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Instantly, a tall black shadow appeared before him.

Ye Fan lifted his head.

Demon Hunter!

“Li Xiang, you cant kill me.

Im a member of the Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union!” Ye Fan roared.


Demon Hunter slashed on his neck.

Ye Fans eyes gradually lost their luster.

“Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union.

Whats that”

On the city tower, Li Xiang muttered.

[ System Announcement: Water Fairy King, Ye Fan, has been slain.

The King of the Mermaid Kingdom has surrendered.

The king of the Demon Country, Li Xiang, has obtained a complete victory in the Deathmatch Space.

All the property of the Water Fairy Kingdom will be transferred to the king of the Demon Country, Li Xiang.


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[ System Announcement: The result of the bet in the Deathmatch Space will be paid within half an hour.

Dear lords, please check the system mail.


Ye Fan defeated

The people watching the battle were all dumbfounded.

They had praised Li Xiang for his excellent military commanding ability, but they did not believe Li Xiang could win this battle.

The environment was naturally favorable for water-type creatures and ten times the enemys military strength.

Yet Ye Fan lost just like that.

“F*ck! Ye Fan, pay my money back!”

“There must be a mistake behind this.

There is a bug.”

“F*ck you! I borrowed money from a loan shark.

What should I do now How am I going to pay it back”

“Let me remind you, the Gnome Countrys deadbeats have a miserable ending.”

“Haha, a bunch of gambling dogs.

Its so f*cking cool to see you all wailing.

Li Xiang, Im going to give you tons of likes!”

“Speaking of which, theres a person who bet one billion gold soli coins on Li Xiang winning.

Did he become rich”


Jian Suyan, the lord of the Wind Elf Kingdom and the exclusive member of Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union.

F*ck! The bets they joined always end up like this.”

Deathmatch Space.

Li Xiang briefly browsed through the [ World Chat Channel ].

Within the wailing of gamblers and the laughter of people who were having fun, he also noticed that someone had mentioned theMyriad Worlds Country Lord Union.

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Li Xiang frowned.

That was the second time he had seen this term.

The first time was when Ye Fan threatened him before Ye Fan died.

“Ill have to ask around about this.”

Li Xiang stroked his chin.

He was interested.

Putting the Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union aside, Li Xiang started to inspect the spoils of war.

The Water Fairys A-Rank territory and the Mermaids C-Rank territory were now his.

An SS-Rank Fantasy [ Lake of Tears ].

An S-Rank [ Pearl of Pure Water ].

[ Active Skills: Illusion of Water, able to transform into thousands of creatures.

The deeper the users understanding of the object, the more realistic the creature will be, and there is a certain probability of obtaining the creatures skills.


[ Passive Skills: Water-type damage and healing effects increased by 300%, and water-type creatures submission rate increased by 50%.

Wearing this pearl, you can walk in deep water.


[ A drop of Homesick Water, waiting for the fated person.


An A-Rank [ Master of Fusion ] illustrated handbook.

[ Master of Fusion: One-time consumable skill.

After learning, you can obtain all kinds of skills and equipment abilities.

After the fusion, the main skills or equipment will be strengthened or become even stronger new skills and equipment.

Remarks: Growth Type.


After scrolling through the rewards, Li Xiangs smile became even brighter.

Not to mention that the two water-type territories had increased his demon strength.

An SS-Rank wonder, an S-Rank Pearl of Pure Water, and a growth-type A-Rank master of fusion made Li Xiang feel that this battle was worth it.

“Demon Lord, what should we do with these captives”

Succubus trapped the mermaid and water fairy under the city wall and asked.

Li Xiang glanced at them.

The mermaid had a cold personality.

The high level had bullied the low level, and the low level had used the robe to block his gun.

He didnt want such a subject.

But the Water Fairy was different.

They were united.

“Kill the mermaids!”

Li Xiang said calmly.

In an instant, the demons raised their butchers and wiped out the mermaids.

Everyone was expressionless because they knew that if Li Xiang lost, their ending would be worse than this.

Isabella woke up from her injury and saw the scene of the massacre.

Her whole body trembled, and she began to sing the sad song of Water Fairys homesickness.

The song spread among the Water Fairies and slowly became sad.

“Stop singing.

I wont kill you,” Li Xiang scolded.

Then, he looked at Isabella.

Isabella was stunned and suddenly seemed to understand something.

She kneeled on the ground and said in a low voice, “From now on, you are the king of the Water Fairy Kingdom.

I will… listen to your orders.

I will never rebel.”

“Very well!”

“Follow me back to the main city.”

Li Xiang nodded.

Isabella, who had transformed into human form, blushed and lowered her head, saying, “Yes!”

At this time, Demon Hunter suddenly appeared beside Li Xiang and said word by word, “Someone escaped.”

“Jason” Li Xiang frowned.

Demon Hunter said, “Yes.”

“I underestimated him.”

Li Xiang sneered.

Jason had instigated the war between him and Ye Fan.

But on the battlefield, he did nothing.

Now, Jason had escaped.

That guy shouldnt be the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom.

He should be the lord of the Turtle Kingdom.

Li Xiang cursed in his heart.

Then he waved his hand and said, “Forget it if you cant find him.

Next time you see him, kill him.”


Demon Hunter nodded and agreed, disappearing into the shadows.

Somewhere in the Myriad World Continent.

In a gorgeous castle floating in the air, in a small room in the remote section, a woman wearing a hood revealed a thin red lip and crystal diamond-shaped emeralds by her ears.

She used her white fingers to roll up a file and stuff it into the bookshelf.

On the dossier was Demon Country, Li Xiang.

Then, the woman took out a dossier with the words “Water Fairy Country, Ye Fan” and threw it into the trash can.

Li Xiang led the victorious team out of the Deathmatch Space and returned to his territory.

Li Xiang announced.

All the subjects celebrated for ten days!

For a moment, the entire demon country was in a frenzy.

To them, the strength of the king was their capital to survive!

Li Xiang stood on the high ground of the castle, looking at the bonfire decorated with stars at night.

For a moment, lofty sentiments struck him.

“If there was a heavenly king who came to the Myriad World Continent, what kind of situation it would be.”

Li Xiang clenched his fists.

His eyes shone brightly.

He opened the panel.

After scrolling through some basic information, Li Xiang discovered that his strength, agility, and intelligence had already reached 10,000.

His innate talent, territorial devour, had already reached S-Rank after defeating the Water Fairy Kingdom and the Mermaid Kingdom, and he was on the verge of breaking through to SS-Rank.

The most important thing was the equipment that Li Xiang currently possessed, Kings Cape, Commanders Sword, King of the Regions title, Legion Magic Shield, and Pearl of Pure Water.

In addition, there were also wonders in the territory, the SS-Rank Lake of Tears and the S-Rank Ancient Well of Darkness.

There was also a growth-type A-Rank “Master of Fusion” blueprint that had not been absorbed.

Thinking of the role of “Master of Fusion” Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

“Master of Fusion blueprint learned.”

“Learning completed.

Congratulations to the lord for obtaining the fusion ability.”


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