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460 King of Ferocious Birds How about Mythical Beast Phoenix

Chapter 460: King of Ferocious Birds How about Mythical Beast Phoenix

“Li Qing, you are the one who wants to attack my North City from underground, and you still dare to blame me for setting up this trap Ill put it this way.

Ive also buried Rune Bombs under North City.

If you dare to come, why dont you try the power of these bombs Lets see if anyone in the Kingdom of Dawn is afraid of death.

The backbone of the Human race has always been straight and unyielding.

Even if we lose, we will make you foreign races die with the civilians of Dawn!”

Facing the Scorpions angry curses, Li Xiang sneered in disdain.

That kind of helplessness and rage could not cause a ripple in his heart at all.

There was no right or wrong on the battlefield, only victory and defeat.

Win or lose, life or death.

“Then Ill break through your city no matter what.

Do you really think you can stop our Scorpion Army with a few Rune Bombs Now that the Wind Pterosaur King is here, your City of Dawn wont be able to hold on for much longer.

Today, this city must be destroyed as a form of interest.”

The Scorpion races chief, Li Qing, had a sinister expression.

The corner of his mouth curled into a cold smile as he loudly responded.

After saying that, he turned around and drilled into the ground.

Li Xiangs expression was cold.

He wasnt worried at all.

He said coldly, “A group of low rank mutated creatures.

Youre not rats, yet youre so keen on digging holes.

Id like to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves!”

The furious Li Qing returned underground again.

The situation on the ground was much more tragic than underground.

Digging a hole into the city was more secure than a frontal attack.

He would have to reestablish his ego where he lost it.

Even if the ground was filled with Rune Bombs, so what He would kill his way out, even if he had to sacrifice the lives of the Scorpion Warrior.

He would open up a path and kill his way into North City.

He wanted to let the Lord of Dawn know the power of his Scorpion Race.


The snake den on the ground, the Werewolves, the Scorpion race underground, and the ferocious birds in the sky.

To everyone in North City, they were surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Not long after, the whole of North City was like a broken boat in the vast ocean, shaking violently as if it was in danger of collapsing and sinking at any time.

That kind of pressure was not something outsiders of North City could feel.

“Haha, Lord of Dawn, youre dead for sure.

This time, its hard for your City of Dawn to survive.” The Werewolf King laughed wildly, but he felt no joy.

“Brothers, lets kill! No matter how many casualties there are today, we must destroy this city.

We cant give the Human race any chance to grow.

If we miss this chance, dont even think about having such a good opportunity again.” The Werewolf King shouted.

That was indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them.

Almost all foreign races wanted to completely wipe out the Kingdom of Dawn from the Myriad World Continent.

If they missed that opportunity, they would definitely not be able to find so many foreign races to support them in the future.

Even if they could find it, the Kingdom of Dawn would have already become a powerful force by then.

Since there was a threat, they had to kill it in the cradle.

That was something that the Werewolf King and the other leaders, who had grown up in battle, deeply understood.

Precisely because they knew that, they were determined to break into the Kingdom of Dawn at all costs to kill them all.

“The trouble this time is really not small.

The sky and the ground.

We are under attack everywhere.

It seems like Ill have to go all out.” Ye Qius eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness.

He got up and ran towards the teleportation array.

Ever since he had received the identity, Devil-suppressing Guard of the Devil-suppressing Division, he had no intention of escaping.

“This is war!”

Many of the Transcendents were secretly shocked.

They held their weapons tightly.

In such a war, their insignificance was very pronounced.

In fact, such a war would only be a small scene in the future.

Hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops would be used in future wars.

Moreover, they would be elite troops.

Once they fought, the destructive power that erupted would be absolutely terrifying.

But now, be it the humans or the foreign races, most had just gained a foothold in the Myriad World Continent.

For a war of such a scale to break out was already something that many people would never imagine in their entire lives.

Whether it was the foreign races or the Human race, they had all displayed their terrifying strength this time.

“Great! This is a rare battle.

Its time for me, Young Master Xu Kong, to become famous.

Im feeling so empty that I cant wait to fight.”

Young Master Xu Kongs hands began to tremble with excitement as he watched the attacks coming from all directions.

Many Transcendents had already begun to prepare for a war that could cost them their lives at any time.


Suddenly, a phoenixs cry resounded in the sky above the Kingdom of Dawn.

Then, they saw a flame flying rapidly from the horizon.

It was like a flaming sword, drawing a blood-red mark in the sky.

The red light didnt make any preparations, nor did it hesitate.

The moment it appeared, it shot toward the leader of the ferocious birds, Wind Pterosaur King.

Fire Phoenix, Qing Ying!

Just then, Qing Yings body had already returned to its true form, but there was still a big gap between its body size and that of the Wind Pterosaur King.

One of them was several hundred meters long when it spread its wings and was the king of countless ferocious birds.

As for the other one, even if it returned to its true form, its wings were only about a hundred meters wide.

The difference between them was huge just by looking at their body sizes.

However, at that moment, no one who saw Qing Ying felt it would lose.

It wasnt a common mythical beast.

It was a phoenix!

A real phoenix! A pure-blood phoenix!

It wasnt some low-grade spirit bird or ferocious bird that only had a portion of the phoenix bloodline.

The Wind Pterosaur Kings aura had also reached the divine realm.

Although it was only a Rank 3 of the divine realm, no one dared to underestimate it.

However, compared to the Little Phoenix, Qing Ying, the difference was too great, whether in terms of potential or strength.

Why was the Little Phoenix hanging on Li Xiangs body without moving Was it because it was just in a deep sleep But then, shouldnt it not matter where it slept

In fact, Li Xiang was the only one who knew the real reason.

Every time the Little Phoenix fell into a deep sleep, it was because of absorbing a large amount of power of faith from Li Xiang.

Moreover, the absorption was not a one-time thing but a constant absorption.

However, the process of absorbing the power of faith was not forceful.

For Li Xiang, a powerhouse who gathered hundreds of millions of power of faith every day, what the Little Phoenix absorbed was just a fraction of the power of faith, and there was no negative effect at all.

Otherwise, Li Xiang would not have left the Little Phoenix, Qing Ying, on his shoulder and let it do as it pleased.

Little Phoenix also knew its limits.

It was fine as long as it absorbed enough for its use.

The rest of the time, it was really sleeping!

That was a true mythical beast.

It didnt need to devour any heavenly treasures, nor even be interested in any crystal or treasures.

As long as it was fed with the power of faith, it could grow quickly.

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