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451 The Lord of Darks Methods

“Tsk tsk! This is so interesting! Capable leaders will bring out capable subordinates.

The Lord of Dawn was really tough! No wonder the people of the Kingdom of Dawn are so tough.

It seems that they have inherited it from him.”

A middle-aged man with a thin face muttered to himself.

When he looked at Li Xiang, his eyes were filled with a strange light.

The Foreign Race Army didnt make a move.

They were waiting for the right moment.

However, Li Xiang didnt intend to give up the initiative.

Since he had already made his decision, he would not hesitate.

If he wanted to fight, he would fight.

He would destroy these foreign races and disrupt their plans.

He would not give them the chance to accumulate their strength and get a chance.

Li Xiang shifted his gaze to the giant black snake.

He instinctively felt that this black snake should have a great connection with the giant snake that had died in his hands.

With a thought, a thick smell of blood filled the air.

With a “boom,” a huge snake head landed on the open space outside the city.

This snakes head was cut off from the corpse of another giant snake.

One could see the unwillingness in its eyes now.

“What a huge snakehead!”

“This is the giant snake that the Lord of Dawn killed outside the divine tomb.

He took it out at a time like this.

What is he trying to do”

Li Xiangs sudden action attracted a lot of puzzled gazes.


The giant black snake suddenly let out a terrifying hiss roar, and the surrounding snakes immediately became restless.

The black snakes eyes were fixed on the snakes head on the ground, and two streams of turbid tears flowed out of its eyes.

Immediately after, a look of hatred and madness appeared in its eyes.

It opened its mouth and let out a shrill roar.

Hiss hiss…

The endless horde of snakes seemed to have received some kind of order and all of them moved.

A massive number of venomous snakes swept toward the Starlight Canopy like a tide.

One by one, their movements were very agile and extremely fierce.

The cold glint of the venomous fangs in the snakes mouth could be seen.

“D*mn it, this black snake king directly attacked.”

The werewolf king harrumphed coldly in dissatisfaction.

“Its okay.

With these snakes as the vanguard, theyll test what kind of methods these humans have.” The werewolf king narrowed his eyes and sneered.

He had sensed danger from North City.

Since the black snake king was willing to take the initiative, then he could see what kind of danger was hidden.

On the walls, the soldiers clenched their weapons.

Their eyes were cold.

At the same time, the archers had already drawn their bows, ready to fire at any moment.

A portion of the soldiers even held the Purgatory Divine Crossbows in their hands.

The crossbow case was already filled with arrows.

The eyes of the city lord of North City were as cold as ice when he looked at the swarm of snakes swarming toward him like a tidal wave.

He silently calculated the distance between them.

As soon as they entered his shooting range, he would immediately give the order to launch a fatal attack.

However, not long after, the huge wave of snakes was firmly blocked by the Starlight Canopy and couldnt enter the border of the Kingdom of Dawn.

These venomous snakes might be a great threat to transcendents.

However, in the face of the Holy Light-grade Starlight Canopy, ordinary snakes could not break through the miraculous defense barrier at all.

Li Xiang was also very curious as to how these foreign races were going to break through the Starlight Canopy.

To be honest, he was very confident in the Starlight Canopy.

The last time the Red Dragon Clan came to cause trouble, they crashed into the canopy and spewed fire.

However, they didnt affect the canopy at all, not to mention the snakes.

As he was thinking, he suddenly saw the giant black snake open its mouth and spit out a black light.

The black light landed on the Starlight Canopy.

There was no deafening roar, nor were there any dazzling light effects.

A thick black light instantly fell on the Starlight Canopy and silently corroded a huge hole.

At this moment, all the higher-ups of the Kingdom of Dawn were shocked.

What kind of method was this The others might not know the strength of the Starlight Canopy, but they were very clear about it.

What kind of technique could break the Starlight Canopys defense so easily

However, as the lord and the controller of the Starlight Canopy, Li Xiang could feel it more clearly.

With the help of his connection with the Starlight Canopy, he instantly sensed something strange.

The black light was filled with the aura of darkness, death, evil, and chaos.

As soon as it collided with the Starlight Canopy, it quickly devoured the energy barrier.

Although the Starlight Canopy had a strong defense and abundant energy, there was always a sequence.

The edge of the black light was still able to maintain its energy, but the center was completely unable to continue under the rapid loss of energy and was forced to dissipate.

In addition to this, Li Xiang also felt a strong power of darkness, death, chaos, and the Power of Law.

This wasnt an attack that an ordinary beast could launch.

Only a god could do it.

The only god that Li Xiang could think of that had these qualities was the demigod, Lord of Dark, who he had tricked.

After all, he was a demigod.

Although he had not become a true god yet, he must have surpassed Li Xiang in the path of demigod.

Although Li Xiang had tricked the other party in another small world, he could find out his background with his strength.

After all, Li Xiang himself was famous in the Myriad World Continent.

He had left many subordinates in the Azure World, so he could get a lot of information by casting some confusion spells on any of them.

Li Xiang had almost forgotten about this guy.

He did not expect him to show up at this time.

It was obvious that the old cunning fox had other means to deal with him since he had not made a move.

If Li Xiang hadnt stimulated the darkness, the Lord of Dark wouldnt have used this method, and he wouldnt have known that he had been targeted by the Lord of Dark.

Li Xiang also had enmity with the God of Frost and even the Frost Ancient God.

It was unknown whether or not they would secretly make a move this time.

Li Xiang instantly understood this.

Not only was he not afraid, but he also secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

He wasnt afraid of some enemies being hostile, but he was afraid of the other party hiding.

Now that the enemy had shown himself, it would be much easier to deal with him in the open even if he was very strong.

From the looks of it now, although the Starlight Canopy was very powerful, it was not enough to deal with the foreign race with a strong background.

The demigods or even true gods behind these fellows might have the means to break the Starlight Canopy.

But even so, Li Xiang had no intention of putting away the Starlight Canopy.

Although the Starlight Canopy had been broken by the enemy partially, not everyone could imitate this method.

It required a demigod or a true god to pay the price to do so.

As long as the Starlight Canopy was on, it could still block many people who had ill intentions.

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