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499 Ill Remember This Enmity

The Scorpion races leader was enraged by Li Xiangs words and directly provoked him.

Humans were everywhere in the wilderness.

There were so many of them that the Scorpion race didnt need to go out of their way to look for them.

They could easily catch a large bunch of them.

Thus, even if they lost hundreds of thousands of humans, the Scorpion races leader would not feel any heartache at all.

After this battle, he finally experienced the true strength of the Kingdom of Dawn.

The next time he faced them, he would be more confident.

Li Xiangs eyes were also filled with a murderous glint after hearing this guys words.

“Ill remember this enmity and will never let you off!”

Li Xiangs rationality eventually won over his anger.

Although he really wanted to completely annihilate these Scorpion Warriors, the dangerous aura constantly emitting from the altar made him not dare to act rashly.

Obviously, the God of Demon Altar had been activated.

The God of Demon might not have sent his consciousness here.

However, if Li Xiang wanted to kill the rest of the Scorpion Warriors, he would immediately attract the God of Demons attention.

The one behind the God of Demon Altar obviously wouldnt allow the Scorpion race to be completely exterminated.

Thus, it released its own aura to protect the remaining Scorpion Warriors.

Li Xiang took a deep breath and suppressed the killing intent in his heart.


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He had to endure!

His current strength was still very weak.

Only when he could fight against a true God could he exterminate the Scorpion race.

The remaining Scorpion Warriors began to retreat at an extremely fast speed.

Originally, there werent many left, not even two thousand people.

In the blink of an eye, they had all left.

After they disappeared, the altar turned into a beam of light and flew into the hole.

The Scorpion races chief grabbed it.

Then, the tunnel collapsed.

In fact, if Li Xiang wanted to chase after them, he would definitely be able to catch up.

The Vine Whisker Demon could escape underground, and it wasnt much worse than the Scorpion race.

However, the Scorpion race had the God of Demon Altar, so it would be meaningless for Li Xiangs army to catch up.

“We won! The Human race won! Were saved! We really won!”

“Boohoo, we finally survived! Boohoo!”

“Can our Human race really defeat these foreign races I cant believe my own eyes.”

“This is actually the army of the Human race.

Its so awesome.”

“The arrow that was shot out was too terrifying.

The spear could emit a spear light, and the shield was extremely solid.

They are really different.

There are also the foreign race and the God of Demon.

I couldnt even imagine it before!”

After the Human Armys victory, the scene was a little chaotic for a while.

Some people exclaimed while others cried out loud.

Some of them were crying in joy, while others were crying in grief because they had lost their loved ones.

But no matter what, they finally saw the light of hope.

The joy of being able to survive filled everyones heart.

“We won just like that Was this the transcendent war between the Human race and the foreign race In just half an hour, tens of thousands of foreign race beings have been killed.

Its too cruel, too bloody, and too terrifying.”

Many people secretly sighed at this battle.

In this kind of war, once one was at a disadvantage, no matter how many lives they had, it would not be enough to lose.

They would either completely surrender and bend their knees to become slaves, depending on whether the winner was willing to accept them, or they would be exterminated without any luck.

It was bloody and cruel to the extreme.

The law of the jungle was even more prominent on this battlefield.

“Collect the warriors corpses and bring them back to the Kingdom of Dawn!”

This time, not many people from the Army of Dawn had died.

Only a dozen of them had been killed by the enemy in one hit, and they did not even have time to recover.

This was something that couldnt be avoided.

Although they had halo skills and other support abilities, there were still some outstanding experts among the Scorpion Warriors.

Li Xiang looked at the countless corpses on the battlefield.

Most of them were Scorpion Warriors, and only a dozen Human Warriors were carefully collected.

Since it was a war, there was no way to guarantee that no one would die.

Before, when the Alliance launched a large-scale attack, countless foreign races took advantage of the situation, causing the Kingdom of Dawn to suffer many casualties.

“This time, if it wasnt for the support of the halo skills, there would have been even more people who died.

In terms of strength, the Human Warriors were actually of a higher level than the Scorpion Warriors, and in terms of equipment, whether it was armor or weapons, they were also superior to the Scorpion race, and in terms of combat strength and courage, they were not inferior to the Scorpion race.

However, if they were to rely on these alone, even if they won against the Scorpion race, it would be a pyrrhic victory.

This is due to the innate conditions of the Human race.

In terms of physical strength, they are still quite lacking.”

“Looks like Ill have to improve the Human races physical strength after I return.”

Li Xiang thought to himself as he slowly retracted his gaze.

It was a miracle he had killed more than 20,000 transcendent enemies and that only a dozen of his own people had died.

However, this was achieved with the help of Li Xiangs halo skills and armor.

It was a victory for the soldiers, but what would have happened without his support

“The time is still too short, and their foundations are still lacking!”

They had enough levels and powerful equipment, but they still had all kinds of shortcomings that they needed to make up for.

However, at the same time, the research and development of various equipment must continue to be intensified.

They must continue to research and improve on materials and technology.

Although this world did not have science and technology, scientific methods could be applied to any world.

The improvement of technology was the strongest strength and foundation.

If possible, Li Xiang hoped to create more and more powerful weapons to reduce the casualties in the army and even end the war without any losses.

However, everything could not be accomplished overnight.

Li Xiang understood this principle as well.

It was just that the disadvantage of the Human race in the Myriad World Continent was too great.

They had countless foreign races as their enemies.

Whats worse, these foreign races had many gods and devils as their supporters.

The Kingdom of Dawn couldnt unify the power of all humans, so they could only take one step at a time, try their best, and prepare for the worst.

Every few years, there would be a fusion of the infinite worlds, allowing countless lives to join this world and fight for the continuation of this world.

All of the powerful forces in this world would be annihilated, and all order would be thrown into chaos.

No matter what bloodline one had, if one did not have the ability, they would be like ants and could not even decide their own life or death.

To survive in such a world, one had to be the first all the time.

If one were to take advantage of any advantage, one would be able to snowball into a giant in the future.

On the contrary, no matter how great the advantage was, falling behind by a little would be like falling into the abyss, and in the end, they would be reduced to ants.

This was not a world where one could rely on his parents to achieve anything, let alone live a carefree life.

As human beings, a naturally weak race, if they couldnt rise up, they could die at any corner in the wilderness.

Therefore, ones own strength was the foundation!


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