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When many farmers heard that the country lord was supporting large-scale land reclamation, they were all grinning from ear to ear.

Although they would not say anything grateful, the light in their eyes showed that they were very happy and excited.

They were not afraid of hardship, nor were they afraid of tiredness.

They were just afraid that they would not have their own land.

According to the announcement made by Li Xiang, everyone would reclaim the land together.

After reaching a certain amount of land, everyone would have a minimum of 10 Mu of land.

After that, they would be rewarded according to their individual contributions.

These lands did not belong to them, but to the Kingdom of Dawn and the ruler of the Kingdom of Dawn.

But the ruler also said that the sale and transfer of land were prohibited.

The land could be passed down for life.

The old farmers might not be able to read, but they understood many things and had logical thinking.

Soon, after they understood the land policy, they knew that the country lord was backing them up.

Land ownership Wasnt it to prevent large amounts of land from being concentrated and exploited

As long as the country lord was alive, this policy would not change.

Therefore, their right to use it would not change.

This was not much different from private ownership.

If these lands were completely privatized, who could guarantee that in the future, there would not be any nobles seizing their lands through means

However, the country lord was not the common ones.

In the future, the country lord would become an eternal true god.

He would be immortal.

In that case, anyone who dared to disobey the country lords will would be disobeying the will of god.

They would face the punishment of god!

After thinking this through, the enthusiasm of the farmers rose to an unprecedented high level.

They could not wait to carry their hoes out of the city and start a great undertaking.


As the old saying goes,One would not panic with foods in hands.

Now that their goal was right in front of them.

Many people felt unstoppable.

For the farmers, farming was still their main occupation even if they had embarked on the path of transcendence.

Cultivation was only for better farming, growing more land, and growing better food.

This was their greatest and most simple wish.

“The Conscription Order states that joining the army will allow you to obtain cultivation and combat techniques that are only open to the army.

At the same time, you will also receive a generous salary.

Common soldiers will receive three Star Coins per month.”

“Star Coins What currency is this Could it be our Kingdom of Dawns currency Newly created I heard that the country lord has always had the idea of creating his currency.

Could it be that it has already been realized”

Many people noticed the Star Coins mentioned in the announcement and immediately grasped the key point.

This was a huge and very important discovery for many people with sharp senses.

If it was true, then the future development of the Kingdom of Dawn could not be achieved without Star Coins.

This currency must have an extremely unique value so that it could replace gold coins and crystal coins.

“All right, I want to become a soldier.

I can cultivate better cultivation and battle techniques meanwhile earning Star Coins.

This is a great opportunity.

When the Kingdom of Dawn grows stronger in the future, it will be difficult to join the army.”


The country lord of the Kingdom of Dawn is not one of those emperors in the mortal world.

He places great importance on the army.

The benefits and treatment are too good.

Furthermore, we dont have to worry about being suspected or persecuted because the ruler is a god! Moreover, our army is a little lacking now.

There are less than a million armies on 40 million square kilometers of land.

Its simply unimaginable.”

“Joining the army is a very good way out.

The army cultivation technique is fast and there are many resources.

Only with more troops can we live and produce in peace.

I cant farm, but I have the strength to join the army and serve my country lord.

I want to protect the Kingdom of Dawn!”

“Ill join the army too.

Only when I become a soldier and a strong person can I control my destiny and protect the people I want to protect!”

For the farmers, the Land Reclamation Order was what they cared about the most.

Whereas at the same time, those young men who did not have any special skills paid the most attention to the Conscription Order.

After understanding the treatment of the army, they were very excited.

They wanted to fight for a bright future.

Many of them had seen the soldiers fighting with the enemies time and time again.

They had even won almost all of their battles in other places.

Many of them had long been motivated.

Now that they had embarked on the path of transcendence.

They all hoped to become strong.

They wanted to control their own destinies and protect the land.

Therefore, as soon as the Conscription Order appeared, countless people instantly made up their minds after some consideration.

Not long after, there was a long line near the newly established recruitment area.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs also sent people to guard the area and register the people based on their Dawn Identity Cards.

Once these people entered the military camp, their Dawn Identity Cards would no longer be civilian but military.

These had to be registered and stored on the Star Web.

There were many people who wanted to join the army.

As long as they met the requirements, they would not be rejected.

There were hundreds of cities in the Kingdom of Dawn.

At the same time, new cities were being built.

There were large numbers of young people joining the army at the recruitment offices in each city.

At the same time, more and more people had left the city and entered the wilderness to reclaim wasteland under the organizations of each city.

Most of these people had already started to cultivate and had embarked on the path of transcendence.

But most of them were cultivating martial arts to strengthen their physique.

Only a small number of people cultivated magic and had the ability to control the power of various elements.

These people acted as the strongest support.

Once a piece of land is opened, they would use water-type magic to irrigate it.

They would also control the soil, open up a canal, draw in river water, and moisten the soil.

At the same time, there would be a small team of soldiers guarding the area around these pioneers to prevent any unexpected dangers.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

On Earth, countless people were bustling about.

They chatted and explored at the same time.

Some people even sang excitedly, attracting cheers.

Everyones face was filled with a hopeful smile.

The peoples hearts would be at ease with lands.

The peoples recognition of the Kingdom of Dawn was also increasing rapidly.

They were only grateful to the country lord before this.

But now, they truly respected and believed in the Lord of Dawn.

In their hearts, they already regarded themselves as citizens of the Kingdom of Dawn.

At this moment, Li Xiang was in the Sky Workshop, supervising the craftsmen in forging Star Coins.

“How long will it take to accumulate Star Coins before it can be issued”

“Your Highness, it can actually be issued now.

We have already produced one billion Star Coins, and it can satisfy the current circulation and usage within the Kingdom of Dawn.

We can produce and issue it at the same time.

There wont be any problems.”

The master craftsman said quickly.

Li Xiang nodded and asked, “Then how do we set the price of Star Coin How do we determine its value Otherwise, it will cause chaos in the market!”

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