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The demon army once again moved out, immediately attracting the attention of many neighboring countries and forces.

During this period of time, Li Xiang could be said to have gained quite a bit of limelight.

Although he was only a level 10 country lord in the Myriad World Continent, he only had two regions and wasnt even worth mentioning.

However, he would occasionally show his face in the world announcement, and there were even countless people discussing it.

His reputation had already spread far and wide.

This was especially so after the great battle with the undead race.

In the beginning, almost no one thought highly of the Demon Country, and they all started to speak ill of it.

They even started making bets.

However, in the end, Li Xiang became the winner with five arrows and turned the tables.

It could be said that he had stunned countless people, and many country lords were talking about him.

Of course, Li Xiangs victory also attracted the hatred of countless people who lost money in the gamble.

“Which country is the Demon Country going to destroy again.

Does anyone know the news”

“The demon army is heading north.

On the back, only Region 0032 is connected to him.

Theres no doubt that they are going to attack Region 0032.

This area is just outside the intersection between the Red Dragon Mountain Range and the Black Dragon Mountain Range.

Although its not enough to seal off Region 0042, its still considered a strategic location.”

“Looks like Li Xiang is pretty ambitious.

Could it be that this kid wants to completely conquer the entire north”


“Li Xiang is indeed worthy of being the Demon Country Lord.

He went to Region 0032 without any reason.

This is a battle of injustice, and we must denounce and boycott!”

“The one above, are you alright I guess you either lost a lot of money last time or youre a pitiful wretch from Region 0032.

Otherwise, shouldnt you be cheering and welcoming the lord”

“Bullsh*t, I just cant stand Li Xiangs tyrannical style!”

“The bets are starting.

The bets are starting.

This time, the bookmakers are the Sea Billow Empire and the Myriad Worlds Country Lords Guild.

The various country lords can invest their funds through the gnome banks in the country and choose the remaining methods.”

“Betting on Li Xiangs victory, the odds are 1:1, betting on Li Xiangs loss, the odds are 1:3.

In addition, there are also those who will participate according to the number of days Li Xiang wins or loses.

Everyone, join in enthusiastically!”

“F*ck, Sea Billow Empire and the Myriad Worlds Country Lords Guild actually teamed up to be bookmakers.

Looks like this is a big event!”

“I heard that this matter is related to Yang Mi.

Do you guys think that Li Xiang used to be a fan of Yang Mi, but now hes enraged because of beauty”

“This possibility is very high!”

“Let go of Yang Mi.

Let me do it!”

The world channel was in an uproar.

Even the country lords of many regions that were very far away began to pay attention to the matters here.

Especially with Yang Mis popularity, after crossing to the Myriad World Continent, anyone who had a bit of ambition would not be indifferent.

“Li Xiang is actually neighbors with Yang Mi.

This guy is so lucky!”

“Li Xiang, if you dare to harbor ill intentions towards Yang Mi, I will lead an army to destroy your damn Demon Country sooner or later!”

“Li Xiang, I advise you to be kind and not have any delusions.

That way, we can still be friends!”

The world channel was in chaos.

Li Xiang wanted to see if there would be any useful information on the world channel, but when he opened it, he saw a bunch of bad characters.

“These people have nothing to do!”

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Ning Xiaoyue also followed Li Xiang.

She also saw the world channels information and grumbled with dissatisfaction.

“Li Xiang, do you guys like girls like Sister Yang Mi”

“Ahem, I dont quite understand what you mean.”

Ning Xiaoyue rolled her eyes at him and said disdainfully, “You dont mean what you say.

Even I like Sister Yang Mi.

I dont believe that you can be indifferent.”

Li Xiang shook his head and said to Ning Xiaoyue, “Xiaoyue, look, look.

Alice and Alicia, which one is inferior to Yang Mi”

“Hehe! Your meat is rotting in the pot, so theres no rush!”

Li Xiang said a little angrily, “Am I not on my way to rescue her Should I go back”

“No, no, I was talking nonsense, okay I will always remember your great kindness.

Even if I die, I will carve your name on the tombstone!”

“Are you thanking me or cursing me Ning Xiaoyue, it seems that I have to teach you language skills.”

“Hehe, its a slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue!”

The two of them sat on their horses and chatted for a while before they began to concentrate on their journey.

Li Xiangs Demon Country was very close to the border of Region 0043, but it was still a distance away from Region 0032.

Half a day later, before the sunset, they finally reach the proximity of the teleportation array at the border.

“Country Lord.

A large number of enemy troops have already gathered on the other side of the border.

There are no less than 200,000 of them.”

“Yo, to be able to gather 200,000 troops, it looks like they are quite powerful!”

Ning Xiaoyue quickly said, “Li Xiang, the enemy is the Four Symbols Alliances troops from Region 0032.”

“What what Four Symbols Alliance”

“Thats right.

The Four Symbols Alliance is formed by the leaders of the four strongest countries.

Because these four countries are respectively the White Tiger Nation, Azure Dragon Nation, Black Tortoise Nation, and Vermillion Bird Nation, they are called the Four Symbols Alliance!”

“Eh Could it be that the four countries soldiers are all mythical beasts”

Li Xiang was shocked.

Ning Xiaoyue curled her lips and said, “What mythical beasts! The White Tiger Nation did have a few white tigers, but they were only common beasts, and they could barely call them that.

But the other three countries were completely far-fetched.

Azure Dragon Nation was originally called the Ten Thousand Snakes Nation, and its soldiers were snake people.

Black Tortoise Nation had a big lake and specialized in all kinds of turtle-type monsters, so it proudly named itself Black Tortoise Nation.

That Vermillion Bird Nation is even more ridiculous.

Just because the country lord has a flame bird, he dares to call it the Vermillion Bird Nation.

He is simply shameless!”

Hearing this, Li Xiang was finally relieved.

If these four leading countries all had mythical beasts, then there would really be no way to fight this battle.

A creature like a mythical beast, he estimated that it must be at least level 70 or 80.

For a mere level 15 character like him to bring a bunch of soldiers who were not even level 10 to fight head-on, he must be tired of living.

“Li Xiang, quickly launch your attack! After Region 0032 found out that Sister Yang Mi was also in their region, their attack power suddenly increased.

I dont know what plans they have, but Im worried that she wont be able to hold on for long.”

Li Xiangs heart moved slightly, and he had some guesses in his heart.

“These guys cant really think that Im rushing there in a fit of anger for beauty, right So they want to take down Yang Mi first and then threaten me”

“Lys! Hows the army situation”

“Demon Lord, the armys morale is at its peak.

Theres no problem!”

“Good! Then activate the teleportation! There are 200,000 soldiers of various types on the other side.

I want you to defeat them in one go!”


Demon Warlord Lys let out an angry roar.

The demon army moved with a bang and disappeared instantly under the light of the teleportation array.

Near the border of Region 0032.

More than ten armies fanned out and surrounded the entire teleportation array.

Behind these armies, at least several hundred catapults had been loaded and could be fired at any time.

In front of two of these armies, there were even more than ten huge ballistae.

Long bolts flickered with cold light, and one look was enough to tell that they were great killing weapons.


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