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“The Demon Country has actually withdrawn all the invading armies.

With this, the situation is very disadvantageous for us.”

A burly bald man with blood-red glasses said.

Opposite him, a knight wearing black armor and a helmet said in a low voice, “Region 0043 is just a bunch of useless chickens and dogs.

We can flatten it ourselves.

Isnt it good that the Demon Country withdraw”

On the side, an ugly old man wearing a long gray robe chuckled and said, “If only it were that simple.

The Demon Country is not a simple force.

If my guess is right, the Demon Country is retreating in order to advance, waiting for us to make a move!”

“Master Cullens words are right.

The reason why the Demon Country withdrew is not that they are afraid of us, but because they want to understand us.”

Vampire Victor sighed and said, “This Demon Country is very difficult to deal with.

Its different from the enemies weve encountered before.

Not only is it strong, but its also very cautious in its way of doing things.”

At this point, everyone looked at Lord Tiancheng, who was sitting at the head of the table.

Lord Tiancheng looked soft and cute, but under his solemn aura, everyone was extremely respectful.

His delicate fingers lightly tapped on the handrail, giving off a weak thump sound.

“Our plan cannot be changed.

The Demon Country has clearly seen through our goal by withdrawing at this time.

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“Since thats the case, well use lightning speed to flatten all the territories in Region 0043.

Well also send out a pair of elite troops to guard the entrance of Region 0042 that is used to enter Region 0043.

This will buy us enough time to conquer all the territories.

“This way, even if the Demon Country reacts, it wont affect our plans much.”

Everyone revealed a look of agreement when they heard this.

“Does anyone have any other opinions or suggestions”

Everyone immediately shook their heads.

However, Victor coughed lightly and said, “Then, is the War Bear Country an exception as the hero who helped us enter Region 0043”

A pure smile appeared on Lord Tianchengs face.

“Why should they be an exception Isnt becoming undead and obtaining eternal life what theyve always been looking forward to”

“Yes, I understand what to do.”

“Since no one objected, then this matter has been decided.

All of you should immediately activate the army and start attacking today.

I want to see all of you take down the entire Region 0043 within seven days.”


Not long after, the undead army began to slowly surge out from the underground passage.

Then, they split into dozens of routes and charged toward different targets.

Almost at the same time as the undead race appeared, Li Xiangs eye demon immediately noticed something unusual and quickly sent back the news.

Demon Country, country lords meeting hall.

Succubus Alice reported, “Country Lord, the Eye Demon sent back news that the undead army is acting strangely.”

Li Xiang, who was studying how to increase the power of the country, raised his head when he heard this, and his eyes revealed a look of surprise.

“The undead are well aware of the principle of speed and efficiency.

They immediately moved out as soon as we retreated.

Are they trying to catch us off guard”

As he spoke, he received Alices message.

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Instantly, scenes of the undead army moving out appeared in his mind.

From these images, he could clearly see the number and level of the undead army.

Among them, there were about a million low-rank skeletons and zombies, and they were split into dozens of routes.

Each route only had a few tens of thousands.

However, the undead soldiers that followed closely behind made him frown slightly, and his expression became serious.

There were no less than 100,000 undead knights riding on the nightmare warhorses.

Even after splitting up, there were more than a thousand of them on each route.

These undead knights were all A-Rank soldiers.

They might not be particularly strong individually, but once they reached a certain number, even S-Rank soldiers would not have much of an advantage against them.

What was even more ridiculous was that there were more than 1,000 undead wizards wearing gray robes and hoods, holding staffs in their hands.

These were the true S-Rank soldiers.

As long as these people were on the battlefield, they were not afraid of not having enough soldiers.

They could continuously turn corpses into warriors.

“Good lord, the undead have invested a lot in this.

They actually sent out so many high-rank undead.”

Alice asked somewhat worriedly, “Country Lord, what should we do”

Li Xiang said calmly, “When the soldiers come, we will block them.

When the water comes, we will cover it.

Pass my order.

The demon army will immediately move out, cross the teleportation array, and seize the battlefield at the border region.

If the undead dares to come, we will fiercely fight back.”

He did not wait for the undead to completely start a war with Region 0043 before making a move.

Now, the undead races goal was very clear.

They wanted to quickly crush the country lord of Region 0043.

Naturally, he would not let them do this easily.

He believed that there should be many country lords of Region 0043 who were not willing to become undead.

Now, it was time to see who was the fastest.

After the Demon Countrys army returned to their country, they were always ready to attack again.

Therefore, the moment they gave the order, they stepped onto the teleportation array almost immediately.

The first wave of the demon army that stepped onto Region 0043 were all elites of the Demon Country.

Among them, the A-Rank flame demons and horned demons were the main ones.

The flame demons controlled powerful fire magic, while the horned demons had the strongest physical body and advanced combat abilities.

Apart from that, there were also 100,000 Vine Whisker Demons with crossbow bolts.

The leaders were the Eye Demon and the Demon Hunter.

On the other side, the undead race had Victor leading the vampire race along with 30,000 undead knights.

There were also over 100 undead wizards in the team.

Both sides were extremely familiar with this region and were determined to win.

However, in terms of speed, the undead race was fast enough, but no matter how fast they were, they were not as fast as the teleportation array.

Fortunately, their goal was not to defeat the demon army but to slow down the demon army and try to buy as much time as possible.

Therefore, when the two sides met, Victor did not plan to directly attack but confront the demon army.

However, whether it was the Eye Demon who strictly carried out Li Xiangs orders or the Demon Hunter who was filled with the desire to kill, they were not interested in talking nonsense with Victor.

As soon as they saw the enemy, the army immediately pressed forward.

This caused the many delaying tactics and words that Victor had prepared to stall for time to instantly lose effect.


Following the order of the Eye Demon, the first to attack was the Vine Whisker Demon archers who were at the back.

“Hum –”

Hundreds of thousands of sharp arrows transformed into black clouds and arrived in an instant.


Victor roared in anger.

He extended his hand and beckoned, and a black light screen appeared above his head.

This was his talent skill, Dark Sky Screen.

This Dark Sky Screen could not only cover the five senses of the enemy, but it also had a powerful defense.

Unfortunately, although the Dark Sky Screen was powerful, it could only cover a small portion of his allies.

Most of the remaining allies were still within the range of the arrow rains attack.

Although his subordinates were all undead and had a strong resistance against physical attacks of this level, it would still cause some impact.

Many unlucky people were even shot through the head by the arrow rain, extinguishing their souls, and they were completely dead.


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