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With a thought, Li Xiang circulated his cultivation technique and a suction force was naturally transmitted out from his hand.

It quickly drew out the pure vitality contained within the coin.

This vitality was very pure and did not need to be refined.

It could be directly absorbed by the body.

Furthermore, there was no waste in absorbing and converting the heaven and earth vitality.

The conversion rate was 100% and the speed was many times faster than when he gathered, refined, and absorbed the vitality by himself.

“Tsk tsk! The current coin was not much different from crystals.

The only difference was that the vitality contained was a little purer.

Ordinary people might be able to increase their cultivation speed by several times with the help of this coin.

It had extraordinary value but this is still not enough!”

“Not enough.

This kind of coin that is forged with crystals will be considered useless after the energy inside was absorbed!”

Li Xiang looked at the powder in his hand and shook his head helplessly.

Just the energy of the crystals would not be able to guarantee the final form of the coin.

Once the energy was exhausted, it would shatter.

Therefore, it could be said that coin-making was a failure this time.

“Common currency can be created by adding other materials into it.

There is no need to consider whether it will shatter or not.

However, the value of the common currency cannot be guaranteed in this transcendent world.”

“What can be added to the coin so that it can take form after losing its energy”

Li Xiang frowned and began to look through his interspatial ring.

He could not use too expensive materials.

After all, it was going to be mass-produced.

The materials which were too expensive could not support the purpose.

Secondly, these materials should be the most common but uncommon materials.

It was best to use materials that had been extracted with special technology, and it was best if others could not copy them.

Therefore, the materials in Li Xiangs interspatial ring basically did not meet the requirements.

He had to find them through other means.

After going for a walk, he found something suitable.

He found that the bones of the corpses of the demons and monsters contained a special substance.

These things could be extracted using special methods.

He happened to pass by and saw that someone was extracting the substance from the bones.

Only then did he know that many people on the market knew this technique.

By extracting the bone essence from the bones and fusing it into the soil, it could be baked to produce special bone porcelain.

Not only was it light, but it was also extremely tough.

Even if it fell on the ground, it would not break easily.

It was a relatively common and easy-to-obtain material.

Li Xiang felt that this bone essence was a good material.

However, the technology used on the market was too crude.

He informed Alice and had the master craftsmen of the Sky Workshop begin to improve and upgrade this technology.

Forging a new currency was not something that could be done overnight.

More considerations were needed, so he was not in a hurry at the moment.

He only needed to finish it before the black tide ended.

Therefore, he handed all his ideas and requirements to the master craftsmen of Sky Workshop.

He asked them to research and come up with some new ideas before he made the decision.

Since he had so many subordinates, he naturally had to know how to make use of them, rather than rushing to the front line and working hard.

Moreover, the black tide was about to arrive, so he did not have much time to spend on these things.

As time passed, the Kingdom of Dawn gradually entered the night.

However, Li Xiang did not make the Eternal Blazing Sun go out this time.

Instead, it continued to glow.

Yang Mi, Ye Xi, and the others had also gathered here, waiting for the black tide to descend.

Although they did not know the exact time of the arrival of the black tide, the World Channel was already filled with jittery cries.

It was obvious that the black tide would arrive on time.

The newcomers who had never seen the black tide before were filled with fear.

Even Li Xiang was feeling a little apprehensive at this moment.

Not long after, as time passed zero oclock, all the protective barriers outside the newcomers countries given by the system disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, in the darkness, bits, and pieces of dark matter were formed out of thin air and moved slowly.

These pieces contained an extremely evil aura.

Once they gathered together, they would erode and destroy the surrounding environment.

All plants instantly lost their vitality.

Even rocks seemed to have experienced hundreds of millions of years of wind and rain.

They were weathered and would completely shatter with a light touch.

If any life appeared in the black tide, it would immediately be drained of its vitality and turned into a dried corpse.

This terrifying scene gradually appeared in various places in the Myriad World Continent, gradually forming wind tides of different sizes that flowed everywhere.

As time passed, these small black tides gathered together, forming an even larger black tide.

Wherever it passed, not a single blade of grass grew.

On the World Channel, there was a wave of wailing.

“Im finished.

The black tide is attacking my castle.

I only have less than a hundred Skylight Flowers and I cant resist such a terrifying black tide.

Even if I survive, there wont be many of my subordinates and citizens left.”

“My place has also been invaded by the black tide.

Although the Skylight Flowers of the Alliance of Gods are useful, it is too expensive.

I can only guarantee that the vicinity of the castle will not be invaded.

I dont know how much I will lose.

The land that used to be filled with grain has already withered.


“Everyone, dont worry.

The cultivation of the Skylight Flowers of the Alliance of Gods cost a huge amount of money.

However, as long as everyone can survive and join the alliance, the alliance will guarantee your basic needs.”

“Hmph, the reaper is here.

Im sure that the conditions for joining the alliance are about the same as selling yourself.

It might be even worse than death! Did any common country lords who joined the alliance show up Probably not.

After all, seeing others living well did not conform to the nature of most intelligent life forms!”

Li Xiang looked at the discussions on the World Channel and saw countless country lords wailing in despair.

There was no pity in his expression.

However, his heart moved slightly.

He opened the trade interface and put up a million Skylight Flowers.

The price was any valuable items.

Buyers could exchange the items directly.

He did not ask for money.

At the same time, it was set to be limited to humans.

Only human country lords who did not join the alliance and did not join any foreign powers could buy them.

One million Skylight Flowers wasnt much for the entire Myriad World Continent, but it was a huge fortune to the human country lords.

It was also a lifesaver.


When someone discovered that one million Skylight Flowers were on the shelves, the World Channel instantly went into a frenzy.

“The Lord of Dawn is selling a million Skylight Flowers for free.

As long as a useful resource is submitted through the system, it can be exchanged based on its value.

My fellow humans, hurry up and snatch it! There wont be any left if youre late.

This is a matter of life and death!”

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