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Li Xiang didnt join the crowd.

He felt that if this blade was pulled out, there might not be a good outcome.

It was a fierce weapon full of omens.

It didnt have much effect on him, so there was no need to take this risk.

Unless this blade recognized its master directly, it might be able to avoid the negative effects.

One after another, human experts came to the guillotine and tried to draw the blade.

It was rare that there wasnt belligerence, let alone fighting over them.

Many experts who were born with divine power made a move, but they all returned empty-handed.

Some experts knew their limits and were completely uninterested in this blade.

Some werent good at using blades, and some felt that the shape of the blade didnt match their blade techniques.

Many people did not understand that whether it was a blade or a sword, the shape it was forged had a lot to do with the user.

For example, this Ghost Head Blade was more than three meters long.

The user would need to be at least two meters tall to match it, and would not encounter too many obstacles when brandishing it.

Secondly, one had to have enough strength to be able to wield it.

Lastly, there was a need for a special using method, which was the blade technique, to be able to wield it as ease as one wished.

And these using methods werent suitable for everyone.

Some people did not have enough physical fitness, some people did not have enough comprehension, and some people had unmatched personalities.

Even if one obtained the essence of this blade technique, one would not be able to display its true power.

Therefore, even though the names of blade, sword, and spear were put together, the style of using the weapons was different due to the different forms.

Even the blade and sword techniques corresponded to different shapes of the weapons.

Only those true martial grandmasters could adapt to local conditions and unleash the full power and characteristics of different weapons.


Suddenly, the ground beside the platform exploded without any warning.

Almost at the same time, a black shadow flew out from within and pierced through the chest of a red-haired beauty who was watching the show nearby.

She was sent flying four to five meters away and her blood stained the air.

When she landed, she was already dead.

This sudden change directly broke the peaceful atmosphere on the platform.

Everyone looked over coldly.

“Who did it”

“What is this”

“The upper body is a human while the lower body is a scorpion.

This is a foreign Scorpion race!”

“Its a foreign beast.

Kill! The foreign race all deserve to die.

I wonder how many humans died at the hands of the foreign race.

Its worse than death!”

“Kill them!”

The audience on the platform witnessed the tragic death of a woman right next to them.

They were filled with righteous indignation and instantly erupted with anger.

The Scorpion race who had crawled out of the ground did not waste any time.

Before they came out, they had already launched an attack.

Their stance was already very clear.

There was no room for compromise between the human race and the foreign race.

Either one should die.

Since they had met, they would not rest until one of them died.

Countless humans had died at the hands of the foreign race.

Naturally, the human race would not show the slightest mercy to them.

Compared to the countless foreign races that had descended to the Myriad World Continent, the innate attributes of the human race were too weak.

They were so weak that they could only become food for the foreign race.

The blood feud that had accumulated was extremely huge.

Similarly, the human race also had a tradition of enmity towards foreign races.

Since they were irreconcilable enemies, there was no need to waste time thinking about peaceful coexistence.

Thus, the moment the Scorpion race appeared, the humans were only momentarily stunned before they immediately launched an attack.

“Hahaha! Weak and lowly humans, all the treasures here belong to the Scorpion race.

Everyone who comes here today will die!”

The Scorpion race leader waved the blood-stained spear in his hand and rushed out of the cave, charging toward a human expert.

This person was the machete man who had failed to draw the blade.


The spear pierced out like a bolt of lightning.

The machete mans expression froze.

The blade at his waist was suddenly pulled out, bringing with it a ray of saber light.


A berserk power erupted from the weapon the two exchanged blows with.

The Scorpion race leader did not move at all, but the machete man was forced back more than ten steps by the backlash before he could regain his balance.

The innate constitution of humans was too low.

No matter how hard they tried to improve, there was still a huge gap between them and these foreign races.

They were born with a constitution several times or even more than ten times that of humans.

“Bullsh*t foreign race, how dare you be so arrogant here! Go to hell!” A machete man did not have any thoughts of fighting alone.

He dashed and charged forward.

This persons strength was indeed extraordinary.

He was already close to the divine grade.

The light from his blade was like snow, and the light from his blade was like lightning.

All the power in his body was gathered on the blade.

Li Xiang, who was neither too far nor too close, noticed this attack.

His eyes couldnt help but light up slightly.

He praised, “What a good blade-drawing technique!”

This kind of blade-drawing technique was overbearing because it was able to gather all the essence, energy, and spirit into one blade.

The power exploded the instant when the blade was drawn.

It was indeed fast, accurate, and ruthless.

The blade would return as soon as it was drawn, and it would be brewed once more.

The essence, energy, and spirit would be gathered once again to get ready for the next strike.

The only drawback was that only the first strike of this blade-drawing technique would have the greatest power.

It would be able to achieve the best effect during an unexpected attack.

For the second time, not only would ones essence, energy, and spirit appear to be insufficient, but the power would also be weakened.

Whereas the third time would be even weaker.

But no matter what, this blade-drawing technique was indeed very powerful.

If the enemy was not careful, one would either die or be crippled.

Moreover, the threshold of this blade-drawing technique was also very low.

It was easy to get started.

As long as one had time, perseverance, and practice diligently, it would be very easy to grasp its essence.

If one could comprehend the true meaning of this blade-drawing technique, the power would be even more terrifying.

However, this blade-drawing technique was only suitable for one-handed use, and it should be a long blade with a scabbard.

If it was too big and too heavy, it wouldnt be effective, and it wouldnt even be able to display its power.

As this blade flashed out, the sharp blade light drew a mark in the air.

Many people could not help but praise loudly, “Good blade technique!”

This blade was aimed at the neck of the Scorpion race leader.

If it could hit him, then no matter how strong he was, he would die without a doubt.

“Hmph! Petty tricks, how dare you to show off in front of me What bullsh*t blade-drawing technique Die!”

A look of disdain flashed across the Scorpion race leaders eyes.

He swung the long spear in his hand and clashed against the blade light.


The sound of metal clashing rang out.

The blade-drawing technique, which was known for its speed, was broken in one strike.

Even the long blade was instantly shattered.

The long spears speed did not decrease.

It continued to advance.


In just an instant, the long spear had already struck the machete mans chest, producing a muffled sound.

The machete mans chest caved in visibly, and the sound of bones breaking could even be heard.


A mouthful of blood was forced out, spurting out to a height of more than a meter.

His body was sent flying like a broken sack, crashing to the ground below the high platform.

He did not even say a word before he died after a slight struggle.

“What terrifying strength and amazing eyesight! This foreign race is not simple!”

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