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“Greetings, Demon Lord!”

Li Xiang nodded and personally helped him up.

“Lys, from now on, the army of the Demon Country will be handed over to you to train and manage.”


At a glance, it was obvious that Lys was not a demon who was good with words.

It seemed that he did not have any intention of communicating with the other demons under him, and he said, “Wait a little longer.

There will be two new soldiers arriving.

One is the Dread Fiend Cavalry, there will be 3,000 of them, and the other is Demon Mage, 500 of them.

Other than that, there are also 5,000 Black Wing Demons, 20,000 Vine Whisker Demons, 5,000 Flame Demons, and 200,000 miscellaneous troops in the country! You can now consider how to form an army that has combat strength.”

Lys nodded and said, “I will do my best.”

Not long after, the Dread Fiend Cavalry charged over with terrifying power, but they stopped at a suitable distance, not affecting Li Xiang and the others at all.

Behind them, all 500 Demon Mages wore black hooded robes and followed closely behind.

After paying their respects, Li Xiang handed the army over to the Demon Warlord to manage while he brought Alicia and Alice back to his castle.

The moment he returned, he saw Ning Xiaoyue pacing back and forth outside the castle anxiously.

“Li Xiang, youre finally back!”


“Why are you waiting for me here Cant you send a message if theres something urgent”

Ning Xiaoyue said quickly, “Some things can only be explained in person! Im in a hurry now; please help me.”

“What is it Speak!”

Li Xiang led Ning Xiaoyue into the castle and sat down in the hall.

“Theres something I didnt tell you.

Actually, I came here safe and sound because a good friend helped me solve most of the difficult problems while I was on the way.”

Li Xiang was not surprised by this.

According to what Ning Xiaoyue told him previously, from Region 0025 to Region 0042, there were at least four or five regions in between.

After going through dozens and hundreds of countries, how could she arrive here smoothly

The reason why he did not investigate further was that he had enough trust in Ning Xiaoyue.

Most importantly, these matters did not affect him for the time being, so he was not that concerned.

Hearing Ning Xiaoyue saying this at this time, he was a little curious.

“This friend of yours cant be your boyfriend, right”

Ning Xiaoyue said angrily, “What boyfriend Im still single! This friend is an older sister of mine.

She has taken care of me since I entered this world.

Otherwise, I might not be able to live until now!”

“Well, then what exactly happened”

“Her country has been invaded.

The invader was once a suitor, but after being repeatedly rejected by this friend of mine, he recruited several country lords to invade her country because of hatred.

Now, she is in imminent danger, so I want to ask you to send troops to help!”

“What is your friends name Which region is she in How far is she You have to tell me.

Its a major military matter, and its a matter of life and death.

Although our relationship is good, we cant act rashly!”

“Well, dont be surprised when you hear her name.

Her name is Yang Mi.

She used to be a big star.

Later, after we got to know each other through trading goods, the two of us started trading and became friends.

Oh, right, shes in Region 0032, very close to Purgatory Valley.”

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment, and Yang Mis information immediately appeared in his mind.

This persons reputation was like thunder piercing his ears, and she had always been the dream lover of countless young men.

He didnt expect that after entering the Myriad World Continent, she would actually be right next door to him.

“Youve been doing business quite well! You actually started cross-region trading long ago.”

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Ning Xiaoyue was a little anxious, but she still said patiently, “I dont know how to fight, so I tried my best to farm and develop.

I wanted to make more money and build a good relationship with the neighboring countries.

In the past, because of the regional barrier, Sister Yang Mi and I completed our trade through a rare treasure.

The real meeting we had is when Im on this journey.”

“Rare treasure You actually have a rare treasure”

“Mhm! As long as you can save Sister Yang Mi, I can give you this rare treasure!”

Li Xiang said unhappily, “What are you talking about Im just curious because not many people know about rare treasures.

Since you also have one, Im just curious! As for the rescue, Ill arrange it.”

When Ning Xiaoyue heard that, she was slightly relieved and said, “Thats great.

Ill immediately inform her and tell her to persevere until your army arrives no matter what.”

As she said that, she couldnt wait to open the communication channel and contact Yang Mi.

Soon, she raised her head and said to Li Xiang, “Li Xiang, Sister Yang Mi said that she can hold on for another three days.

As long as you can rescue her in time, shes willing to use a rare treasure as a reward to thank you!”

When Li Xiang heard that, he was a little surprised.

At the same time, he secretly praised Yang Mi for being a good person and directly negotiated the reward through Ning Xiaoyue.

To be honest, although the rare treasure was precious, it was not worth Li Xiang risking his troops to save a stranger.

However, with Ning Xiaoyues relationship, it was a different story.

“Send a message to Lys.

Tell him to gather his troops and send them to Region 0032!”

Although there were still many things that he had to deal with in the country, saving people was like putting out a fire.

He did not mind leading his troops out a few days in advance.

Half a day later, the demon army gathered again.

This time, with the Demon Warlord as the commander, the structure of the army became more reasonable.

The composition of the troops was also more perfect, and their combat strength was also more powerful.

The 300,000 troops that Li Xiang had originally put together were directly reduced to 100,000, directly reduced by two-thirds.

Among them, the real demon army consisted of 3,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry, 500 Demon Mages, 5,000 Black Wing Demons, 20,000 Vine Whisker Demons, 5,000 Flame Demons, 5,000 Night Demon Puppets, 5,000 great demons, and 30,000 small demons, totaling 73,500.

The rest of the empty slots were chosen from the elite soldiers of other territories, such as barbarian warriors, berserkers, werewolves, orcs, and so on.

The numbers ranged from 500 to 1,000.

A total of 100,000 soldiers under the command of the Demon Warlord, were well-organized and obedient.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiang finally relaxed.

“Alicia, you and Alice stay by my side and act as my guards! Once an enemy hero unit appears on the battlefield, you will deal with it.

Oh, right, Alicias current level is not enough!”

As Li Xiang spoke, he directly injected a large amount of EXP into Alicia, instantly raising her level to level 10 like him.

When heroes and soldiers killed enemies, Li Xiang could gain some EXP.

Similarly, Li Xiang could also use his EXP to level up his subordinate heroes.

Because he had been suppressing his level, he had accumulated a large amount of surplus EXP.

Even if he directly raised Alicia to level 10, it would not consume much of his EXP.

After all, the EXP he had accumulated now was enough for him to level up to level 20.

And the higher the level, the more EXP he would gain.

The total EXP from level 10 to level 20 was almost ten times that of the top 10 levels.

Naturally, this amount of EXP was not worth mentioning.

After that, he did not stop.

He also leveled up Demon Warlord Lys to level 10.

As for himself, he had leveled up to level 15.

The reason he raised another 5 levels was so that he could use the [Dragon Slaying Divine Bow] in his hand at any time.


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