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He hadnt thought about this before, but now he felt that it was necessary to establish his currency system.

After destroying the six countries at the back of the kingdom, he obtained a lot of the currency of the Alliance of Gods.

However, he didnt think too much about it at that time.

Now, this point had caught his attention.

He immediately realized that he couldnt let others control his currency system.

If that happened, he would be at disadvantage.

Therefore, it was imperative to establish his currency system and create his currency.

Taking advantage of the last protection period of the black tide, Li Xiang felt that this matter had to start immediately.

However, he did not return immediately.

Instead, he and Yang Mi continued to stroll around the city.

After buying some things that interested them, they returned to the palace.

Yang Mi shared the things she bought with Zhou Yutong and the others.

On the other hand, Li Xiang began to think about how to cast coins.

At this moment, he was holding three types of currency that were different from gold coins and crystal coins.

One of the oval-shaped gold coins was the God Gold Coin issued by the Alliance of Gods.

On the obverse, there was an image of a god.

Whereas on the reverse, the word “One” was carved in the language used by the alliance.

There were also exquisite patterns on the side, making it look decent.

After all, this was a currency made of metal.

It was not much different from the gold coins issued by the system.

Its value was also guaranteed by the reputation of the Alliance of Gods but nothing else.

In promoting this currency, the Alliance of Gods relied on its influence and power in the Myriad World Continent but not an equivalent exchange.

As for the other two currencies, one of them was a silver round coin made by the Elf race.

It contained some vitality.

With this currency, when one was injured, one could absorb the vitality to recover.

It could be considered a relatively valuable currency.

However, the Elf race was not powerful in the Myriad World Continent, and its population size was limited.

The number of silver Elf coins that could be issued was naturally not many.

Although it was very valuable, it did not have much circulation due to its quantity and value.

The last one was a currency made by another mysterious force, Eternal Shrine.

The currency was purple and was also a round coin.

The material used was purple gold.

At the same time, it contained something called eternal vitality.

After absorbing it, it was said that it could increase the users lifespan.

However, Li Xiang maintained a cautious and untrusting attitude toward this.

Prolonging ones life was a serious matter, to begin with.

Li Xiangs first impression of prolonging ones life through the use of currency was that this was an evil organization.

Since ancient times, countless people had paid a heavy price for their immortality.

If they were caught in it, their lives would be controlled by others in the future.

It was too dangerous.

In comparison, the God Gold Coin issued by the Alliance of Gods was the most feasible, reliable, and universal among the three currencies.

With the strength of the Alliance of Gods, most places in the Myriad World Continent were using God Gold Coins and system gold coins.

Crystal coins could only be traded under the table.

Li Xiang thought to himself that if the Kingdom of Dawn wanted to create a currency, they couldnt just use a low-grade method like the gold coins because they wouldnt be able to compete with the Alliance of Gods with that.

The Elf Silver Coins and the Eternal Gold Coins obviously wanted to challenge the God Gold Coins or maintain their independent currency system.

However, they didnt succeed.

They could only barely defend their territory.

“If I want others to accept my currency, trust is the first and most important thing.

However, Im not in a hurry.

After the new currency is created, it can be promoted within the Kingdom of Dawn.

Then, I can use the advantage of the goods to obtain the status of the new currency.”

“The Alliance of Gods is relying on the Skylight Flower to make a name for themselves.

I must break their monopoly in this aspect.

Only with the competition will there be progress!”

A cold smile appeared on Li Xiangs face.

Although he was talking about competition, he actually understood what was going on.

He suddenly thought of something and called Alice over.

“Alice, how many crystal mines have been discovered in the country”

Alice was definitely a very qualified secretary.

As soon as Li Xiang asked, she immediately had an answer.

“Your Majesty, there are a total of 176 crystal mines discovered in the country.

Among them, there are 14 super-large crystal mines with reserves of more than 300 billion cubic crystals.

Next is the large-scale crystal mines.

There are 28 of them and the reserves are all more than 50 million cubic crystals.

Besides, there are 40 medium-sized crystal mines.

The reserves are between 5 million to 10 million cubic crystals.

The remaining are all small-scale crystal mines.

Other than that, we have more than 1,600 places that are suspected to have crystal ore mines, but we havent explored them yet.

This doesnt include the resources in the recently expanded territories.

We need some time to explore them!”

Li Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

It seemed that he was quite rich since he had more than 100 crystal ore mines.

This was the most precious resource in the Myriad World Continent.

Why were crystal coins so popular

Why did the Alliance of Gods ban the trading of crystal coins

The fundamental reason was that crystal ores were a kind of consumable, and the most important consumable.

It was unknown why the Alliance of Gods needed so many crystal coins, but they definitely had a true god behind them.

Since the gods needed these energy resources, they must be the most precious things.

Therefore, he could not let the Alliance of Gods succeed.

Li Xiang planned to use crystal stones as the foundation to create a currency that completely belonged to the Kingdom of Dawn.

However, this currency had to have a huge difference from the common crystal coins.

It had to have a significant value and effect so that it could stand out among the many currencies.

The three currencies that he had obtained were considered to be relatively popular on the market.

But in reality, many people were as knowledgeable as Li Xiang.

They all wanted to establish their independent currency system, but these currencies could not leave their borders for various reasons.

If they were not recognized by all the races in the Myriad World Continent, then it could only be considered a failure.

At the same time, this new currency also had to have a huge difference from crystal stones.

If it could not have an effect that far surpassed crystal stones and could not be replaced, then it was no difference to trade directly using crystal stones.

Just like the Alliance of Gods, although they banned crystal coins and crystal stones from trading, who knew how many countries were secretly trading them As long as there was a demand, there would be a supply.

It was impossible to completely monopolize by force and oppression.

Li Xiang thought over and over again and tried to build his currency prototype.

This kind of currency had to have a sufficiently expensive value, and this value had to possess universal applicability, followed by recyclability, and most importantly, non-replicability.

Li Xiang suddenly thought of another problem.

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