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494 The Surprise Attack

Therefore, there was still a chance of survival if the leader of the Scorpion race stayed for the time being.

If he escaped, he and those Scorpion Warriors would definitely die.

He did not know if more armies would appear once they left this place.

At that time, they would definitely be killed.

Moreover, the Scorpion Warriors had the ability of Earth element.

As long as they were underground, they might be able to find an opportunity to leave.

But if they went onto the ground, they would be helpless.

Although the enemies had arrived suddenly, the leader of the Scorpion race had guessed that they were from the Kingdom of Dawn almost immediately.

In the vicinity, apart from the Kingdom of Dawn, no other force had the strength to launch such an attack on the Scorpion Army.

Moreover, the Scorpion race was also the Human Races enemy.

From the way they had rescued the Human civilians, it was clear that the Scorpion race and the Human Race would be enemies forever.

The angrier the leader was, the calmer he became.

He immediately judged the situation in front of him and ordered, “Everyone, get close to the God of Demon Altar!”

The God of Demon Altar could not only produce Scorpion Warriors by devouring souls and flesh, but it could also provide the Scorpion Warriors with all kinds of support and buffs at critical moments.

The closer they were to the altar, the stronger their recovery ability would be.

As long as the light of the altar did not go out, they did not have to worry about physical exhaustion or injury.

After the Scorpion Warriors received the order, they immediately retreated toward the altar.

Arrows kept coming at them.

Some were blocked, while some hit the vital parts of the Scorpion Warriors.

The Scorpion Warriors fell down one after another.

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“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Suddenly, a series of explosions rang out.

This was the sound unique to the explosion of Rune Bombs.

“B*stard! In such a place, these people from the Kingdom of Dawn still had Rune Bombs and dared to use them.

Werent they afraid of blowing up the cave Lord of Dawn, if you use Rune Bombs again, Ill collapse this cave even if it costs me my life.

At that time, well all die together.

Its not a loss for me to have hundreds of thousands of humans buried with me!”


Countless Runic Arrows came after the Scorpion Warriors.

With the three terrifying Statuses of the explosion, splatter, and sacred flame, the power of these arrows increased by more than several times.

A large number of Scorpion Warriors died instantly.

At the same time, teams of Scorpion Warriors were also trying to take these Human civilians back in the region where the Human civilians were imprisoned.

As long as they could capture some of the Human civilians, they could use them as hostages to threaten the Kingdom of Dawn.

If that didnt work, they could also sacrifice them to the God of Demon.

They could use these humans to heal their injuries and maintain their physical strength or to produce more Scorpion Warriors.

They could always kill the enemy to strengthen themselves.

Even if they died in the end, they wouldnt regret it.

Therefore, these Scorpion Warriors who attacked the Human race were all extremely crazy, and they even had the thought of perishing together.

However, they were not able to kill any of those humans in the end.

Now that the Human civilians were protected, the Army of Dawn no longer had any concerns.

They used the Rune Bombs, and Li Xiang activated his five halo skills and Black Tortoise Battle Armor.

Although these humans were also of the human race, they hadnt joined the Kingdom of Dawn yet.

Therefore, Li Xiang couldnt give them the recovery Halo.

Up to this point, Li Xiangs halo skill range could cover a large area.

It had increased from about 5000 kilometers to about 8000 kilometers.

However, apart from his Army, even the ordinary people of the Kingdom of Dawn couldnt be enhanced by his halo.

He didnt know if it was due to the number, level limit, or some other reason.

It was clear that his halo skill wasnt omnipotent.

Fortunately, all the troops under his command could be enhanced by his halo skills, and he wasnt limited to the number of warriors.

Therefore, although the Scorpion race was crazy, the Rapid Blade Demons, the Vine Whisker Demons and other troops already had a huge advantage when facing the Scorpion Warriors.

Countless Scorpion Warriors died on the road, and the black blood on the ground emitted a foul smell, which made people want to vomit.

“Everyone, be careful.

The Scorpion races blood also contains poison.

Immediately move the Human civilians and give them the detoxifying potions.

The rest of the warriors, continue to charge.

This little bit of poison is useless to you!”

After Alice detected the poison in the Scorpion races blood, she immediately came out to give a warning and issued an order.

At this moment, the imprisoned Human civilians all had their eyes wide open as they watched the battle in the dark cave.

Seeing the Scorpion Warriors being killed by the Human warriors, they would cheer from time to time.

Their originally numb and despairing eyes lit up.

They no longer just stayed still.

The corpses of the Scorpion Warriors were the best gift for them.

“The human army! They are coming to save us!”

“Thats great! Finally! We are finally saved!”

“Kill the Scorpion Warriors! Kill them all! I want them all to die in front of me!”

Countless Human civilians were both overjoyed and sad at that time.

They were overjoyed that the human races Army had finally come to save them, but they were sad that countless human civilians had already died at the hands of the Scorpion race.

However, they were more surprised than sad.

They had been in complete despair.

They had never expected anyone to come and save them, but now, someone had really come.

Moreover, when they saw how these Human Warriors killed the Scorpion Warriors and their clean and ruthless moves, they felt so good that they even wanted to rush in and kill some Scorpion Warriors on their own.

“Youre the army of the Kingdom of Dawn.

I didnt expect you to find this place.

However, do you think that the Scorpion race is weak now How dare you fight with us underground All of you are going to die here!”

With totally red eyes, the new leader of the Scorpion race glared at Alice.

“Dont act like you guys are innocent.

You know very well how many Human civilians have died here.

The winner always takes all.

You are going to pay for what you have done.

Since you could slaughter the human race and launch a sneak attack on the Kingdom of Dawn, the Kingdom of Dawn could also use any means to deal with you guys.

This is called justice.

Today, all of the Scorpion warriors here will die.

Even the God of Demon will not be able to save your ass!”

Alices voice was domineering.

After that, she took out her whip, which was like a venomous snake.

The Scorpion Warriors who were hit by Alices whip would either be pierced or burned to ashes by the inferno fire.

Some Scorpion Warriors who were a little stronger were still seriously wounded.

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