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Fu Mingxue and Ye Qiu volunteered, each taking one side.

They used all their strength accompanied by their rough and hoarse voices but they only managed to push the door open a little.

“Ka ka!”

The door opened wider and wider.

When it was finally pushed open, a huge space was revealed.

The view was extremely bright, and a huge hall appeared in front of everyone.

In the middle of the hall, there were black stone bookshelves that were more than ten meters tall.

On the bookshelves, there were rolls of lustrous books.

“Is this palace a place to store books Isnt this a scripture library Good lord! There must be thousands of bookshelves in this hall.

Each shelf is a dozen meters tall and a hundred meters long.

Hiss, how many books can it hold”

Even Ye Qiu, who didnt like to read, knew that the value of these books couldnt be measured with money.

It wasnt even enough to describe them as priceless.

Each book was a part of the inheritance.

How many inheritances would there be in such a huge library

Ye Qiu stuck his head out of the door and looked around.

His eyes were full of excitement.

He couldnt help but drool.

This was the divine tomb!

No matter which gods tomb it was, it must be a collection of a true god!

There was no need to emphasize how rich, advanced, and important a true gods collection would be.

Everyone knew that.

Li Xiang noticed that some of the books were as thick as bricks, some were made of animal skin, and some were made of bamboo slips, gold silk, and paper.

He was moved slightly.

He secretly concluded that the books here were not only about the human race, but also the foreign races.

Just from this point, it was clear that the true god must have plundered the inheritances of countless races to be able to accumulate so many books.

The time and energy he had spent must be a lot.

“There are so many books here, and none of them look simple.

Look at these books, theyre all glowing.

Could they be transcendent inheritances It couldnt be that all the books here were divine, right That was impossible.

But why would a true god collect so many transcendent inheritances”

Ye Qius eyes flashed with confusion.

Li Xiangs eyes narrowed slightly and he said indifferently, “Knowledge is the most precious wealth! Collecting inheritances and accumulating knowledge was the same as accumulating wealth and wisdom! This true god is not simple!”

Realization dawned on Fu Mingxue and Ye Qiu when they heard this.

Alice and Alicia nodded in agreement with their lords judgment.

They were all demons and angels who had died in battle.

They had clear memories of their past experiences as if they had lived another life.

Their horizons were quite extraordinary.

However, their memories and knowledge were also gradually restored with the improvement of their strength.

Now that their strength was close to their heydays in the past, their memories had recovered.

Naturally, they understood that knowledge was the most important wealth of intelligent beings.

Looking at the huge library of books, Li Xiangs heart burned with passion.

Such a huge transcendent scripture library was truly too precious and inconceivable.

The classics and inheritances here must be the essence of various races and even civilizations, representing the crystallization of the wisdom of countless experts.

Even if Li Xiang was considered to be experienced and knowledgeable, he still found it difficult to control himself at this time.

Countless thoughts burst out in his mind and scattered in all directions.

“We have to take them all.

The scripture library in the Kingdom of Dawn has always been desolate.

Although I had bought a lot of secret manuals and books from Hou Chun, they were all of very low quality.

Some of them are even the most basic ones.

If we can fill the library with these books, then the knowledge of the kingdom will be extremely rich.

Only then will the library be qualified to be called the scripture library.

Otherwise, it would only be worthy of being called the library.”

Compared to those rare treasures, the value of these books was hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of times higher!

Li Xiang didnt recognize many of the words in the books, but he could understand the meaning when they see them.

It was amazing.

“Spiritual Rice Cultivation” taught how to cultivate spiritual rice.

It even contained the cultivation methods of various spiritual rice in great detail.

“Complete Guide to Magical Arrays” was a collection of magical arrays in countless worlds.

Good lord! There was a total of 12 books, and each book was half a meter thick.

It was terrifying!

“Introduction to Forging” introduced all kinds of spiritual ores, the processing of materials, and the forging methods of some basic magical artifacts.

Some of them were written in foreign languages while some were written in human languages that he could recognize.

Even a large part of them were Chinese characters!

Seeing the familiar Chinese characters, Li Xiangs eyes shone with excitement.

Many of these ancient books were legendary, and some had even been lost for a long time.

Now, all of them were here.

These were the crystallization of wisdom left behind by countless worlds and civilizations.

Now that they were all recorded, their value was simply immeasurable.

“Sky Blue Medicine Scripture” was a medicine manual inheritance of the Sky Blue World.

It recorded the effects, usage, identification, and picking of all kinds of medicinal herbs and spiritual medicines, and even thousands of formulas.

“Zixia Pill Scripture” was a pill refining inheritance recorded in jade slips.

It contained the refining methods of hundreds of pills, as well as the seals, taboos, experiences, and insights of pill refining.

It was extremely precious.

After all, alchemy required thousands of experiments and countless failures before it could finally take shape.

“The collection of books here is too rich.

Its not difficult for a true god to collect these books.

However, these books were scattered across countless worlds, and the time and effort required to obtain them were not small.”

Li Xiang decided to take all of these books with him.

He would not leave a single one behind.

He wanted to make the books the greatest asset of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Just these books and inheritances alone were enough to attract countless talents.

“How dare you covet the true gods book collection! Are you trying to steal the books”

Suddenly, a ray of light passed through the back of a bookshelf and appeared in front of everyone.

It was a white-haired old man in a white robe.

He was holding a bamboo slip in his hand and looking at Li Xiang and the other four with a cold gaze.

Although the old man didnt launch any attack, Li Xiang and the others suddenly felt their hearts shake and a sense of shame.

This was a strange force that struck directly at ones soul.

It was as if it carried a righteous aura that made one feel awe and respect.

Ones aura was naturally suppressed and one would only feel that one was in the wrong.

Li Xiangs spirit was extremely tough, and he was only affected for a moment before returning to normal.

He had already ignited his divine fire, and his divine soul was extremely tough.

Naturally, he would not be affected.

However, he was shocked by this power.

He even felt a sense of familiarity.

“This is the righteous Qi of the scholarly faction!”

It was said that the righteous Qi of the scholarly faction was extremely divine.

It would not have any effect on those who truly had a clear conscience, but it would intimidate those who harbored evil intentions.

Furthermore, its ability to restrain demons and evil was countless times stronger than lightning and fire.

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