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Chapter 431: Preparing for Battle

Chapter 431: Preparing for Battle

Although no one said anything after gathering, everyone knew something big was about to happen.

Everyone knew that Li Xiang had gone out to search for treasure, but they didnt expect him to return so soon.

And the moment he returned, he immediately gathered everyone for a meeting.

Something big had obviously happened.

Based on their understanding of Li Xiang, he would not have mobilized such a large force if it had not been so.

Every time such a situation occurred, it was usually when a great battle was about to break out, and danger was imminent.

“Thats right.

We entered a divine tomb in our treasure hunt.

Ive already seized the epic treasures inside.

However, this also attracted the attention of many foreign races and Demons.

It should not be long before these enemies gather and start an unprecedented war.”

Li Xiang quickly explained the general course of the trip so that everyone could have an idea of what was going on.

Of course, some key points were briefly mentioned without going into detail.

But even so, after everyone heard that, their expressions became serious.

No one had expected the treasure hunt this time would lead them into a true Gods tomb.

Before that, they had thought it was a ruin buried during the fusion of the myriad worlds.

After hearing the whole story, Li Jing said without hesitation, “Country Lord, since weve already obtained the treasure, it belongs to the Kingdom of Dawn.

If those foreign races and Demons want to take it from us, theyll have to fight us.

With the Kingdom of Dawns strength, were not afraid of any provocation or attack from our enemies! Were already enemies.

Theres no room for compromise!”

Li Jings words were filled with killing intent.

Even though his individual combat power was not very high, his strength would still be multiplied if he had an army under his command.

It was especially effective against foreign races and Demons.

“The new soldiers recruited by the Country Lord have been trained for some time.

Although their strength is not high on average, they can be honed through war.

Besides, the equipment of the Kingdom of Dawn is far better than that of the other forces.

Our strength will definitely soar as long as we can survive the combat.

There are about three million new recruits, enough to guard the entire border.

The original hundreds of thousands of soldiers are the cream of the crop.

They will attack the fortifications while the new recruits provide support from the back.

It wont be long before the new recruits become veterans.”

Zhao Yun stood out with an indifferent expression and also expressed his thoughts.

Although it was cruel to send newly trained soldiers directly to the battlefield, they still had to face it even if they were unwilling in the face of a strong enemy.

After all, the enemy would not wait for you to train before attacking.

Many decisions were made in a hurry.

When Li Xiang heard that, he frowned slightly but did not object.

He also knew that that was the only way.

The Kingdom of Dawn had already started recruiting soldiers, and the civilians who treasured their lives were eager to join.

But precisely because of that, he didnt want those peoples sacrifices to be in vain.

He turned to Yang Mi and asked, “Sister Mi, is the equipment that our Sky Workshop has forged enough Hows the quality”

After the period of training, Yang Mis entire temperament underwent a considerable change.

She wasnt the only one.

Zhou Yutong and the others were the same.

In the past, when she was a celebrity and an actress, she was only a celebrity even if she was quite successful and had her own company and studio.

To put it more bluntly, she was just an actress.

Although it was hard for them then, they were proud yet sensitive, confident yet inferior.

But now, their auras were filled with confidence and capability.

They also had the unique aura of a superior, and their eyes were clear and calm.

“Dont worry, Country Lord.

After several expansions, the Sky Workshops production capacity has been greatly improved.

The quality of the forged equipment can now be fixed at A-Rank, and some of the fine products can already reach S-Rank.

If it wasnt for the lack of precious materials, even SS-Rank equipment can be forged in small quantities.”

“As for the equipment for the three million troops, not only is the quantity sufficient, theres even a surplus.

After such a long development period, the Sky Workshop has even developed many unique and special equipment with potent effects.”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up, and he nodded, “Thats good.

With good equipment, we can reduce casualties.

In our situation, as long as we go through one combat, their strength will improve by leaps and bounds, and they will be reborn as true warriors!”

After all, whether it was Li Xiang, Yang Mi, or the others, they all had the High-rank EXP Halo bonus.

Li Xiangs current EXP Halo was a High-rank EXP Halo, which could increase his EXP gain by ten times.

Ning Xiaoyues EXP Halo was an intermediate-level EXP Halo, which could increase the EXP gain by three times.

No matter who it was, before they reached Rank 200, those two halos were enough.

At the same time, there were Li Xiangs reflect damage halo, Explosive Halo, Splatter Halo, and Sacred Flame Halo.

He didnt believe that there was any enemy he couldnt deal with.

After this period of training soldiers, Zhao Yun had completely integrated into the Kingdom of Dawn.

With his mighty strength and high status in the army, his words naturally carried enough weight.

It was not that he didnt really care about the soldiers lives, but he knew that Li Xiang had the relevant skills to reduce casualties.

Thinking of that, he nodded slightly to show that he agreed with the two.

However, he was more curious about what new equipment the Sky Workshop had developed during this time.

Thus he asked, “Sister Mi, what other equipment is there that I do not know about”

Yang Mi smiled confidently and said, “We developed six types of Rune Arrows after the Sky Workshops research and experiments.

They can better match the Country Lords explosive and splatter effects.

At the same time, there was a new upgrade to the Mirage Beast armor.

Almost everyone now has a set of Mirage Beast armor, and its grade has reached A-Rank.

It also came with various auxiliary effects.

They are divided into four main categories: White Tiger, Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird.

In terms of weapons, the materials have been completely renewed.

Theyre forged with the latest developed alloys, and after Enchantment, theyre also at the top of A-Rank.”

Li Xiang nodded happily and said, “When I have time, Ill take a good look at those pieces of equipment.

Now, lets continue with the previous topic.”

At that time, Chen Shu said, “Before the troops and horses move, intelligence comes first.

Although we roughly know who the opponents are, we need to know what races they are, how many people they have, how strong they are, how good their equipment is, what race talents they have, and so on.

We need to know all these.

One can only win when one knows the enemy and oneself well.

The Kingdom of Dawn is powerful, but our enemies have been developing for countless years.

Its not the best way to fight them head-on.

Its best to use strategy and win with peace and surprise.

Only then can we minimize our losses.”

Obviously, Chen Shu disagreed with a confrontation.

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