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Chapter 345: Another Territory Expansion

As the land was vast and sparsely populated, it was almost undeveloped.

It was a primitive landscape.

Obviously, it contained a lot of treasures and resources.

In that case, there was no need to convert it into a new land.

It might create a desert or a swamp, making it even more difficult to manage.

Instead, there would be many monster nests.

Unfortunately, although the land could be transferred, the buildings and all the man-made traces would be erased, leaving only its natural state.

“Forget it! Thats it!”

Li Xiang chose to merge Carters territory into the Kingdom of Dawn.

However, in terms of location, he chose the north.

More than 300 kilometers to the north, that was the uncharted realm that produced the Skylight Flowers and the Divine Pure Grass.

Now that Carters territory was placed here, he did not need to clean up the wilderness.

He could directly connect it to the Secret Realms Valley.

In the future, it would also become a bridgehead and a forward base into the wilderness.

Following Li Xiangs decision, the border in the north instantly fluctuated.

Then, it quickly spread into the distance.

There was a city nearby calledBei Ning City.

The Castellan was once a Country Lord.

Later, he came under Li Xiang and became the Castellan of a region.

Although his power seemed greatly limited compared to his previous position as a Country Lord, he lived a rich life in peace every day.

It was very comfortable.

Even though that was the border of the Kingdom of Dawn, he wasnt too worried.

Today was the day that he and his friends gathered.

They chatted happily in the back garden of the Castellans mansion, thinking about the beauty of the Earth era, lamenting that it wasnt easy to survive before, and praising the stability and peace of life now.

More than ten of them were drinking happily.

Unexpectedly, the earth suddenly shook, shocking everyone present.

“Whats going on What happened Could it be an earthquake”

Everyone here wasnt an ordinary person.

They had embarked on the path of transcendence, so they didnt panic much.

But their expressions became serious.

Although the Kingdom of Dawns management was lax, its supervision was ridiculously strong.

Especially after theDawn Card, which represented ones identity, was issued, the supervision became even stronger.

If a Castellan could not play a positive role in such a natural disaster, it would not only be a dereliction of duty.

If it was severe, it would be fatal.

Fortunately, someone seemed to have thought of something and flew up.

After flying into the air and looking down, his eyes revealed a look of shock.

Not everyone could fly.

They asked one after another, “What exactly happened Jing Yun, hurry up and tell me.

Do you want me to die of anxiety”

“Thats right.

When I become a Gold Transcendent, I want to learn the Art of Flying!”

The young man, who was called Jing Yun, flew down and said with a smile, “Dont worry, everyone.

This commotion is caused by the expansion of the territory.

It seems that the Country Lord has swallowed and merged with another country.

From the looks of it, this territory is not small!”

Huang Ming, a Castellan, frowned.

He suddenly thought of something and said, “Now that you mentioned it, I really remember something!”

“Oh What is it”

“I heard that the Country Lord had a discussion not long ago in the Great Hall.

In Frost Purgatory, a beautiful female Country Lord named Carter asked the Country Lord for help as she couldnt hold on any longer now that the dark tide is coming.

She volunteered to join the Alliance established by the Country Lord to save the 20 million people in her country.

Therefore, the Country Lord suggested and discussed the method of fusion.

Now that I think about it, the fusion should be complete!”

“So thats the case! Then, for the Country Lord to initiate the fusion discussion, I guess the beautiful female Country Lords looks should be at least Yang Mi level!”

“Hehe! Do you even need to say that”

“If this territory starts to expand outwards from here, then when the black tide arrives, you wont have to face the impact of the black tide directly!”

Huang Ming said indifferently, “If this territory is big enough, Im afraid it will be very difficult to plant enough Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass in a short time.

Perhaps there will be danger.

However, I have confidence in the Country Lord, so Im not too worried!”

As Li Xiang completely merged all the territories he had swallowed into the northern part of the countrys border, the Secret Realms Valley, which had always been in the enclave status, finally connected with the Kingdom of Dawn.

Li Xiang took out 30 Lords Cornerstones and led his men into the new territory.

One by one, he placed the Lords Cornerstone at the critical nodes and built cities one after another.

Then, the Lords who had joined Li Xiang earlier, made enough contributions and accumulated enough points, exchanged their points for the chance to become a Castellan.

If they could do well, they could continue to do so.

If they couldnt, then sorry, that wasnt your private territory.

It was only a chance for you to become the upper class.

But if you didnt do well, the better ones would go up, and the worse ones would go down.

There was no mercy to be shown.

After all, a Castellan was related to the livelihood and welfare of the people of a city.

There couldnt be any problems.

Fortunately, the Dawn Card had been released, and the Star Web had been completed.

Everyone could communicate through the Star Web and even do business on the Internet.

For the people of modern earth, it was just an ordinary thing.

Only those humans from other worlds were full of surprise and shock at the existence of the Star Web.

At the same time, they had firmer confidence in their country.

Inexplicably, the power of faith that Li Xiang had obtained reached an explosive growth at the same time as the Dawn Card was distributed.

In just one day, Li Xiang received the feedback of 10,000 points of Divine Power.

Although that status could not be sustained for long, it still surprised him.

From that, it could be seen that the Star Web and the Dawn Card were very popular among the people.

For that, Li Xiang even specially entered the Star Web space and praised the Star Spirit.

The following early morning, Li Xiang arrived at the meeting hall, and everyone gathered again.

Tomorrow was the time when the system barrier would be removed.

There was still no exact time when the black tide would arrive.

“We dont know when the black tide will arrive, but those foreign races that have lived here for who knows how many years may have accurate news, but they definitely wont leak it out.”

“But no matter the situation, we must prepare for the worst and do our best! If the black tide doesnt start immediately, our enemies will most likely take advantage of this interval to attack us.

Therefore, we cant relax and have to be prepared!”

“If the black tide arrives soon, then the foreign races might not be so eager to deal with us! After all, as far as I know, under the black tide, Cross-Border teleportation is impossible! Even the common teleportation arrays in the cities are unable to operate.

This is also the trouble caused by the black tides influence on space! Many cities have been destroyed because they are unable to be rescued.”

“Therefore, we must plant enough Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass in every city!”

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