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[ System Notification: Assessment begins.

The time limit is 60 Minutes! ]

“This skill is a little disgusting.”

Li Xiang looked at the monsters that surged like a tide and frowned slightly.

It seemed that the otherworld creature in the void door had also made adjustments according to the strength of the defenders.

Just the first battle alone had 3,000 monsters.

Moreover, their attributes were not bad.

If they were placed outside, the vast majority of rulers would not be able to fight against them.

An elite monster was similar to a Boss.

It could easily destroy an F or even an E-Rank rulers territory.

However, to Li Xiang, they were just average.

Except for the corrosive venom that gave him a headache, its attack and defense attributes were much weaker than his Level 10 Vine Whisker Demon, not to mention his powerful Black Wing Demon Army.

However, the first round was not limited to only the Human-Faced Frog.

There were also a few other types of otherworld creatures with them.

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They were all from the Normal Unit.

Overall, they were not strong and on the same level as a goblin.

However, when they fought, they used all sorts of skills.

Together with the armor reduction effect of the Human-Faced Frog, they could cause pressure on the battle line.

Fortunately, with the healing wave of the cat-eared lady, they managed to maintain the HP of the soldiers in the front row at a relatively safe level.

There were no casualties for the time being.

Li Xiang stood on the temporarily built observation platform and looked down at the battlefield.

Tyler and Sally, the two rulers who did not have any combat strength, naturally did not participate in the battle.

They were at the side, commanding their troops and adjusting their response methods according to the changes on the battlefield.

They did not do well.

It was their first time witnessing such a huge battle, and they were still a little flustered.

But, with the advantage of their troops attributes, they managed to stabilize the situation.

Eye demon and Lord Succubus protected Li Xiang on both sides.

Their levels were very high, and the EXP gained from killing such a low-rank monster was negligible.

There was no need for them to enter the battlefield now.

Demon Hunter, who had just been summoned, did not move either.

The first wave of monsters did not cause much pressure.

Although the monsters were of the demon beast race, and they had hidden boost in their attributes, their overall HP was not high.

As long as the Taurens continuously triggered Shatter Strike, they could easily kill a small group of monsters.

In less than ten minutes, they cleared all 3,000 demon beasts.

The Tauren tribe was the main force, and their damage accounted for 42% of the overall damage.

Skills like Shatter Strike were strong.

The fixed true damage caused the monsters to turn into corpses before the Black Wing Demons even had the chance to attack.

That made Tyler feel a little proud as he said, “The assessment is a little too easy.

I even wonder if that is three times the difficulty.”

“Idiot, thats because big shot Li Xiang has two types of soldiers that can provide control, allowing the Tauren to have a good environment to deal damage!”

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Sally didnt want him to underestimate the enemy, so she reminded him, “Moreover, youve already given the territory core to Li Xiang.

The Tauren should have received a higher strength bonus, and its true attributes are much higher than the one on the panel.”


Taylor scratched his head, “I was wondering how their 300 panel attack could deal 500 to 600 of damage.

So thats how it is…”

Li Xiang looked at the countdown clock ticking and said, “Clean up the battlefield and collect all the spoils of war.

Prepare for the next round.”

“Yes, boss!”

Tyler was happy to do this.

The first round of monsters dropped ordinary resources, such as food and minerals.

There was nothing worth seeing.

After they stored all of them in the warehouse, the second round of challenges began.

The monsters that appeared this time were much stronger.

The monsters that came out were all ferocious wild beasts.

Moreover, each of them carried a deadly poison that they could stack on top of each other.

Moreover, in terms of attributes, they were not weaker than the eighth Beast Tide.

The Taurens anti-poison was weak.

So after a few seconds of close combat, a large number of casualties appeared.

It embarrassed Tyler when he looked at the battle.

The barbarians under Carls lead were no better.

They were at a disadvantage in terms of levels and attributes, so there was no way they could withstand the attack of the Elite-Unit beast groups in the second round.

Fortunately, the dwarves with excellent equipment and the Dark Flower Goblins immune to poison were on the second defense line.

The demon beast could not kill these troops in an instant.

In addition, the Vine Whisker Demons skills limited them.

Soon, they fell under the concentrated fire of the Black Wing Demon.

The second round was not difficult.

Although the number of monsters had increased to 6,000, it was only a matter of time before Li Xiang cleared them.

The spoil this round was [ Superior Venom Extract ].

They had obtained a similar material when they killed the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees.

However, he could not use this new venom for weapon enchantment.

It could only be used as a one-time item and applied temporarily.

The effect was not bad.

It could slowly reduce the HP of those poisoned.

However, it would do no use to Li Xiang.

To be honest, the rewards of the Void Assessment had somewhat disappointed him.

At the very least, the Beast Tide had a leaderboard and had given him a unique Legion Magic Shield.

There were less than 20 minutes left.

“Lets see what we will get in the third round.”

Li Xiang shook his head.

The announcement said that the items that dropped later would be better.

He did not know if it was true or depended on luck.

They continued to challenge the third round of monsters!

The creatures that broke out of the void door were slightly different.

Some were fierce tigers with wings, and some were giant birds covered in ice crystals.

They looked like the Flame Leopard back then, able to control elementary elemental power.

However, they were much more powerful.

Li Xiang took a look.

These monsters were already Lord-Rank Unit, more powerful than Elit-Rank monsters.

Their attack exceeded 1,000, and their attributes were extremely high.

Moreover, their numbers had reached 14,000.

The Dark Flower Goblins could not defend against such overwhelming numbers.

For a moment, the battle line was on the verge of collapse.

It was torn apart by the monsters.


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