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It was said that once, a great scholar had launched a great righteous Qi that could sweep across thousands of miles with just a roar.

He had killed a top demon with a roar.

It was extremely terrifying.

It could be said that the righteous Qi of the scholarly faction was the natural nemesis of demons and evil.

Even though Li Xiang had already ignited his divine fire, he still felt as if he had done something wrong after being questioned so casually by the righteous Qi.

His momentum was thwarted, and he didnt even dare to look directly at the white-robed old man.

That feeling was like the panic and embarrassment of an adulterer meeting his first wife!

Li Xiangs expression froze slightly, and the fire in his soul trembled slightly before returning to normal.

“What a pure righteous Qi and profound cultivation! May I know who you are, senior”

Li Xiang had a vague feeling that the white-haired old man was a powerful transcendent of the scholarly faction, but he could not evaluate his level.

However, based on his perception, he knew that this elders strength was unfathomable and he was not an ordinary existence.

“I was born in the sea of books.

Perhaps you can call me the elder in the sea of books!”

The white-robed old man looked at Li Xiang with a strange look.

He asked in a calm tone, “Are you planning to steal the books here”

The elders tone sounded calm, but it was a sharp questioning.

The other four people who had entered the hall felt suffocated by the huge pressure.

At the same time, they had the urge to retreat.

Only Li Xiangs expression remained unchanged and he admitted, “Yes! I intend to take away the books here, but Im not stealing them.

The owner of this place has already died, and its meaningless to leave these books here.

Naturally, I should take them away and bring fortune to all living beings!”

When he saw these books, he had already made up his mind to take them away.

It was meaningless to hide this purpose.

He couldnt hide it from anyone, so it was necessary to lie!


Facing the clear and deep eyes of the elder in the sea of books, Li Xiang had a feeling that he could not lie in front of him.

Therefore, he might as well be honest and get straight to the point.

When the elder heard this, a hint of approval flashed in his clear eyes, but it disappeared soon after.

“It seems that youre not lying.

As a reward, you can choose three inheritances from this divine library! As for the four of them, they cant take a single book with them!”

At the end of his sentence, his gaze landed on Ye Qiu, Fu Mingxue, Alice, and Alicia.

For some reason, this elder treated the other four very badly.

Alice and Alicia were unmoved, but their bodies seemed to be out of control as they retreated out of the hall.

Although Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxues eyes were filled with struggle, their bodies were also involuntarily retreating.

Their expressions rapidly changed, filled with unwillingness.

“Three inheritances” Li Xiang frowned and shook his head, “Im sorry.

Three inheritances are too few.

I want all the books here! I wonder if theres any way for me to take all of them If these books were left here, it would be a blasphemy and waste to the inheritances of numerous sages.

I should take them away and let them see the light of day again.

I should let them benefit more humans and make their due contributions to the development of the human race!”

Li Xiang didnt hide his thoughts and said them directly.

These books were crucial to the future development of the Kingdom of Dawn, and they had a huge impact that he couldnt give up.

If he succeeded, this would be the most supreme inheritance treasure in the entire Myriad World Continent!

The white-robed old man did not get angry.

Instead, he frowned and asked, “Do you know how many books are there There are a total of 3300 bookshelves here, and each shelf has 100,000 books.

There are 330 million books in total, involving 136 races, 16 big worlds, 77 medium and small worlds, and the essence of 36 top civilizations.

You said you want to take all of them Young man, greed must be proportional to strength.

Otherwise, itll be a disaster!”

The elder in the sea of books looked at Li Xiang calmly.

He didnt believe that Li Xiang could take all 330 million books away.

The number of books contained in this library was extremely shocking.

It was the essence of a true gods collection, and every book contained immense value.

Many of the books were sublimated after being affected by the power of the Law of Great Path during the fusion process of the Myriad World Continents.

They naturally contained extraordinary factors.

Under the influence of the Laws of Great Path, books that originally only discussed theories had become books that could be cultivated.

Even some of the incomplete books had become extremely valuable.

Any one of them would be a great opportunity.

Li Xiang wanted to take all the books here.

He was simply too greedy.

He was so greedy that he could be struck by lightning.

The old man in the white robe was not happy with the greed and arrogance of the young man in front of him.

“Desire is the source of civilizations progress! Some wanted to fly, so they had wings.

Some wanted to run, so they had legs.

Some wanted to become stronger, so the sages created all kinds of cultivation methods with their wisdom, so that life could evolve.

I think its a good thing, and its also an instinct!”

“Hmph! Quibble! If greed turns wild and desire becomes instinct, then the order of the world will collapse.

The civilization will be destroyed!”

The elder in the sea of books retorted without holding back.

“Thats not what I meant! Greed and desire are instincts, but as long as they are within the limits of ones ability and dont harm the interests of others, I feel that one can completely release them! As a member of the human race, the greatest advantage of the human race was that we knew morality and what was the bottom line! As long as my actions are in line with the moral standards of the human race, all greed and desire will be my driving force, not an evil barrier!”

“Nonsense! You mean that youre reasonable just because you occupy all the books here, and youre in line with moral standards”

“Yes! As the ruler of a country, my greed is in line with the interests of hundreds of millions of humans, as well as my interests.

I have not harmed anyones interests, so why cant I take these books”

Li Xiangs expression was firm, and he did not back down just because he respected the white-robed old man.

“Ridiculous! I was born from these books, and my mission is to protect these books.

If you take them all away, whats the point of my existence Without these books, I wouldnt even be alive.

How dare you say you didnt harm anyones interests Hmph! The only way you can take these books is to kill me.

Otherwise, youre just dreaming!”

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