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Chapter 429: Lunisolar Brilliance

Li Xiang wanted to tend to Fu Mingxue and the others as a form of thanks.

However, even though Fu Mingxue was reclusive, he actually yearned for the world.

At that moment, even if Li Xiang had invited him, he would have rejected without hesitation.

“Brother Li, I still wish to walk around the Country of Dawn and experience the mortal world.

I wont disturb you.

If anything happens, Ill be there!”

Bu Qingyun was equally cold, but he was also curious about the human world.

He wanted to see the prosperity of the City of Dawn, so he didnt stay for long.

He didnt even say goodbye before leaving.

Li Xiang wasnt angry because he knew that that person only appeared cold but had a warm heart.

Niu Ben was the only non-human that could step through the mirror door without being attacked.

He carried his big axe and said, “I came here because I felt there might be a great battle here soon.

How could I miss such a good thing Im going to find a place to drink first.

Well talk about the rest later!”

Li Xiang could tell those people didnt intend to accept his invitation.

Instead, they were very interested in the City of Dawn, so he didnt stop them.

He looked at Ye Qius yearning expression and said helplessly, “Alright, since everyone has their plans, lets go our separate ways.

As long as they didnt violate the laws of the Country of Dawn, they could do whatever they want.

Well, Ill go and make my identity card first, then I can walk around freely.”

Li Xiang did not go into detail about the identity card.

For outsiders, the identity cards they applied for were actually temporary identity cards, and many of their functions were limited.

Only those who had decided to settle down in the Country of Dawn and had truly joined the Country of Dawn could get their identity cards after going through a review.

Moreover, as a races chief, Niu Ben certainly wouldnt become a citizen of the Country of Dawn.

So he naturally applied for a temporary identity card that even had a racial label on it.

Other than those people, the other Human transcendents also entered the city.

Those people really yearned for the City of Dawn, but some had other ambitions.

Many people knew that the Country of Dawn would soon face a terrifying storm.

It wasnt just because of the epic treasure.

As the most powerful Human nation, the Country of Dawn had always maintained a tough attitude towards the foreign races, making the foreign races hate the Country of Dawn.

They saw the Country of Dawn as a thorn in their side and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

This time, with the attraction of the epic treasure, many hidden powerhouses and Demons would probably join in.

Everything was ready.

They were just waiting for the right opportunity.

The Alliance of Gods and other major alliances, led by foreign races, would probably mobilize countless forces and countries to launch their most powerful attacks on the Country of Dawn.

After Li Xiang parted ways with the others and released the army he had brought out, he returned to his palace.

The mirror door was the projection of the Void Divine Mirror.

As the Tower of Stars improved, the Void Divine Mirrors power also became stronger, and the range it could teleport to became further and further.

Right then, the teleportation distance had already reached 10,000 kilometers.

It might seem very far, but in the Myriad World Continent, 10,000 kilometers was nothing.

Even the narrowest part of the Country of Dawn was more than 2,000 kilometers.

However, the advantage of that treasure was that it was convenient and fast enough.

There was no need for coordinates, and Li Xiang did not need to consume his energy.

If he used it sparingly, there would be no impact.

When he returned to the palace, he called Yang Mi and the others over and asked them about the situation over the past few days.

The influence of the black tide was still ongoing.

Except for the newly arrived countries, all of them had their own foundations, so it was not difficult to resist the attack of the black tide.

But now, it would definitely lead to a great crisis because of the coveting of the epic treasure and the malice of the foreign races and Demons toward the Country of Dawn.

“Alright! Danger, danger! Danger is danger, but it is also an opportunity! As long as the Country of Dawn can pull through this crisis, the Country of Dawn will rise to power in the Myriad World Continent, and no one will be able to stop it!”

Li Xiangs eyes were cold as he turned around and entered the meditation room.

In the eyes of others, he had obtained an epic treasure, the Moon Wheel.

However, two epic treasures were born from the Yin and Yang Qi, one Yin and one yang.

The one with the Yin attribute was the Moon Wheel, while the one with the Yang attribute was the Sun Wheel.

With a thought, two beams of divine light, one gold, and one silver gathered in front of him.

The Sun and Moon Wheels looked as if they were completely condensed from golden pure Yang energy and silver pure Yin energy.

They had a metallic texture yet seemed to be made of light.

They were mysterious and profound, worthy of their names as epic treasures.

[Sun Wheel]

Quality: Holy Light Rank 1

Type: Epic treasure

Attack: 300,000

Speed: 300,000

Level requirement: 300

Skill 1: Solar Soul Refinement

Skill 2: Solar Form Refinement

Skill 3: Solar Divine Fire

Skill 4: Lunisolar Brilliance

The treasure only had three skills and two attributes.

However, anyone who understood would know that the two attribute bonuses were simply too overpowered.

They were worth 300,000.

An attack power of 300,000 was understandable, but 300,000 agility required a lot of effort.

The attack speed of that treasure would probably be so freakish that it would make people despair.

“As expected of a divine weapon! Who would be able to resist once they get hold of it”

However, when he saw that the level requirement was 300, he could not help but sigh.

Although he had accumulated a lot of EXP, reaching Rank 300 could no longer be simply achieved by relying on EXP.

Every level up was extremely difficult.

That was because Rank 300 was the level of a true God.

That was something that many demigods couldnt achieve for thousands of years.

Li Xiang didnt dare to say that he could achieve it easily.

However, as long as he was given enough time, he had absolute confidence he could do it.

He turned his eyes to the other epic treasure.

[Moon Wheel]

Quality: Holy Light Rank 1

Type: Epic treasure

Attack: 300,000

Speed: 300,000

Level requirement: 300

Skill 1: Lunar Divine Light

Skill 2: Lunar God Slayer

Skill 3: Lunar Form Refinement

Skill 4: Lunisolar Brilliance

The attribute panel was almost the same as the Sun Wheel.

The most eye-catching thing was that both had the same skill – Lunisolar Brilliance.

The first three skills of the two treasures were all offensive skills.

They could be used as single-target attacks or group attacks.

The power depended on the users strength.

However, the fourth skill, Lunisolar Brilliance, was different.

[Skill – Lunisolar Brilliance]:

Attribute 1: When the Sun Wheel and Moon Wheel are used simultaneously, the power, attributes, and skill effects will double.

Attribute 2: Condenses luck and suppresses luck.

It can be integrated into the Lords Cornerstone and turn into a Country Guarding Divine Weapon.

There are no usage requirements for the Country Guarding Divine Weapon, but it can only be used within the nations borders.

When Li Xiang saw the introduction of the Lunisolar Brilliance, he was surprised.

If he used both simultaneously, each items attack and speed would reach 600,000.

How could others still survive

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