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At this moment, a loud boom suddenly sounded, followed by the shaking of the ground beneath the feet.

Li Xiangs expression was slightly serious.

A flash of starlight suddenly flashed past his eyes, and he turned his head to look at afar.

In an instant, the northwest border lit up with a dazzling stretch of starlight.

This was the reaction of the Holy Light grade treasure, Starlight Canopy, after being attacked.

And outside Starlight Canopy, a black tide was rolling over.

Although the Starlight Canopy had blocked the erosion of the dark tide, it was spreading along the border like a flood.

Li Xiang said, “The dark tide has arrived.

It seems that it cant invade our country.

Firstly, there is the protection of the Starlight Canopy.

Secondly, there is the burning of the Eternal Blazing Sun.

Thirdly, there are Skylight Flowers.

It doesnt seem to be too dangerous at the moment.

However, passive defense is not the style of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Understanding the black tide and dealing with it is what we should do!”

“Then, now we…”

“Lets go to the border and see what the black tide is!”

Li Xiang felt that if he could understand the reason for the black tides formation, there might be a way to completely deal with it.

However, he wasnt very confident about this.

Over the years, countless experts and wise men should have studied the essence of the black tide, but no one had been able to figure it out.

This black tide was definitely not a simple negative energy tide, but there was a more complicated reason.

However, there was still good news.

Li Xiang and the others originally wanted to ride their mounts over, but they realize that the teleportation array in the kingdom was still stable and usable.

It seemed like the black tide did not invade the territory of the Kingdom of Dawn and the internal space.

Therefore the teleportation array was still usable.

“This is an unexpected surprise.

As long as the black tide does not invade, the space will not be affected, and the teleportation array can be used.”

They did not bring the army.

Dozens of them went through the teleportation array to the city at the edge of the northwest border.

At this moment, the Starlight Canopy was emitting intense starlight under the onslaught.

The canopy revealed itself like a tall barrier.

Li Xiang and the rest left the city and came to the front of the canopy.

Looking at the endless black aura that was surging, he was unable to see anything in it.

However, there were countless terrifying and malevolent figures within the black tide that were constantly distorting and changing, as though they were about to devour someone.

Li Xiang furrowed his brows and said, “The black tide is filled with endless vengeful souls, and there is also an endless amount of evil and sinister energy.

Common methods are impossible to kill it.”

He did not rashly enter the black tide.

Although he was very confident in himself, the terror of the black tide had long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

He was not confident that he would be an exception.

Fortunately, it seemed like the Starlight Canopy was indeed very powerful.

It directly blocked the erosion of the black tide.

“Hows the energy consumption Can it be maintained”

Alice said, “We have accumulated the Star Power for a very long time.

Now we still have a large number of crystals to provide energy replenishment.

We can at least resist the black tide for half a month.

Moreover, the black tide is fluid, so it wouldnt keep attacking our border!”

Li Xiang nodded, but he still did not dare to let down his guard.

He said, “Our border is too long.

Perhaps after it leaves here, it will come from other directions, or even more than one place.”

“We will always pay attention to energy consumption! At the same time, we will speed up the mining of crystals.

I think we should be able to deal with it!”

“The black tide is our final period of peace.

Inform the army to start sweeping across all regions of the country, cleaning up the fierce beasts, and increasing their strength.”

Li Xiang saw that the Starlight Canopy had indeed blocked the black tide.

Under the three layers of protection, the Kingdom of Dawn was safe at least for the time being.

Therefore, he returned to the City of Dawn.

Originally, he had planned to enter the black tide to investigate the situation.

However, after seeing the black tide, he realized that he had underestimated its terrifying power.

It was just because the Starlight Canopy had reached the Holy Light grade.

Otherwise, he would find it difficult to resist the invasion of black tide.

After returning to the City of Dawn, Li Xiang called Yang Mi and the others over and said, “The population of the Kingdom of Dawn has skyrocketed.

There are a large number of young people.

After receiving the Dawn Identity Cards, they have all started to cultivate and embark on the road of transcendence.

They can join the army in the future, or form an exploration team to explore the wilderness and increase their strength.”

Now, these people had all gathered in the cities.

The population increased exponentially and they came from different worlds as well as having different cultures and languages.

There might not be any problems in the short term.

However, as time passed, there might be all kinds of conflicts.

At that time, all kinds of problems would erupt, so Li Xiang thought that they had to be prepared.

“What do you think”

“I plan to let these idle people start exploring.

Although Ive given orders before, Im afraid there will be many conflicts if they go their own ways.

Therefore, we need to organize them to prevent conflicts and wrangling to increase efficiency.”

They discussed for a long time in the hall.

Not long after, everyone received a notice through the Star Web that was connected to the Dawn Identity Card.

[Land Reclamation Order] [Conscription Order]

In order to allow illiterate people to know the details of this notice, Star Web specially introduced the voice message function.

After the words were shown, there was also a voice ringing in their ears so that everyone could know the contents of the notice.

These voices were spoken in the language used when one registered.

However, Li Xiang had already thought about that.

After a period of time, the entire Kingdom of Dawn would use Chinese characters and language by default.

Other languages could only be used as supplementary.

All the citizens of the Kingdom of Dawn who received this announcement were shocked into an uproar by this announcement.

They became excited.

“Land reclamation.

The country lord is going to start large-scale grain planting and resuming production.

Thats great! I was a good farmer back then, and the land outside is extremely fertile.

Planting on any piece of land can produce a bumper harvest.”

“Cough cough! Planting grain is good! I have been fed up with the fierce beast meat these few days, and the supply was also decreasing.

Moreover, my body is getting heaty after eating so much meat.

Planting grain is necessary.

Farming and clearing land are two different things.

Im not good at farming but Im good at clearing land!”

“Now that Ive stepped into the path of transcendence.

My level has already reached level 18, and my strength is three to four times greater than before.

Whether its farming or clearing land, I support the country lord unconditionally! Long live the lord!”

No matter which world it was, the farmers were the most numerous and suffered the most among humans.

However, this couldnt stop their love for the land.

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