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“Herb City! I wonder if I can see the people of the city selling herbs here!”

Li Xiangs gaze landed on the items sold on the Tianxiang City stall, and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

The items on the stalls were actually rows of lush green weeds.

Was this their product

The person in charge of Tianxiang City saw the confusion in the eyes of Li Xiang and the others.

He immediately explained, “This is a specialty of our Tianxiang City.

It looks like weeds and isnt eye-catching at all.

But in fact, this is indeed a spiritual herb.

We call it the Dream Grass!”

“Dream Grass”

Li Xiang revealed an interesting expression and guessed in his heart.

Could this be a spiritual herb that could cure insomnia If that was the case, the sales would not be good.

After all, everyone was now on the path of transcendence and had a strong constitution.

It was not that there were no symptoms of insomnia, but the number would be greatly reduced.

Naturally, not many people needed this.

The person in charge of Tianxiang City this time was the young city lord, Lin Mo.

He had reached level 120.

He explained calmly, “Your Majesty, dont underestimate this wild grass.

The reason why this grass was chosen by our Tianxiang City as an item to be traded was because of its uniqueness.”

“The grass is crisp and sweet.

Not only can it fill your stomach, but it can also replenish glucose.

Most importantly, not long after eating it, you will fall into a deep sleep.

While you are asleep, your consciousness can still maintain for a certain level.

Cultivating in your dreams is almost equivalent to meditating, and the effect is even better than meditating.

Thats why its called the Dream Grass!”

Following Lin Mos introduction, not only Li Xiang but everyone else was also stunned by the miraculous effect of the Dream Grass.

“One can cultivate in the dream”

Li Xiang was greatly shocked and immediately activated his probing skill.

[Dream Grass]

Quality: Legendary

Function: After eating it, you will fall into a deep sleep but your consciousness will remain.

It will also increase a certain level of comprehension and the ability to sense the power of heaven and earth.

Description: This is a top-rank transcendent.

It is very rare.

D*mn! This was a kind of ingredient, and it is also a top-rank transcendent ingredient.

There was actually such a thing!

Li Xiangs horizon was broadened.

“This Dream Grass is not bad.

If it is used to make wine, perhaps the effect will be better!”

Suddenly, Li Jing, who was behind Li Xiang, interrupted.

It was obvious that this God of War in the Tang Dynasty was very interested in Dream Grass.

Li Xiang smiled and said, “Maybe if you give it to Chef Chen Tao, he will have a better performance in winemaking and cooking.

This is a top-rank transcendent ingredient!”

After saying that, he looked at Lin Mo and said, “How many of this Dream Grass do you have I want all of it.

As for the price, five Star Coins per jin.

How about it”

After all, it was a transcendent ingredient.

The Dream Grass seemed to be very light.

Five Star Coins per jin was already very expensive.


Lin Mo revealed a look of joy, and the tension in his heart instantly relaxed.

He had been prepared for the business to be bleak this time, but he had not expected to meet the Lord of Dawn and receive his approval.

This was more effective than any advertisement, and it was the best advertisement.

As the saying went,the inferiors imitate the superiors.

The Dream Grass he had just brought was more than 300 jin.

Five Star Coins for one jin was equivalent to 1,500 Star Coins in total.

Li Xiang happily paid the money.

Just as he was about to leave, Lin Mo suddenly took out another item and placed it on the stall.

This was a kind of vine that almost had the diameter of a childs wrist.

It was cut up section by section and placed on the stall.

“This is the Crimson Blood Vine.

Eating it can strengthen ones HP, replenish ones vitality, and increase ones cultivation.”

[Crimson Blood Vine]

Quality: Legendary

Function: A treasure that replenishes HP.

Description: A vine that grows under a thousand-year-old ancient tree.

It has the effect of tempering ones body and blood.

The older it is, the better the effect.

It can be used as a medicine and can be used for winemaking.

It is a rare transcendent plant.

Li Xiang read the description and was overjoyed.

How could a thousand-year-old ancient tree be compared to the World Tree If he could transplant a few Crimson Blood Vines, he wondered how they would evolve and mutate.

“Okay, I want them! Three Star Coins per tael.

If there are seeds or young plants, the seeds will be thirty Star Coins each, and the young plants will be three hundred!”

Lin Mo heard this and immediately nodded, “Since Your Majesty needs them, well find them personally when we go back.

Then, I will send them to the Treasure Pavilion.”

He did not say that he would personally send it to Li Xiang because he knew his limits.

It was luck that he was able to meet the Lord of Dawn today.

If he wanted to meet him again in the future, he would need an identity.

Even though he was the son of a city lord, his father was nothing in front of the Lord of Dawn.

The amount of Crimson Blood Vines was not much, but since it was calculated in tael, that wasnt a small amount of money.

Li Xiang left the stall of Tianxiang City, but his interest didnt decrease as he strolled around the stalls one by one.

Although there were many people in the City of Dawn who had seen Li Xiang, there were also many who hadnt seen him before.

The main reason was that there was still a difference between a real person and a statue or a portrait.

Some people could recognize him with their sharp eyes, while others didnt pay much attention to him, so they naturally couldnt recognize him.

It had to be said that the City of Dawns market was really lively now.

All kinds of treasures were beyond his imagination.

He saw a willow branch that could expel evil.

It had the power to break evil.

If it was struck on the body of an undead or an evil spirit, it could disperse the evil and death aura.

If it was older, it could even disperse the soul.

Other than that, if this willow branch was soaked in water, not only could it maintain its vitality, but the water it soaked in could also reduce inflammation and pain.

It was definitely a rare treasure.

Li Xiang was very happy.

He offered ten Star Coins per willow branch to buy all the dozens of willow branches sold at the stall.

He wanted to let the master craftsmen of the Sky Workshop and Isabella study the evil-dispelling power in this willow branch.

It would be even better if he could transplant it.

He was very glad that he had the space of a World Tree, where almost all the plants could be transplanted successfully.

Besides, Li Xiang also found many other precious resources, such as ores, spirit herbs, and so on.

Not long after, Li Xiang finally saw the stall of Herb City.

There was a large pile of spirit herbs placed on this stall.

The fragrance of the herbs could be smelled from a distance.

These spirit herbs were all very fresh.

They should have been picked recently.

He recognized many of the spirit herbs.

Ginseng, Ganoderma, Polygonum Multiflorum…

“These are all medicinal herbs carefully cultivated and picked by our Herb City.

The lowest age of this ginseng is 100 years old.

There are also thousand-year-old Ganoderma.

There are even cinnabar fruits.

Each one of them is a priceless treasure.”

The representative sent by Herb City was a delicate-looking young lady.

She was soft but had a tenacious temperament.

Although she was not the type that would make people amazed at a glance, one would grow on her eventually.

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