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Li Xiang asked Zhao Yun to wait at the side while he continued to recruit.

With Zhao Yun, the army under Li Xiang would have a real warrior.

However, to command the army, he needed an invincible general.

The second human hero that Li Xiang recruited was Li Jing.

The invincible God of War of the Tang dynasty.

[Human hero — Li Jing]

Quality: Mythical

Level: 1

Defense: 50,000

Vitality: 55,000

Speed: 60,000

Attack: 60,000

Passive skill 1: Commanding

Passive skill 2: Conquering

Passive skill 3: Country destruction

Passive skill 4: Devil suppression

There were only four skills, and they were all passive skills.

However, if one looked carefully at the attributes of the four skills, one would understand how powerful these skills were.

[Commanding]: All the soldiers under Li Jings command will have their combat strength, defense, morale, and recovery increased by three times.

[Conquering]: If the battle is a conquering battle, the combat strength of the soldiers under his command will be doubled again.

[Country destruction]: If the battle is a conquering battle, the combat strength of the soldiers under his command will be doubled again.

[Devil suppression]: If the battle is a conquering battle, the soldiers under his command will be immune to all negative damage, and the damage to the evils will be doubled.

It might seem like a five-fold increase, but it was actually an accumulation of the first skill.

The real status buff was twelve times, which was extremely terrifying.

If the enemy was evil, then the damage would continue to double.

This was twenty-four times the damage, plus twelve times the defense, morale, and recovery ability.

It was also immune to all negative effects.

Even Li Xiang was stunned when he saw these three skills.

His heart shook violently.

“Good Lord, Li Jings attributes are simply too strong, ridiculously strong!”

Unfortunately, his summoning system was not omnipotent.

Although it could summon all kinds of heroes, these heroes were mainly focused on battle.

There were no internal politics-type heroes to choose from.

Otherwise, he would really be able to be a hands-off boss.

The two human heroes made Li Xiang excited, but he was not complacent.

He was strong, but the enemy was even stronger.

[Demon hero– Dark Sword Demon: Ya Ning]

Quality: Divine

Level: 1

Defense: 50,000

Attack: 80,000

Vitality: 50,000

Speed: 60,000

Skill 1: Death sword aura

Skill 2: Dark sword shadow

Skill 3: Purgatory chains

Skill 4: Shadow strike

Skill 5: Nirvana sword array

[Angel hero– Thunder angel: Yun Yan]

Quality: Divine

Level: 1

Defense: 80,000

Attack: 80,000

Vitality: 100,000

Speed: 80,000

Skill 1: Sword of thunder

Skill 2: Judgement of sky blade

Skill 3: Destructive lightning

Skill 4: Lightning storm

Skill 5: Wrath of the Thunder God

At this point, Li Xiang had recruited 20,000 Rapid Blade Demon armies, 10,000 Blazing Angels, Human heroes Zhao Yun and Li Jing, demon hero Shadow Blade Demons, angel hero Thunder Angels, four attacking heroes, and 30,000 high-tier armies from Starlight Shrine.

Although Li Xiang had accumulated a lot of EXP, he could no longer use it after reaching level 200.

The EXP could no longer be used to increase his strength.

If he could become a god by relying on EXP, then this world would be overrun with gods.

In reality, the number of gods in this world was far less than imagined.

From this, it could be seen that EXP was not completely useless after reaching level 200.

However, it couldnt be used to increase strength.

The increase after level 200 was the understanding and application of ones idea.

It was the comprehension of the laws.

It was not possible to rely on EXP.

However, the EXP was not completely useless.

Many skills required EXP to be leveled up, and the level increase of subordinates could also use EXP.

Nevertheless, there were tens of thousands of subordinates added right now.

He couldnt increase all of their levels to level 100.

Hence, he had only raised Zhao Yun, Li Jing, Ya Ning, and Yun Yans levels to level 150.

After all, they were all at the divine grade, and level 150 was the maximum level that Li Xiang could take on.

As for his 30,000 subordinates, he could only raise them to level 50.

Even so, the 30,000 subordinates had completely depleted the EXP that he had accumulated.

If it had been any other country lords, who knew how much time and effort it would take to raise the strength of these subordinates

With a thought, Li Xiang brought the four heroes into the hall.

Although the four new heroes had long received the information about this world, they were still filled with curiosity.

They were constantly sensing the rules and aura of this world.

“Swish swish swish…”

A few figures appeared in the main hall in an instant.

They were Ye Xi and the others.

Ye Xis gaze was the first to fall on the Thunder Angel, Yun Yan.

The angels body was rich in the power of thunder, and there were even faint traces of the Law of Thunder.

Clearly, she was also an expert who had reached the demigod realm.

As for Alice and the others, their gazes fell on another woman with an enchanting figure carrying a greatsword on her back.

This woman wore an extremely ugly mask, only revealing a pair of cold and deep eyes.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yun and Li Jings gazes fell on Zhao Sheng, who had followed Alice and the others here.

Zhao Sheng was currently the strongest among humans, and he had the highest status.

However, he immediately felt a sense of awe when he saw Zhao Yun and Li Jing.

Although he did not know them, he had a strange feeling of admiration in front of them.

Hence, he bowed first and said, “City Guard Captain of the City of Dawn, Zhao Sheng, greets the two generals!”

Zhao Yun and Li Jing came with their weapons and armor when they were summoned.

They even had warhorses.

Although there was no warhorse now, their imposing and murderous aura still intimidated Zhao Sheng.

Zhao Yun waved his hand and said, “We are all humans.

Dont stand on ceremony.

Please bring General Li and me to familiarize ourselves with military affairs!”

Li Jing nodded and said, “Thats true!”

With that, the three of them bid farewell to Li Xiang and left the main hall.

When they were in the Starlight Shrine, Li Xiang had already made arrangements for them.

The two of them were swift and decisive people.

They did not like stand on ceremony.

As soon as they came out from the shrine, they immediately entered their status and took over all the human armies.

Li Jing was in charge of leading the army while Zhao Yun was in charge of training.

This was an arrangement when there was no war.

If there was a war, one of them would be the commander while the other would be the general.

This was enough to deal with any enemy.

In the main hall, Ye Xi pulled Yun Yan and left.

In the Kingdom of Dawn, although Li Xiang had embarked on the path of becoming a god through the Star Law and the subordinates he recruited were constantly baptized and influenced by the power of the stars, they still had different circles due to their different origins.

Although angels like Yun Yan had different laws involved, she still lived together with angels.

On the other side, Alice and the others also left the hall with Ya Ning.

Li Xiang believed that Ye Xi, Alice, and the others would raise Yun Yan and Ya Nings strength quickly.

Although it was very difficult to raise their level to level 200 in a short period of time, there was still a chance since it was now the time of the black tide.

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