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Chapter 444: A Mysterious Weapon

“Oh! I remember that when the Lord of Dawn was selling the Skylight Flowers, many foreign races sold their humans to him to survive.

It seems that the Lord of Dawn is far-sighted.

Only by gathering enough people can we have enough potential for war.

I still think the human race is better for this war!” a neutral foreign race voiced out.

“Hmph! The short-sighted human race did not know how dangerous the Myriad World Continent is.

Which long-established powers and nations here dont have the support of a true god Which kingdoms that have survived for thousands of years dont have the attention of the master god Hmph! A mere human with no background is simply overestimating his strength.

Does he think that he can show off in front of us just because he has a few people and has won a few insignificant victories Its simply laughable!”

“Thats right.

We have to teach the Lord of Dawn a good lesson.

Hes overestimating his abilities.

Hell know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is.

Dont tarnish the reputation of the human race and even implicate his race in suffering!

“How dare the traitor speaks here! Do you dare to report your location Ill go over and kill you now!”

“Youre so rude.

Were civilized people.

How can we associate with a warlike maniac like you Besides, did I say something wrong If it wasnt for the Lord of Dawn, how could so many humans have been killed by the attacks of foreign races He only cares about his pleasure and doesnt care about the lives of others.

Bah, so-calledholy land of the human race!”

“Oh my god! Im so frustrated! How dare a traitor says big talk here! Brothers and sisters of the human race, remember this fellow! Just inform me when you know this persons location.

Ill kill this fellow for you free of charge!”

“Idiot, Im now under the protection of the lord of a foreign race.

If you dare to come, Ill have to admire you!”

The World Channel was in chaos but Li Xiang had no interest in it at all.

However, he still remembered the name of the traitor who had made negative remarks.

if he had the opportunity in the future, he didnt mind going over to kill him.

After chatting and laughing with Zhou Yutong and the other two for a while, Li Xiang arrived at the Sky Workshop.

However, he did not enter the workshop.

At this time, the Sky Workshop was working overtime to produce all kinds of combat materials because of his order to prepare for war.

If he went in, it would affect the normal operation of the workshop.

The reason why he came over was to see what kind of war weapons the Sky Workshop had developed.

He had given many suggestions to the Sky Workshop and even some weapon ideas.

However, he did not know the principles and methods.

He could only let the workshop research and test it out on their own.

Whether it could be produced or not was entirely up to fate.

At this time, in the side hall of the Sky Workshop, a few master craftsmen were standing respectfully at the side.

There were several strange items on the table in front of Li Xiang.

These items were pure black, oval-shaped, and slightly flat.

Strange runic magic circles were engraved on them, and they gave off an extremely unstable and berserk aura.

“Your Majesty, weve already made some preliminary results from the several ideas you proposed back then.

It was just that this thing was too dangerous and very unstable.

If one was not careful, it would explode.

Compared to the weapons mentioned by Your Majesty, there were still many imperfect aspects.

However, we will be able to solve this problem as long as we are given some time!”

One of the master craftsmen looked at the few pieces of work in front of him with a dissatisfied look in his eyes.

If Li Xiang hadnt come in a hurry, he wouldnt have been willing to show such a semi-finished product.

When Li Xiang had brought up various ideas about this item, they had all been very interested.

If they could make it, it would be a great killing weapon on the battlefield.

To master craftsmen like them, it was a very fulfilling thing to produce such an item.

Even the production process was a rare enjoyment to them.

However, they had only produced an imperfect sample due to time constraints, which made them feel very ashamed.

“Dont worry.

The birth of every new weapon has to be tested on the battlefield.

The suggestions Ive given can only be used as a reference, not a standard.

Although these were all semi-finished products, they could still play an important role.

Whether its the research and development of the Purgatory Divine Crossbow or the subsequent construction of the Void Warship, everyone has made great contributions.

These are all merits, and the corresponding points and merit rewards will be transferred to your identity cards later.”

In addition to the demon master craftsmen, there were also Demon Mages and master craftsmen selected from the human race.

Every one of them was a national treasure of the Kingdom of Dawn.

They had made great contributions to the development of weapons and the creation of equipment, so Li Xiang would not mistreat them.

Li Xiangs gaze fell on the black oval-shaped objects in front of him.

He didnt touch them with his hands but bent over and carefully observed them.

The material used to make this thing was an extremely cheap spirit mine.

It could not be said to be found everywhere, but it was widely distributed.

The reserves were extremely high, and it could be forged into a very good quality metal.

However, the materials used for these items were not just a type of metal, but an alloy.

After smelting, it looked a little transparent.

It was tough and extremely sensitive to energy, making it a rare material.

For some unknown reason, the energy inside was maintained in a berserk and stable state.

It seemed that a slight touch would cause this thing to explode.

“Haha! Of course, the more merit points and accumulated points, the better.

I heard that a large number of ancient books and records have just arrived in the Scripture Library, and many of the famous works are related to manufacturing.

I heard that not only is there gnome technology, but theres also the Mo familys ultimate technique.

Its just that the merit points and accumulated points required for the books are a little too much!”

Merit points were similar to points in nature but merit points were only used for military personnel and important internal departments.

They were more valuable and rarer, while points could be obtained by the citizens of the Kingdom of Dawn through their efforts.

After hearing the master craftsmens complaints, Li Xiang smiled and said, “Dont worry, the merit points and points Ill give you this time will definitely satisfy you!

After all, they had already made a lot of contributions previously.

Since they were going to make up for it, they naturally had to make up for what they had done in the past as well.

They couldnt be treated unfairly.

“Not only are there merit points and points, but there are also Star Coins!”

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