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484 Lord of Dark

Li Xiang looked at the chaos and frowned.

He turned to Yang Mi and said, “Sister Mi, I need the five of you to go and quickly suppress the Scorpion race and the Ogres!

Yang Mi and the others had been eager to fight.

They immediately flew into the city.

Li Xiang still did not ask Alice, Mia and Zhao Yun to do anything.

At the same time, news came from the eye demon that Li Jing and his Army had stopped the Deinosuchus race and defeated them.

However, the Deinosuchus King had used the Holy Light divine weapon to escape from the Kingdom of Dawn with some Deinosuchus races elites.

Li Jing asked for forgiveness.

Li Xiang replied, “Theres no need for that.

If we really stop them, well definitely lose our men.

” They could escape from us now but they wont be able to the next time.

We will exterminate the rest of them in the future.

Ask Night Light, Tork, Yun Yan and Yafei to clean up the remaining enemies and go back as soon as possible.”


Not long after Li Xiangs order was given, a light shadow flickered around Li Xiang and Night Light and the others returned.

“My Lord!”

“Well, just wait quietly!”

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Night Light and the others expressions froze, not knowing what was going on.

There was a battle going on in the city.

Why didnt Li Xiang let them take care of the enemies

However, they didnt ask.

They all stood there in silence.

Li Xiang, on the other hand, raised his head and looked at the sky.

The sky was still dark, even with the Eternal Blazing Sun.

Thick dark clouds covered the entire world.

However, Li Xiang could feel a faint threat from the sky.

Although the sense of threat wasnt that great, it gave Li Xiang a completely different feeling.

It must be an enemy of a higher level.

It could be a true God, or a demigod who was about to step onto the divine throne.

Li Xiangs expression didnt change.

He just looked at the void quietly without saying a word.

At an infinite height, there was a huge Dark Divine City.

In the palace at the center of the divine city, there was a huge dark figure.

The black figure was looking down with his head slightly lowered.

The ground below was almost transparent, reflecting the situation in the City of Dawn.

Li Xiangs gaze met the huge black figures.

A strange look flashed in the black figures eyes, and he let out a low and sinister laugh.

“Ha ha! So youre the one who caused me to lose a world and destroy my clone.

Since you can notice me, it wont be easy for me to launch a sneak attack.

However, I still have to take revenge!”

“Shadow! Darkmount!”

“My Lord!”

“lead the ghoul army and the dark troll army and destroy the Kingdom of Dawn.

They are my enemies!


Below, Li Xiang suddenly raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, “The enemy is coming.

Let Rapid Blade Demon, Blazing Angel, Dread Fiend Cavalry and Human Cavalry come.

The final battle is about to begin.”


At this moment, Night Light and the others also sensed the evil fluctuations in the void.

Then, they saw ten huge dark warships rushing down through the thick clouds.

From the dark and evil power coming from the huge warship, everyone knew that it was definitely an enemy.

Li Xiang directly pointed out the man behind these enemies.

“If Im not wrong, they should be the subordinates of the Lord of Dark.

I once destroyed the Lord of Darks plan in the Azure world and even destroyed one of his clones.

Thats why he is coming for us.

Of course, hes also very interested in our millions of people.

Dont pull your fists.

Go and kill them all.

Ill give you buffs!”


Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a wave of Li Xiangs hand, the four armies flew out of the void and rose into the air, charging toward the armies of the Lord of Dark who were coming from the void.

The Rapid Blade Demon, Blazing Angel, Dread Fiend Cavalry and Human Cavalry were the strongest troops that Li Xiang had painstakingly built.

There were not many of them.

There were only 10000 Rapid Blade Demons, 1000 Blazing Angels, 100000 Dread Fiend Cavalry, and 100000 Human Cavalry.

In total, there were only a little more than 200000.

However, the average level of these four armies had reached Rank 200, and they were already the top rank type of soldiers on the divine path.

Although the chances of them becoming gods were slim, their battle prowess was naturally the best because their potential had even reached its limit.

Even when facing the armies of the Lord of Dark who was about to step onto the divine throne, they were not afraid at all.

Only a small part of this Army had been taken by Li Jing to ambush the Angel race and the Deinosuchus race.

As the two foreign tribe armies were annihilated, they were once again recalled back to the Tower of Stars through the Void Divine Mirror.

It was naturally easy to summon them back.

This was the most powerful aspect of the Tower of Stars.

As long as the Void Divine Mirror kept upgrading, no matter where the object was in the future, the user could summon the void and make the object return to the Tower of Stars.

It could be used to send people away or summon them back.

It was definitely a top rank treasure.

And this was only one of the many world core treasures in the Tower of Stars.

In the Dark Divine City, the Lord of Dark saw Li Xiangs actions and was silent for a moment.

He snorted coldly and said, “Youre indeed hiding your real strength.

However, if you think that you can deal with my armies with this, youre too naive.

They are the divine warriors that I have carefully trained!”

Each of the ten Dark warships had 20000 soldiers.

At that moment, Shadow and Darkmount each were on two ships at the front.

“Prepare the Dark Magic Cannons!”

In an instant, dark magic light began to gather at the muzzles of the ten Dark Warships.



Ten rays of black light came from the Dark Warships.

Rapid Blade Demons leader was Dark Sword Demon, Tork.

After the two great battles with the Angel race and the Deinosuchus race, Torks Rank had risen to 200.

In fact, he had killed a lot of enemies so he had even reached Rank 208.

The same was true for Yun Yan.

However, she was only Rank 203.

Both of them were newly summoned heroes, but their combat power was extremely powerful.

Their potential combat power was not inferior to Night Lights.

Seeing the ten black cannons coming at him, Li Xiang silently activated his Halo and the other buffs on his body.

Li Xiang activated Divine grade Reflect Damage Halo, Divine grade Reflect Damage Halo, Divine grade Splatter Halo, divine grade Sacred Flame Halo, Mythical Rank 9 Recovery Halo, and Black Tortoise Battle Armor.

Black Tortoise Body would triple the Defense of the user and his ally within 100 kilometers.

God Divine Body would triple the recovery ability of the user and his ally within 100 kilometers.

In an instant, the recovery ability and recovery ability of the four armies that were charging into the sky tripled.

Each of them had a five-colored Halo under their feet.

However, this five-colored Halo only flashed for a moment.

If one didnt pay full attention to the Halo, he wouldnt be able to discover it at all.

Li Xiang could hide this Halo skill, but even if he wanted to hide it, it had to be activated first.

This could be considered a weakness of this skill.

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