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Miyamoto Sakuragi said calmly, “This choice may seem dangerous, but in reality, its the safest choice.

Even if we fail to seize the territory in other regions, we still have a way out.

Otherwise, even if we manage to seize the territory, whether we can defend it is uncertain.

We dont even know where to run to.”

Duba sighed.

After hesitating for a few minutes, he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, Ill listen to you.

Since we have nowhere else to go, lets go all out!”

Miyamoto Sakuragi did not think that the two of them would be in any danger.

Even if Li Xiang did not agree, then he would just pledge his loyalty.

No matter what, he could still become a lord.

If he succeeded, then it would be the best of both worlds.

After making the decision, Miyamoto Sakuragi did not delay and immediately sent an invitation to Li Xiang.

At this moment, Li Xiang was resting in another territory near Red Leaf Ridge.

This country lord had already pledged his allegiance to the undead race.

Since the distance was also close, it had been completely destroyed.

Li Xiang intended to make up for some of the shortcomings of the Demon Country, so he was thinking about how to do it.

At the same time, the battles in Region 0043 were also in full swing.

He did not send anyone to hunt down the undead race, but he sent out the Vine Whisker Demons to check around underground in case the undead race played another trick on him.

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Suddenly, a notification sounded from the system interface.


[The Cherry Blossom Country Lord has invited you into the Myriad World Conference Hall.

Do you agree]

“Hmm The Myriad World Conference Hall The Cherry Blossom Country Lord”

He knew about the Cherry Blossom Country Lord, who had been very active previously.

He was one of the leaders who opposed the Demon Country and allied with the undead.

It was just that he had not been able to free up his hands for a moment, or else he would have sent his army to annihilate him long ago.

“Why is he looking for me And what is this Myriad World Conference Hall”

His gaze focused on the Myriad World Conference Hall, and a simple explanation appeared in his mind.

[The Myriad World Conference Hall is a rare treasure.

It allows the invitees to enter the Myriad World Conference Hall in the form of a projection to discuss matters face-to-face.

There is no danger to their lives.]

“A rare treasure”

Li Xiangs interest was immediately piqued.

As the Demon Country Lord, he had obtained countless treasures, but this was the first time he had seen a rare treasure.

Since there was no danger, he didnt mind taking a look, especially since he was more interested in this rare treasure.

Thus, he raised his hand and clicked “agree”.


With a thought, as if teleporting, he instantly descended into a bright conference hall.

This conference hall looked to be about a hundred square meters in size.

In the middle stood the chairmans table, but at this moment, only two people were seated.

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Now, when the two people saw him, they immediately stood up.

“Greetings, Demon Country Lord! Im the country lord of the Cherry Blossom Country, Miyamoto Sakuragi!”

“Greetings, Demon Country Lord! Im the country lord of the Divine Hawk Kingdom, Duba!”

The situation was stronger than the person.

The life and death of the two people were now in Li Xiangs hands.

The identity of the originally equal country lord was no longer useful.

When they saw Li Xiang, they immediately stood up respectfully.

Li Xiang glanced at the two of them, turned around, and looked around.

Then, he asked curiously, “What is this rare treasure How did you get it”

Miyamoto Sakuragi was slightly happy.

The Myriad World Conference Hall was his biggest bargaining chip to ensure the success of this negotiation.

With his current situation, the Myriad World Conference Hall was of little value to him and could not play its proper role.

However, if it fell into Li Xiangs hands, it would be able to play its greatest role.

“A rare treasure is a spawn of the laws of Heaven and earth.

It will normally appear in a monsters lair, but a divine item conceals itself and is easily overlooked.

It was only by chance that I discovered an item like a rare treasure.

Compared to the strange additional effect, the rare treasures functionality is stronger.”

Li Xiang immediately revealed an expression of interest and nodded.

“I see!”

At this moment, he was also feeling a little fortunate.

If it wasnt for Miyamoto Sakuragis invitation, he wouldnt even know about the existence of such a rare treasure.

Perhaps he had overlooked it, or perhaps it was a divine item that was self-concealing.

When he returned, he would have to search for it properly.

This Myriad World Conference Hall was obviously very useful.

His territory was getting bigger and bigger, and he had many lords under him.

If anything happened, it would be too troublesome to inform them one by one.

“I wonder if the two of you have anything to say after inviting me to meet you Ive heard that the two of you are very active in opposing the Demon Country and joining forces with the undead!”

Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba both had a hint of awkwardness on their faces.

“I hope Country Lord Li Xiang can forgive us for this matter.

Back then, the undead race offered to form an alliance with Region 0043 to defeat the Demon Country Lord.

We agreed in a moment of foolishness.

After all, were all country lords.

We have our own aspirations and expectations, and we dont wish to be ruled by others.”

Li Xiang naturally understood this.

If it were him, he would definitely not allow other country lords to pressure him.

“Then why are you inviting me here now Have you thought it through Or do you have other plans”

Miyamoto Sakuragi knew that the crucial point had arrived.

If his words and sincerity were unable to move the other party, then he could only be an ordinary lord for the rest of his life and lead life peacefully.

“Its like this! Country Lord Li Xiang, the two of us hope that you will give us a chance to go to other regions to compete for territory.

Regardless of whether we succeed or fail, we are willing to provide information and support to you.

At the same time, we are willing to hand over this rare treasure, the Myriad World Conference Hall, as a sign of our sincerity.”


Li Xiangs heart moved slightly.

He held his chin and fell into deep thought.

He understood what these two meant.

They were clearly unwilling to be ordinary lords without doing anything.

Even if they were to face all sorts of dangers, they would still want to go out and explore.

However, with the demon armys blockade, they could not get out.

In addition, they probably wanted to use the Demon Country as a path of retreat.

Even if they failed, they could return and be at ease as lords.

At the very least, they had worked hard and would not leave behind any regrets.

This idea was not bad.

Moreover, they even offered him this Myriad World Conference Hall, a rare treasure, as a sign of sincerity.

To be honest, Li Xiang was very tempted.

However, if he agreed so easily, it would show that he was too easy to talk to.

Hence, he was not in a hurry to express his position.

The conference hall instantly fell into silence.

Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba looked at Li Xiang with a somewhat nervous expression, their hearts filled with anxiety.

After a long while, Li Xiang asked, “Which region do you plan to go to”

When Miyamoto Sakuragi and Duba heard this, they were instantly delighted.

It seemed that Li Xiang had the intention to agree.

On the back was Region 0033, and on the south was Region 0053.

They could only choose these two regions.

“We plan to choose Region 0053 on the south.

Weve already sent people to investigate.

Because of the war between the Demon Country and the undead race, Region 0053 has already given birth to a faction similar to the alliance.

There are even some powerful factions from other regions that have infiltrated.

However, it is still quite chaotic for the time being.

If we act now, we still have a chance.

However, if time passes and things stabilize, it will be very difficult for the foreign country lords to interfere again.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Are you sure that after you go over, you will be able to snatch the territory and defend it safely”

“We have to try whether it works or not.

Otherwise, we will always feel a little unwilling!”

This time it was Duba who opened his mouth and expressed his own thoughts.


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