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He could not hide the shock in his heart.

He could not imagine that the people living in such a huge city were all transcendence humans.

This simply subverted his understanding of human countries.

How could the common people set foot on the path of transcendence That required a lot of resources.

One, two, or even ten or a hundred wouldnt matter.

However, once the number of people reached 10,000, or even 100,000,000, the number of resources required was an astronomical figure!

This amount was too huge.

It was simply unimaginable.

Master Important was also the ruler of a country.

Although it was only a small country, it was very strong.

Thus, it was able to resist the invasion of foreign races and the black tide and still, stand firm on the Myriad World Continent.

He had been in this world for a full three years.

He couldnt imagine how the Lord of Dawn had developed his country into such a powerful state.

Even the veteran foreign forces werent in his eyes.

“Ive come to the right place this time.

I want to see what is so extraordinary about this Lord of Dawn, or what kind of unbelievable tricks he has hidden!”

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard in the distance.


The ground suddenly shook, and a ray of light shot up to the sky from the south of the west.

It was at least a thousand kilometers away from the City of Dawn, but the sound could still be heard clearly.

One could imagine how loud the sound from the center of the explosion would be and how terrifying the commotion would be!

At this moment, countless people turned their heads to the southwest.

Their eyes were filled with shock.

“Whats going on A light pillar suddenly appeared in the sky.

Could it be that a treasure has appeared Isnt this too big of a commotion If I hadnt already become transcendent, I wouldnt be able to stand properly.”

“Could it be that a foreign race is attacking With such a huge commotion, it must be an extremely terrifying giant beast!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Figures with terrifying auras suddenly flew into the sky.

They solemnly looked towards the southwest.

The leader was the Lord of Dawn, Li Xiang.

At this moment, his entire body was enveloped in a gorgeous silvery-white starlight.

His eyes were flickering with a faint golden light.

Even though he was thousands of miles away, he seemed to be able to see the situation in the outside world.

He frowned and looked at something.

“Li Xiang, what happened This movement doesnt seem to be a good thing!”

Yang Mi also flew to Li Xiangs side and looked into the distance with a worried expression.

Li Xiang stretched out his hand and hugged Yang Mis slender waist.

With a firm expression, he said, “Theres nothing to worry about.

Theres a solution to every problem! Only by defeating a strong enemy will we have a sense of achievement.

A weak enemy is meaningless to us!”

Yang Mi was infected by Li Xiangs strong confidence.

Her slightly anxious emotions immediately calmed down.

She looked at him with her beautiful eyes, and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

She tilted her head slightly and leaned on his shoulder.

Now, she already had someone to depend on.

She didnt need to worry anymore.

She just quietly looked at the distant void.

“This movement erupted from a valley outside the border.

I cant see what exactly happened because the reason for this is underground.

With my current strength, I still cant see it!”

Li Xiang blinked slightly, and the golden light in his eyes gradually disappeared.

This was a low-end use of divine power.

It could condense divine power in the eyes and enhance vision.

Not only could one see farther, but one could even observe microscopically.

However, all these functions required divine power to maintain, and it was being consumed at every moment.

Therefore, Li Xiang only looked around for a short while before dispersing his divine power.

“Perhaps this is caused by the opening of some ruins or treasures hidden there.”

“However, I dont know if its good or bad for a treasure or ruin to appear at this time! Right now, the black tide is still in its early stages, and there are many factions with the ability to travel.

This will bring great danger to the Kingdom of Dawn.”

“However, if we can get this treasure or ruin, it will also bring great benefits to the Kingdom of Dawn.”

Suddenly, a white divine light shot into the sky again.

This time, the divine lights momentum was even stronger than before.

Even the black tide that had gathered nearby was dispersed by the light.

The dark clouds in the sky that had always covered the sky were opened up again, and a bright star was revealed.

This kind of activity could be seen clearly from thousands of miles away.

It was absolutely impossible to hide.


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