disagreements, but every time someone disagreed with Mo Shengsheng or quarreled with her, he would lose.

Because if you offended Mo Shengsheng, she would beat you up.

If she could not beat you up, Master Mo would take over the beating.

Who in the capital would dare to offend Master Mo!

So a girl like that was hated by her enemies but loved by her friends.

After all, Mo Shengsheng was very loyal and had inherited her fathers protectiveness.

Chu Yi really liked the girl.

Of his two children, his son, Chu Zheng, was steady and discreet.

He was a little like Mo Yang.

He was the typical heir.

His daughter, Chu Yue, was gentle and polite and was the typical girl from a noble family.

But the child Mo Shengsheng was like a wolf cub.

She was filled with vitality.

She was completely different from the children in his family!

Chu Yi said rather incredulously, “Sheng Sheng is only 12 years old, but youve already fixed your sights on her”

Chu Zheng pursed his lips and said nonchalantly, “So what Mo Yang already has his sights set on my younger sister when she was 5 or 6 years old.”

That seemed to make sense.

“Im different.

I fixed my sights on Shengsheng the moment she was born!” Chu Zheng added rather smugly.

As Chu Yi watched his son leave and walk towards Mo Yang, he came to his senses and burst out laughing.

In Chu Yues bedroom, the girl had already finished changing.

She had packed her luggage.

She knew that she was going on holiday, so she was as excited as a happy little bird.

She could barely contain herself.

Chu Zheng walked over and leaned on the door frame with his arms crossed.

He looked at Mo Shengsheng.

“Shengsheng is also on holiday, isnt she Shall I bring her along with you”

Chu Zheng smiled.

His eyes were black and shiny.

They were extremely bright.

“I have a villa there too.

Ive given it to Shengsheng as a birthday present.

Ill bring her there to see if she likes it.”

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