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Not only was the sword widely spread among the human race, but it was also spread among the myriad worlds and races.

Some special foreign races even had a unique understanding and application of sword art.

The third figure was burly and terrifying.

The Scorpion race leaders face was still carrying the blade mark left by Fu Mingxue.

Although it didnt cause him any fatal injuries, it wasnt known why the marks on his face didnt heal despite his strength.

At this moment, the leader was holding a long spear and had a cold aura.

His eyes were filled with killing intent as he glared at Fu Mingxue.

He didnt hide the killing intent in his eyes at all.

Ye Qiu had told Li Xiang that if the Scorpion race wanted to reproduce, they had to capture women from the human race to get pregnant.

Then, the Scorpion race children would kill and eat their mothers.

It was extremely cruel and vicious.

Therefore, Li Xiang had extreme killing intent toward the Scorpion race.

Although he didnt show it, they wouldnt be able to survive as long as he encountered them.

Now he was rather happy that he had met the Scorpion races leader here.

He was very pleased to be able to kill a foreign race being.

Alice and Alicia saw the hidden killing intent in Li Xiangs eyes, hence their gazes also fell on the Scorpion races leader.

Since the lord wanted to kill this guy, there was no doubt that they would kill him when they met.

However, Li Xiang had to admit that the Scorpion race leaders strength was a level above Fu Mingxues just based on his aura.

He had already reached the divine realm but he couldnt determine his rank.

He could only know it after he made a move.

‘The Scorpion race leader might be a great enemy.

The position hes occupying is the thunder position, so had he gone to the thunder world I wonder if he had obtained that worlds Thunderbolt Core.

If he did, that would be great! Li Xiang was calculating in his heart about the way to kill the other party quickly when they met.

He couldnt let the other party escape.

The Scorpion race leader seemed to have sensed the hidden malice in Li Xiangs calm eyes.

He looked over coldly.

His eyes were filled with unconcealed killing intent, and he let out a disdainful snort.


Li Xiang didnt pay any more attention to this guy.

He turned his eyes to the next position.

There stood a stone man that was only three meters tall.

The stone on his body looked very ordinary, but the energy light contained in it showed that this stone man was very difficult to deal with.

Especially the black rod in his hand, which was covered with a vast number of natural strange patterns.

It looked unremarkable, but anyone with a little insight could tell that it was at least a rare treasure-level weapon.

Moreover, Li Xiang had seen this guys true form before.

It was more than a hundred meters tall, as tall as a skyscraping building.

With such a body size, it would give people an extremely huge pressure.

In addition, every inch of the stone giants skin was made of rock, hence its natural defensive power was beyond imagination.

It had an extremely strong resistance to both energy and weapon attacks.

With such a huge body, one could easily imagine how powerful it was.

Its only weakness might be its speed.

However, Li Xiang didnt believe that the stone giant didnt know his weakness in speed since he had come all the way here.

Either there was a way to solve it, or his weakness was his strongest.

This might be a trap.

Others might think that the stone giant must be slow and underestimated him.

Hence, the consequences would be unpredictable.

The stone giants aura seemed to be similar to that of the Scorpion race leader, but in fact, Li Xiang could feel that the stone giant was hiding an even deeper aura.

His strength was at least one level higher than that of the Scorpion race leader.

This was another formidable opponent.

Li Xiang looked at the last one, and a hint of doubt flashed through his eyes.

It was a brawny man wearing clothes made of animal skin.

He was carrying a huge battle axe, and his face was rough.

His entire body was emitting a wild aura.

‘This person looks very similar to a human, but I feel different.

I wonder what race he is! He gives people the feeling that hes a beast in human skin and is extremely dangerous!

When he saw Li Xiang sizing him up, he didnt get angry.

Instead, he turned his head around and showed a big smile.

He looked very simple and honest but there was a bit of excitement in his eyes, and a strong fighting spirit rose from his body.

The giant man was also sizing up the crowd.

He looked left and right with his axe on his shoulder, giving off the feeling that he wanted to rush out right now and have a great battle with everyone.

Even to the stone giant, who was the closest to him, he didnt change his gaze.

Instead, it became even more heated.

Li Xiang could instantly tell that this man was a battle maniac.

At this moment, a light flashed on the last position, and a huge figure appeared.

The gazes of everyone on the platform froze.

‘Good lord! Is this a giant python

It was a giant python that was emitting a yellow light.

Its slender body was coiled up, and its two cold eyes were indifferent and ruthless as it swept its gaze over the crowd.

The pythons size might not be as big as the stone giants, but the aura it exuded was not inferior in any way.

It even had a bit of coldness and cruelty.

Although the giant python was coiled up, everyone could still roughly estimate that it was at least 20 to 30 meters long.

In terms of size, it was the largest for now.

‘I didnt expect the last one to appear on the platform to be a terrifying beast! Could this fellow be like the Alligator, a native of the original world

Li Xiang was a little worried for Ye Qiu.

He still hadnt seen him yet.

He was either still trapped in some world, or he might have died.

Now that everyone had appeared, it was inevitable to have an unusually fierce battle.

Li Xiangs gaze swept across the figures one by one and realized that they had already noticed the treasure hidden in the yin and yang Qi at the core of the platform.

In the face of such a precious treasure, no one could remain unmoved.

He was no exception.

“Everyone, since were fated to be here, well have to fight to the death for the treasures on the platform.

Why dont we introduce ourselves first Well leave our names behind even if we die in battle!

“I am the Lord of Dawn, Li Xiang!” Li Xiang said indifferently.


As soon as he finished speaking, everyones eyes fell on Li Xiang, except for Alice and Alicia.

The name of the Lord of Dawn was too famous.

Anyone who paid a little attention to current affairs would know him.

However, these were also the top elites of their respective races, so they were not frightened by Li Xiangs name.

Although they were shocked, they did not show any fear or retreat.

Instead, their eyes lit up and were full of battle intent.

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