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After a wave of arrow rain, the ones who suffered the greatest losses were not the undead knights, but the vampire race.

Compared to the undead knights who wore armor, the vampires were all light-armored soldiers.

Even if their movement speed and agility were high enough, they would not be of much use under such an overwhelming arrow rain.

In just one wave, hundreds of people were taken away.

Victors face darkened.

He turned around to look at the hundreds of undead wizards who were following closely behind the team and asked, “Do you wizards have a way to deal with the attack of these arrows”

The undead wizards were stunned.

They were undead wizards, not elemental wizards or arcanists.

There was really no way to deal with such an army attack.

However, they could not say it directly, or they would look very useless.

The team wizard leaders heart jolted and said frankly, “If its defense, we are really powerless.

But if its a counterattack, we are not helpless!”

Hearing this, Victors complexion suddenly looked better, and his tone became much gentler.

He asked, “What should we do”

“The enemys rain of arrows covers a large enough area, and we also have a powerful area spell.

Its just that its a little slow to cast, and we cant be disturbed!”

“Dont worry, mage.

I have my Dark Sky Screen, and there are also undead knights and vampires behind.

If I cant protect more than a hundred of you, I might as well kill myself.”

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“Thats good!”

The mage turned around and said to his subordinates, “Prepare to cast Shadow Fog!”

Victor asked, “What effect does Shadow Fog have”

The mages ugly and dry face revealed an evil smile as he said, “The Shadow Fog contains lethal poison, and it cannot be dispelled by wind magic.

It can only be purified by light magic.

What do you think they should do about the demons on the other side, leader”

Victor laughed out loud when he heard that.

“A bunch of demons also want to get their hands on light magic.

The god of light will directly purify them!”

The mage smiled proudly and said, “Thats not all! The Shadow Fog contains a large number of vengeful spirits, and it specializes in absorbing HP.

It even has a talent spell that can make enemies lose their way.

“I want to see how they can break through this wave!”

“Men, order the army to defend!”

They were all elite undead armies, and their formations were quickly adjusted.

The undead knights were at the front, the vampires were at the back, and Victor was in the middle with his guards to protect the undead wizards.

On the other side, under the command of the Eye Demon, the Vine Whisker Demon archers shot three waves of arrows consecutively.

A total of a million arrows fell, but the damage they caused was negligible.

Just as he was about to charge forward with his entire army, the teleportation array behind him flashed again.

Li Xiang once again led his army into Region 0043.

He saw that on the plains in the distance, the demon army was shrouded in black light.

On the ground, there were undead knights in front and vampires behind.

There were densely packed arrows on the ground.

It was obvious that the demon army did not gain any advantage from the first time they had fought.

Seeing the country lords arrival, the Eye Demon immediately flew over and said, “Country Lord, the enemy is the elite of the undead race.

I plan to lead the army to attack and crush them!”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

Compared to the succubuss intelligence, although the Eye Demon also had intelligence, in comparison, it seemed a little inflexible and didnt know how to work around.

The other party had clearly come prepared.

It was unknown what tricks they were planning at this moment.

If they planned to rush forward at this time, were they going to give up their lives

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“Theres no need! Tell the army to retreat and widen the distance!”


The Eye Demon did not understand what was going on, but he still resolutely carried out the order.

The demon army immediately retreated.

Suddenly, rays of grayish-black magic light flew out from the undead army on the opposite side.

After landing on the ground, they spread into balls of dark fog.

This time, they did not buy any information about the undead army, so they did not know what kind of skills they had.

As more and more fog appeared, countless black shadows flickered and wandered in the fog.

Indistinctly, there were sounds of moving songs that made people lose their minds.

“F*ck, the undead race really thinks highly of themselves.

They sent over a hundred undead wizards to cast spells together.”

Fortunately, Li Xiang had ordered the army to keep a distance.

Otherwise, the place they were standing would have been immediately covered by the gray-black fog.

From the looks of this fog, it did not seem like a good thing.

If it really covered the army, no one knew what kind of damage it would cause.

On the other hand, Succubus Alice was very knowledgeable, and she said to Li Xiang, “Country Lord, this is the Shadow Fog of the undead race.

There are a large number of vengeful spirits in it.

If the army enters, not only will they lose their direction and become chaotic, but they will also be sucked of their HP, corroding their souls.

It will be extremely difficult to deal with.”

“Do you have any way to deal with it”

Alice looked troubled and said bluntly, “Country Lord, the Shadow Fog can only be dispelled with light magic.

Other methods are almost useless.”

Li Xiang was speechless.

He had demon talent, so how could he use light magic

When he thought of the Magic Tower in his territory, he felt even more uncomfortable.

The Magic Tower was a very powerful wonder, but the requirements to record magic inside were too high.

“The undead race is trying to slow us down and buy themselves time to flatten Region 0043.

With the strength of the undead army, it would be considered pretty good if most of the country lords in Region 0043 could last for three to four days.”

Alice, who had always been a quick-witted succubus, was also a little tricky at the moment.

This Shadow Fog was a large-scale war magic, and it was not something that could be easily dealt with.

It could only be done with the support of a large number of necromancers with their mana.

Therefore, unless she had a corresponding method to counter it, she really did not have any good ideas.

She was not afraid of this Shadow Fog, but she could not defeat the hundreds of thousands of enemies!

Li Xiangs expression did not change as he took out a piece of equipment.

[Legion Magic Shield]

Grade: Unique

Defense: 270

Power: 35

Vitality: 21

Equip Level: 10

Characteristics: [Party Protection] The wielder will increase the armor of the ally unit within a certain range by 30% and provide an additional 10% damage immunity.

Special Effect: [Demonic Aura Protection] Summons a demonic aura to protect the wielder.

The toughness of the wielder is related to the number and quality of the ally unit within a certain range.

Additional Effect: Increases the wielders defense by 35%.

Additional Effect: Increases the wielders attack power by 30%.

When Succubus Alice saw this equipment, her eyes lit up slightly.

However, that was not all.

The armor on Li Xiangs body that had been hiding the radiance of the equipment suddenly lit up.

[Magnificent Armor]

Grade: Legendary

Attack: 400

Power: 80

Agility: 54

Equip Level: 5

[Active Skill 1: Magnificent Blessing.

Releases an S-Rank defense light shield with a radius of 1 kilometer.

This light shield can ignore attacks below S-Rank.

SS-Rank attacks can be blocked 100 times.

SSS-Rank attacks can be blocked 10 times.

Duration: 2 hours.]

[Active Skill 2: Blade of Glory.

After being released, all units within a radius of 1 kilometer will gain invincibility when charging.

Duration: 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.]

[Passive Skill: Clad in Armor.

All units within a radius of 10 kilometers will have a 20% bonus panel.]

With these two pieces of equipment, the demon army would be able to directly wade through any Shadow Fog!


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