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Along with the arrival of a large number of people, the Kingdom of Dawn immediately turned busy.

Taking advantage of the fact that the teleportation array was still working, they began to move the people to the newly-built cities in large numbers.

At the same time, they had to register, check, and issue Dawn Identity Cards.

Li Xiang didnt expect that 300 million people could be obtained so easily.

This was 300 million people!

In fact, the number had already exceeded 300 million.

After all, the other two million flowers were also decreasing rapidly.

Even the human country lords wanted to exchange their population for flowers.

Some human country lords had small territories and were weak, so they couldnt feed too many people.

It was a good opportunity now.

Li Xiang treated these human country lords equally.

He required 100 people in exchange for a Skybright Flower.

Therefore, there were more than 10 million people in total.

At this moment, at the Cross-Border teleportation array, more than 10,000 people instantly appeared with a flash of light.

These people were all sallow and emaciated.

However, their faces were full of excitement now.

“Mom! Were in the Kingdom of Dawn.

Were saved! Youre not going to die.

Were not going to die! Boohoo…”

Excited voices kept coming from the crowd.

Some were shouting and some were crying.

There were all kinds of people.

Zhao Sheng, who was standing guard not far away, was not surprised to see this because he had seen many people with such reactions.

His current focus was not on this, but on the gate at the exit.

It was a gate that was flickering with a strange luster.

There was a layer of translucent strange barrier on the gate.

All the people who came here through the teleportation array had to pass through this gate before they were qualified to join the Kingdom of Dawn officially.

And this gate was a projection of Li Xiangs Void Divine Mirror.

Even though it was just a projection, its functions were still extremely powerful.

It had reached rank 3 of the divine realm, only one grade lower than the original body which was rank 4 of the realm.

The reason why it was placed here was to screen all the humans who entered the Kingdom of Dawn.

It was to prevent other races and hostile forces from entering in times of trouble.

Other than having the functions of duplication, teleportation, and sealing, the Void Divine Mirror also had the ability of avatar projection and detection.

It could easily detect any hostile intent, abnormal energy, or other objects that posed a threat.

Unless it was a Holy Light-grade existence or treasure, or else it would be impossible to avoid the detection of the mirror.

Zhao Sheng had already caught seven or eight situations that contained huge risks before this.

Therefore, at this moment, both sides of the Void Divine Mirror were a group of human warriors.

There were also two top-rank heroes, Alicia and Mia, as well as not less than 50 elite Guardian Angel Warriors.

Even if the intruders were at a divine rank, they would not be able to escape from such a defensive force.

In the crowd, a similarly sallow and skinny man looked at the silver-white door in the distance.

His eyes immediately flickered.

Beside him, two other men were similarly in a sorry state, but their eyes were clear and bright.

They had also discovered the situation not too far away.

“Oh no! The Kingdom of Dawn is prepared for this.

I wonder if we can hide from their detection!”

“Dont count your chickens before they hatch.

There must be a strong person guarding over there.

Once were exposed, we wont be able to escape.

The only way now is to think of a way to get out of here!”

“Split up.

Remember, dont make any big movements, and dont attract anyones attention.

I feel that this place is very dangerous!”

“I didnt expect the Kingdom of Dawn to be so cautious.

Theyre scanning so many people!”

After the three of them finished their conversation, they split up and moved to other places.

Unfortunately, their movements were still very eye-catching in the vast crowd.

They were discovered by Zhao Sheng.

He didnt move and just gave a signal to one of his subordinates.

The subordinate immediately noticed the abnormality and turned around to leave.

These fellows who dared to infiltrate the Kingdom of Dawn were all fugitives.

The moment they were exposed, they would immediately use the humans as hostages.

Hence, they could not be easily alerted.

The human warrior quickly came to a nearby room.

Alicia and Mia were there to keep watch.

They did not even know when Yafei had arrived.

Hearing the warriors report, the three peoples eyes lit up slightly.

Common spies would be easily caught when they passed through the Void Divine Mirror.

However, those who could discover the abnormality of the mirror were not simple enemies, they had to have the ability to suppress them.

Yafei was just feeling bored before she heard this report.

She immediately stood up and said, “Leave these three guys to me! I guarantee that there wont be any mistakes!”

Alicia snorted lightly and said, “On what basis If we catch one of these spies, we can exchange them for 100 Dawn points! I have my eyes on a piece of rare jewelry and its when I need points.

Youre not on duty today.

Why are you here”

When Yafei heard that, she immediately became a little anxious.

The reason why she was here was also for points!

She had also found a Dragon race secret treasure in the treasury.

The points needed were too high, which was why she, who was usually the laziest, came over to work overtime.

Now that Alicia did not allow her to participate and she doubted her presence.

In anxiety, Yafei said angrily, “Just because you almost poisoned me to death with a plate of dishes.

Is that enough”

Upon hearing this, Alicia instantly became angry.

This was the biggest misunderstanding and insult to her culinary skills.

She immediately wanted to reason it out.

Mia hurriedly stood up and said, “Alright, its not the time to quarrel now.

This is about the life and death of the kingdom.

The three of us can deal with one each.

Each of us will get 100 points.

Hurry up! If we delay things, Alicia, you probably have to have a taste of Alices cooking skills.”

Upon hearing that, Alicias face instantly darkened.

If the food that she made was poisonous, then the food that Alice made was super disgusting.

It looked very normal, but when eaten, it would make ones worldview collapse.

It almost had the law grades destructive power.

Even Alicias defense was broken.

From this, it could be seen that Alice who claimed herself to be a food artist was the greatest insult to the two words.

Therefore, Alicia did not say anything more and flew out of the room, standing in the void.

No matter what, there must not be any problems here, or else it would be hard to predict the consequences.

As for the scheming country lord, she really did not have any confidence in what the punishment would be if she made a mistake.

Yafei also trembled for a moment and cursed, “F*ck, no matter if its an angel or a demon, they are all enemies of delicious food! I will never eat the food they made again.


As she spoke, her speed didnt slow down at all as she caught up with Alicia.

Her gaze was like a radar, instantly locking onto the three figures who were moving strangely in the crowd.

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