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It wasnt a black cloud.

It was clearly an arrow cloud formed by crossbow bolts.

It looked like there were at least tens of thousands of them.

At this moment, when they flew over, it was like a dark cloud covering the top.

There was no place to hide.

What was even more terrifying was that all the crossbow bolts were flickering with a strange black light.

If one was far away, they wouldnt be able to see it clearly.

Only when one was close enough would they be able to feel how terrifying that black light was.


The army of the Black Dragon Country Lord was not weak at all.

The Black Dragons defense was already very strong.

At this moment, a magical light appeared on its body, and its defense increased greatly.

Meanwhile, the troops on the ground raised their shields to defend.

The armies of the other four countries were attacked by the crossbow bolts at the same time, but they appeared to be very powerless.

Who would have thought that the Demon Country would have such powerful combat strength and a sea of crossbow bolts to attack

“Chi chi chi…”

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Numerous crossbow bolts fell, and countless enemies were nailed to the ground by the crossbow bolts.

The defense of shields was not as useful as they had thought.

These crossbow bolts were all enchanted, and each of them was of high value.

This attack aimed at the five nations was actually a massive amount of money consumption.

But at the same time, the effect was immediate.

With just one attack, almost one-third of the enemys combat strength was wiped out.


Another wave of crossbow attack.

The Black Dragon Country Lord was holding a defense treasure, his face full of disbelief.

Could the Demon Country use such a costly attack again

The other four country lords faces were even more miserable, their eyes full of confusion.

Previously, they had instigated the smaller countries to plunder the Demon Country, causing the Demon Country to suffer heavy losses.

How could they still have such a foundation and strength This was illogical.

However, the reality was that they were directly stunned and crippled by the two waves of crossbow bolts attack.

“Retreat, retreat, retreat immediately!”

Li Xiang stood on the high platform in the distance, sneering endlessly.

He had exposed such a big trump card of his, yet they still wanted to retreat unscathed.

They could keep dreaming.

With the hundredfold soldier creation bonus, it was really too easy for him to create soldiers.

However, he did not use a large number of soldiers.

Instead, he used the Vine Whisker Demons to control the crossbow bolts.

With just a few thousand Vine Whisker Demons, he could control tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of crossbows to attack.

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In reality, the crossbow bolts he had stored were only enough to consume three waves.

If not for the fact that the crossbow bolts consumed too much, the crossbow bolt attack alone would have been able to kill all these intruders within the borders of the country.

When the Black Dragon Country Lord and the other four lords brought their own troops and tried to flee in a sorry state, they were still rejoicing in their hearts.

As long as they regrouped and the five of them worked together, they might not necessarily be unable to defeat the Demon Country Lord.

Hence, they did not lose their confidence.


Suddenly, rays of demonic light shot over and landed within the army, instantly causing a large number of deaths.

In front of them, the demonic army that had gone to annihilate the small country lords had already appeared behind them.

The Succubus had a cold and solemn expression.

With a wave of the Flame Whip in her hand, a large number of fiery light figures split out and instantly annihilated a large number of them.

The Eye Demon even summoned a large number of small eye demons and shot out a large number of them at the same time.

The allied forces of the five countries had no way of resisting at all.

Under the attack of these high-grade troops, they were swiftly annihilated.

Half an hour later, the five country lords were directly killed.

Li Xiang had no intention of subjugating these five country lords.

Following that, he directly devoured the five countries territory and turned it into the Demon Countrys territory.

When the news spread out, the world channel was deathly silent.

At this point, the battle against the Demon Country had completely ended.

The Demon Countrys trade area had once again become prosperous.

Countless merchant caravans swarmed over, and various countries sent their diplomatic delegations to settle in.

They even planned to establish a permanent base here.

Li Xiang walked around the trade area.

Everyone was incomparably respectful, and their eyes were filled with reverence.

“You are the Demon Countrys country lord”

Li Xiang originally wanted to return to the castle, but he didnt expect to hear an extremely arrogant voice from behind him.

He turned around and saw two muscular barbarian warriors standing there.

Li Xiang frowned and asked unhappily, “Who are you Why are you looking for me”

Who would have thought that the two barbarian warriors didnt speak, but that annoying voice came from beneath them

“Kid, where are you looking Im here!”

He lowered his head and saw a short man who was only about 50 centimeters tall and covered in jewelry.

Li Xiangs thoughts raced, but he could not find the corresponding race in his database.

The short man in front of him did not have a strong body like a dwarf, nor was he as handsome as an elf.

If one had to say, he could only be a gnome.

But gnomes were usually thin and bony, and their faces were full of deceit.

The short man in front of him was full of fat, and his face was full of arrogance.

He looked like he was reasonable as long as he was rich.

Seeing that Li Xiang ignored him and only kept frowning at him, the short guy was instantly unhappy.

“Do you look up to the Great Gnome Country Lord Pacu that you forgot to greet for a moment Its okay, the Great Pacu forgives your rudeness…”

Before the Gnome Country Lord Pacu finished speaking, Li Xiang asked, “Are you a gnome”


Ignorant boy, have you never seen such a handsome gnome”

“Are you really a gnome That gnome who isnt even as tall as a chair” Li Xiang once again interrupted Pacus boasting.

“I…” Pacu choked on Li Xiangs words and was momentarily at a loss for words.

Li Xiang once again opened his mouth and asked, “Oh, you really are a gnome.

Only gnomes can be so ugly!”

Li Xiang had always used the tongue of a venomous snake to retaliate against impolite people.

The Succubus standing behind Li Xiang saw that the gnomes face was flushed red, and he was flustered and exasperated.

He looked like he was ready to go up and fight with his life.

She could not help but curl her lips in disdain.

However, her footsteps could not help but get closer to Li Xiang.

At the same time, she looked at Li Xiang in surprise.

She did not understand why the “gentle and refined” lord would become vulgar after seeing this gnome.

The gnome Pacu, who was stomping his feet and pointing at Li Xiang, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He said furiously, “Kid, do you know what youve done How dare you speak rudely to the Great Gnome Pacu Just wait for my wrath!”

After saying these ruthless words, the gnome Pacu turned around and left.

Looking at his fat body twisting in a very comical manner, the surrounding spectators faintly stifled their laughter.

Li Xiang did not laugh.

A trace of a scheming gaze flashed past his eyes.

On the way back to the castle, the Eye Demon, who was in charge of monitoring the safety of the territory, floated over.

“Lord, youre looking for me”

Li Xiang nodded and said indifferently, “Does that gnome have a backup plan Why didnt you report it”

Sensing the displeasure in Li Xiangs tone, the Eye Demon trembled, and he hurriedly explained, “He does have a backup plan.

In the valley outside the city, 10,000 A-Rank barbarian warriors are hiding.

The reason why I didnt report it was because those few people couldnt pose a threat to you.”


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