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Chapter 428: Divine Kingdom on Earth

Scorpion races chief Li Qing coldly looked at where Li Xiang and the others had disappeared and thought, “This teleportation technique is much more convenient than the Cross-Border teleportation array.

Once its used in war, itll definitely have a great advantage.

However, the Kingdom of Dawn is nearby, so theres no escape for it.

As long as we gather enough troops, we can destroy the Kingdom of Dawn sooner or later!”

The appearance of the mirror door destroyed his plan to capture Li Xiang and the Human transcendents.

However, he wasnt discouraged.

Although there didnt seem to be many who had entered the divine tomb to fight for the treasures, countless people were paying attention to it.

There were countless powerhouses, foreign races, Demons, and even fierce beasts in the dark.

No one would give up easily in the face of an epic treasure.

Now that the news of the Lord of Dawn obtaining an epic treasure had been exposed, the Kingdom of Dawn would face countless troubles in the future.

It would become a piece of fat meat in the eyes of numerous powerhouses.

Under such circumstances, the Kingdom of Dawn could be destroyed at any time.

It was possible that he could benefit from that.

Although Li Qing was very confident in himself and his races power, he also knew his capabilities well.

Defeating the Kingdom of Dawn with just the Scorpion race was impossible.

With that excuse, destroying the Kingdom of Dawn would be a piece of cake.

He didnt need to worry at all.

Li Qing raised the spear in his hand and swung it in the direction of the Kingdom of Dawn, “Army, lets march towards the Kingdom of Dawn!”

However, the Scorpion Army didnt rush toward the Kingdom of Dawn as everyone had expected.

Instead, a yellow light flickered under their feet, and they sank into the ground and disappeared.

The Scorpion Army specialized in the earth element.

To hide their tracks, they naturally used Earthwork to travel.

Not only was their speed fast, but they could also hide their tracks, making it safer.

Upon seeing that, many foreign races and Demons revealed excited and bloodthirsty smiles.

If the Kingdom of Dawn were breached, they would also benefit.

Of course, there were also Human transcendents among those who remained.

However, they were all hiding in a hidden place.

The reason why they didnt leave with Li Xiang was that they had their own plans.

Now that the two armies had left, they became slightly more active.

“The Lord of Dawn is so powerful.

Hes so domineering even in the face of a foreign race.

Its a pity that even though were all humans, we serve our own masters.

I can only wish him well and cant help much.”

“Tsk, tsk, if only our country could be as powerful as the Kingdom of Dawn.

Were just struggling on our last legs, and who knows when well be destroyed.

Maybe when we return, we can suggest to the Country Lord to join the Kingdom of Dawn.

Its not shameful to do so in a life-and-death situation!

Many people admired Li Xiangs domineering attitude when he faced foreign races, and they even looked forward to the Kingdom of Dawn.

The Kingdom of Dawn was famous in the entire Myriad World Continent.

Still, very few people truly understood the Kingdom of Dawn and the Lord of Dawn.

No one had expected to see the Lord of Dawn here.

According to the system, the Lord of Dawn was already a divine name, and even his priesthood was already confirmed.

If he didnt fall in the future, he would definitely become a God.

The Kingdom of Dawn would become the Lord of Dawns Divine Kingdom on Earth.

Although there was a huge difference between a Divine Kingdom on Earth and a Divine Kingdom of a true God, a true Gods power could directly descend there and completely protect the existence of the entire Divine Kingdom from the corrosion of the demonic aura.

It was almost equivalent to a highly safe zone.

That was a place that countless people in the Myriad World Continent yearned for.

On the current continent, there was not a single true Gods Divine Kingdom on Earth.

However, it existed in the distant past.

However, with time, either the true Gods had fallen, or the evil gods had broken through the Divine Kingdoms, and so on.

They had disappeared in the long river of history.

However, it was undeniable that the Divine Kingdoms on Earth could enjoy at least a thousand years of peace.

That was a period that most of the dynasties in the original world would not have been able to achieve.

During that period, if a Heavens Favourite appeared and were to step onto the divine path to become a true God, the Divine Kingdom on Earth would be even more stable.

However, the possibility of that happening was too low.

After all, it was too difficult to become a true God.

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