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“Alright, I got it! Follow me to the Demon Lair.

Its time to recruit new heroes.”

Li Xiang was not particularly satisfied with the previous few summonses except for Alice.

Although both the Eye Demon and the Demon Hunter had very unique abilities and high potential, they were still lacking in terms of intelligence.

What he needed the most now was a demon hero that could take care of himself.


Li Xiang activated the summon and waited silently at the foot of the mountain.

Originally, it would take half an hour to summon a demon hero, but now that he had reached level six, not only did the summoning time not shorten, it even lengthened.

It took a full two hours to summon a demon hero.

In order to save time, he directly summoned two demon heroes this time.

His heart was filled with anticipation.

The Succubus Alice, on the other hand, had a calm expression.

It seemed as if she did not care about the status of the demon hero.


In reality, she was very nervous.

She was afraid that the demon he summoned would compete with her for his favor.

While summoning the demon heroes, Li Xiang also activated the summoning of the new soldiers.

However, the new soldiers were not freely chosen by him.

Although he now had the opportunity to choose two random soldiers, they were not under his control.

[Ding! Country Lord, congratulations, you have obtained the S-Rank soldier, Dread Fiend Cavalry.]

[Ding! Country Lord, congratulations, you have obtained the S-Rank Demon Mage.]

“Hiss –”

Li Xiang did not expect the surprise to come so suddenly.

Just by hearing the names of these two soldiers, he knew that they were definitely not cannon fodder troops.

In fact, whether it was the Black Wing Demon, the Vine Whisker Demon, or the Flame Demon, they were all elite demons of the abyss of hell.

It was just that the level of these demons was still low, and they had yet to mature, so they had huge limitations.

If their level rose to a certain level, any demon could sweep through countless countries without being harmed.

However, if a demon wanted to grow, it would need a large amount of slaughter and battle.

Therefore, the growth of the demons under his command still needed time.

[Dread Fiend Cavalry]: S-Rank, with dread fiend as the knight, nightmare warhorse as a mount, high level of defense, high level of attack, high level of speed, summoning cost: 5,000 soul points each.

[Demon Mage]: S-Rank, a rarely seen spellcaster unit among demons, low level of defense, extremely high level of attack, low level of speed, summoning cost: 10,000 soul points each.

“Damn, 5,000 soul points and 10,000 soul points each.

Its much more expensive than the Vine Whisker Demon and Black Wing Demon.

Theyre both demon soldiers of the same level.

The price has almost doubled.”

“Fortunately, Ive been fighting everywhere during this period of time.

Ive accumulated tens of millions of soul points.

Theres enough to spend.”

“Two types of demons, 3,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry.

Demon Mages have a weak defense, slow speed, and expensive price.

Lets recruit 500!”

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He had used up 20 million soul points in one go.

[Current Soul Points: 13,460,000]

“I have to thank the army of the undead! The quality is high enough.

Otherwise, who knows how long it would take to accumulate so many soul points.”

“Alice, what specialties do our Demon Country have now”

“Country Lord, we only have one specialty, wine.

The rest, such as the Recovery Water from Lake of Tears, have always been stored.

Each war will consume a large amount of it, so the stock is not considered much.

Other than that, theres nothing else.”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

He did not expect that even though he looked rich, the most important specialty was actually so scarce.

He had five wonders!

With the addition of the five wonders and the characteristics of the four great territories, he didnt have any specialties.

Wasnt this a joke

He opened his friend list.

Other than Jian Suyan with a grayed-out profile picture, there was another Ning Xiaoyue.

“Xiaoyue, what specialties did your territory have before”

“Ah! Why are you asking this all of a sudden”

“Im just asking!”

“Theres a lot! I have a special three-colored spiritual cow that can eradicate the most delicious spiritual milk.

I also planted a large area of golden gum trees that can produce the most important golden rubber, which is very popular.

Also, in addition to the red ironwood that I found in my territory, I also found red copper ores.

Although they are not very precious, because of the high consumption, the sales volume is also very good.


“Dont say anymore…”

Li Xiang clutched his chest as he felt heartache.

He felt that he had lived for nothing during this period of time.

“Alice, send someone to investigate all the monsters, minerals, and plants in the wilderness of Region 0042 and Region 0043.

The more detailed the information, the better.”

Alice nodded.

The succubus could be said to be the best secretary, but she wasnt very good at management and operations, so she had always been managing the territory under Li Xiangs command.

Now that such a big hole had appeared in the territory, there was nothing she could do.

Of course, Li Xiang would not blame her.

Two hours later, a ball of black light burst out from the Demon Lair.

Then, a figure turned into a black line and flew over almost instantly.

“Greetings, Demon Lord!”

This was an extremely beautiful woman wearing black armor, her figure was extremely enchanting, and she had a pair of black wings.

[Fallen Angel: Alicia]

Quality: SSS

Race: Fallen Angel

Growth Rate: 10

Level: 1

Magic Attack: 1,000-2,000

Defense: 500

HP: 5,000

Skills: Sword of Destruction, Dark Magic Light, Hand of Despair, Wings of Death.

“Hiss –”

Li Xiang sucked in a breath of cold air.

This newly summoned unit was only Rank 1.

Its attributes were almost double that of the Succubus Alice.

It was really too strong.

Alice snorted coldly and said, “Country Lord, Succubus is a support unit, not a real combat unit.

Its normal for our attributes to be lower than hers, okay”

“Cough cough! Of course! Alicia, get up!”

Actually, in terms of appearance, Alicia was not much better than Succubus Alice and Water Fairy Isabella.

However, the cold and stern aura on her body was actually more attractive.

For men, the more they could not get something, the more they liked them.

At this moment, a black light flashed again in the Demon Lair.

Another black light flashed.

It was an ugly man with a burly figure and a set of ferocious armor.

[Demon Warlord: Lys]

Quality: SSS

Race: Demon

Growth Rate: 10

Level: 1

Attack: 1,500

Defense: 1,500

HP: 8,000

Skills: Shadow Spike, Triple Leap Strike, Sword Aura Slash, Life Sharing.

Li Xiang realized that the attributes of the Demon Warlord were even higher than that of the Fallen Angel Alicia.

Life Sharing was a godly skill.

[Life Sharing]: Able to share life with your subordinates and even transfer damage.

This skill was simply an immortal skill.

As long as he had enough subordinates, he would not die at all.

Most importantly, he finally had a commander who could lead the army in battle.

In the past, Li Xiang had always led the army himself.

To be honest, he was not very good at leading the army himself.

It was just that there were no talents in this field in the country, so he could only force himself to do it.

Even if he could not, he had to do it.


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