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492 Planning

“I didnt expect the Human race to have such a powerful kingdom.

The Kingdom of Dawn has indeed exceeded our expectations.

Almost all of our army was wiped out.

This is a serious loss for us.” The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a white beard.

He held a battle spear in his hand and spoke indifferently, but his eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

“What caused us to suffer heavy losses were those Rune Bombs buried underground.

To open up underground tunnels is an innate ability for our Scorpion race, but we happened to encounter such a terrifying thing.

No less than 20000 to 30000 of our warriors have died for these Rune Bombs.

Otherwise, our entire army wouldnt have been annihilated!”

This Scorpion Warrior was a general whose strength was second only to Li Dong.

In the Scorpion race, no one had a name except the chief.

Now that Li Dong had died in battle, he had become the new chief and could have his name.

At this moment, he stood not far from the altar with a slightly pale face and said, “Its a good thing that the chief had made some preparations and left a backup plan.

In the event of an accident or failure, the altar here can help the Scorpion race recover some vitality and have the hope of rising again.”

“There are still over 300000 Humans left here.

We can offer them to the God of Demon and turn them into tens of thousands of Scorpion Warriors.

However, we cant go to the Kingdom of Dawn this time.

When the Scorpion race has formed an army of a million warriors, no, ten million, well go to the Kingdom of Dawn again.”

But thinking about how the army of the Alliance of Gods had been annihilated in just a few days, this warrior, who was about to inherit the position of the Scorpion races chief, immediately ended this dangerous thought.

The Kingdom of Dawn was so powerful, and it was best not to provoke it before they had enough strength.

If the enemies knew that his race was using the Human race as a sacrifice, they would immediately come to kill his branch of the Scorpion race.

If that happened, the Scorpion race would have no hope at all.

Even if it was for his own sake, he had to bring the Scorpion race up and fight for a piece of fertile land in the Myriad World Continent.

A look of confidence and fanaticism appeared in his eyes.

This was his belief ever since he transformed on the altar.

It was deeply rooted in his heart.

He believed that the Scorpion race would definitely be able to rise in his hands, truly growing into a top race in the Myriad World Continent.

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And all of this had to start with the Humans in the cave.

He had to use their blood, flesh, and souls to forge the future of the Scorpion race.

“Have everyone prepare for the sacrifice.

I will sacrifice all the Humans here to add new members to our race this time.

Then, well immediately leave here and go to other places to establish a new Scorpion Kingdom!”

Alice focused her eyes and said, “There are still about 20000 to 30000 Scorpion Warriors.

Their auras are no weaker than the Scorpion Warriors who attacked the City of Dawn.

They should be elites.

Furthermore, these Scorpion Warriors are extremely vigilant, and their auras are steady.

Its almost impossible to find any flaws, so it wont be easy to save the Human civilians without alerting them.”

Even in the underground, where the Scorpion race was the most familiar, these Scorpion Warriors were still vigilantly patrolling in groups.

“There are many Scorpion race guards and thousands of Scorpion Warriors.

If we were to charge in directly, Im afraid it would cause their desperate fight back like trapped beasts.

If they take the risk and destroy everything, we wouldnt be able to complete the mission that the God Lord has given us.

The God Lord places great importance on these Human civilians.

Every one of them is extremely important.

This is also my first time leading an operation.

I cant make any mistakes!”

In fact, if it werent for these people, she would have dared to rush in and kill.

It was difficult to kill all of them.

After all, some of them would run away when they saw that they were no match for her.

No matter how fast she was, she couldnt kill all 20000 to 30000 people.

However, killing half of them was not a problem.

In the current situation, she couldnt just charge in and kill.

Without a safer way, the best way was to launch a surprise attack and kill all the enemies around the Human civilians, saving as many as possible.

Suddenly, Alice and Alicia saw that the leader of the Scorpion race had given some orders.

Teams of the Scorpion race started to split up, heading toward one of the areas where the Human civilians were imprisoned.

“This wont do.

The Scorpion race is about to start their sacrifice.

We cant wait any longer!”

Li Xiang also saw this scene, and his eyes instantly darkened.

“Are the Vine Whisker Demons in position”

“Not quite yet!”

“Theres no time.

Let them do it.

Alice will cooperate with them.

Make the safety of Human civilians the highest priority, and kill as many as they can! Notify Alice, and well take action immediately!”

“These Human civilians were the foundation of our Human race.

How could they be sacrificed to some stupid God of Demon It would even increase the foreign races arrogance.

We must save them all.”

The Vine Whisker Demons were like fish in water on the ground.

However, their movement speed was extremely slow in the rocky caves.

Fortunately, even so, they could still pass through it, just a little slower.

At this time, they had already covered the location of more than half of the Human civilians.

Meanwhile, Alice heard the Eye Demons message and was delighted.

At the same time, a flash of inspiration appeared in her mind.

She thought of a solution that wasnt really a solution.

She turned to Alicia and said, “Ill charge in first and attract their attention.

The Vine Whisker Demons will attack as well.

You can take the opportunity to kill the Scorpion Warriors close to the Human civilians.

As for the army behind, theyll directly charge at the Scorpion Race Army.

With our three-pronged approach, we should be able to minimize the casualties!”

Alicia nodded without saying anything.

She only clenched the sword in her hand.

At this time, Li Xiang was also ready to attack.

Although he intended to test Alice this time, he would not joke around with the lives of the Human civilians.

So, he would immediately take action once things fell into a disadvantageous situation.


Alices black figure flashed and disappeared from the entrance of the cave.

She instantly entered the cave and headed straight for the Scorpion leader who had just given the order.

At the same time, she flicked the whip in her hand, and a crescent-shaped flame flew out from the whip.

Wherever it passed, it was immediately ignited by the inferno fire.

“Enemy attack!”

Those Scorpion Warriors walking toward an area where the Human civilians were being imprisoned didnt go far before they were startled by the commotion behind them.

They immediately turned their heads to look.

They saw a black figure waving a long red whip and charging at the leader.

Wherever it passed by, the scarlet flames directly ignited dozens of Scorpion Warriors, causing them to let out miserable howls.


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