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Chapter 343: Carter Wells Territory

After all, their understanding of Li Xiangs strength was not as good as Ye Xi and the other heroes whose lives were tied to Li Xiangs.

Ye Xi seemed to have noticed Yang Mis doubt, but she did not say anything more.

After all, Li Xiang was still sitting on the throne.

Whether it was a voice transmission or other small movements, they would not be able to hide it, so she might as well not say anything more.

Li Xiang was delighted to see that everyone did not object this time.

He nodded and said, “Theres no time to lose.

The black tide is coming.

Its good to be able to accumulate more resources for the Human race! Ye Xi and the others will follow me.

Everyone else will attend to their own duties and be prepared to receive the population.

Dont slight them!”


Not long after, Li Xiang brought Ye Xi and the other heroes, along with an army of ten thousand behind them.

There were 3,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry, 3,000 Flame Demon Warriors, 3,000 Human warriors, and 1,000 Demon Mages in that army of 10,000.

Li Xiang believed that if he were to activate all of his halo skills and equipment buffs, that army would definitely be able to shock any enemies with ulterior motives.

However, at that moment, Li Xiang actually wanted to test the Tower of Stars power.

But in the end, he decided to endure for a while and use it as his final trump card.

Everyone came to the Cross-Border teleportation array.

After Li Xiang communicated with Carter, he set the coordinates and directly teleported over!

Each Cross-Border teleportation array was like a small square, enough to teleport everyone over.

After a few breaths, Li Xiang and the others appeared in an unfamiliar city.

Carter Wells was dressed in an exquisite hunting suit, with a long sword at her waist and an exquisite battle bow on her back.

She looked valiant.

Because of Yang Mi and the others worries, Li Xiang had already prepared himself for possible changes.

Seeing that Carter was waiting here with a large group of people and nothing unexpected had happened, he was a little happy.

He felt that he had not misjudged the person.

“Carter, beautiful lady, long time no see!”

Carter lowered her head slightly respectfully and said, “Greetings to the Lord of Dawn.

Its only been half a month.

Actually, its not that long!”

“Ahem! I was just being polite and casual! Lets get down to business first!”

Carter nodded.

She was grateful that Li Xiang could rush over at the last moment before the black tide arrived.

However, she, who had always been tough and stubborn, could not say anything about her gratitude, so she could only express her stance through actions.

“Ive gathered the people near more than a dozen cities.

As long as I activate the teleportation array, I can immediately send them to the Kingdom of Dawn!”

Li Xiang nodded.

With a wave of his hand, his Dragon-blooded Warhorse appeared before him.

He flew up and rode on it.

“Then what are we waiting for Lets send the people away first.

The rest is much simpler! Lead the way!”

Carter saw that Li Xiang was swift and decisive.

He did not lose his composure because of her beauty, so her mood instantly improved.

He was a strong-willed and visionary powerhouse.

She was happy to be able to follow such an expert in the future.

As for Li Xiangs [Harem] Alliance, if not that she had no other choice, she did not have any thoughts of joining.

Even now, she felt that joining it was only a temporary measure.

After the people had all moved and reached a safe place, she would take the initiative to leave the alliance.

That was because she no longer had any territory, so it was natural for her to leave the alliance.

With that thought in mind, she began to act calmly.

Other than maintaining her respect for the powerhouse, she did not have any restraint.

At the first gathering point, Li Xiang saw about a million humans.

There were all kinds of humans.

Although their status was not good, they were still alive.

Seeing their arrival, those peoples eyes were filled with intense anticipation.

To gather those people faster, Carter had to exaggerate the propaganda of the Kingdom of Dawn.

At the same time, there was also the threat of the black tide, so the speed of the population gathering was unprecedentedly fast.

When those people saw Carter accompanying a handsome man, followed by an extremely domineering army, they all expressed looks of anticipation and yearning.

They hoped to be able to live in a new country or even live better.

That was their most basic and humble wish.

After experiencing the baptism of the hostile environment of the Myriad World Continent, the mentality of countless people here had undergone an enormous change.

They no longer had any more extravagant hopes but were more pragmatic.

Li Xiang felt those peoples status should be alright, so he arranged for the people to go over.

He activated the Cross-Border teleportation array and immediately started the teleportation.

As rays of light flashed, wave after wave of human civilians was sent away.

Carters face showed a relaxed expression.

If those civilians died because of her, it would put a huge psychological burden on her.

Only Carter, her hero, and an army formed by some die-hard loyalists remained when all the civilians left.

Li Xiang looked at Carter and asked, “Youre not leaving”

Carter glanced at Li Xiang and asked, “If I dont leave, will you be angry and take me away by force”

Li Xiang was stunned.

He smiled and said, “If you can defend this land, you can stay.

If you dont have the ability and only want to die together, then dont struggle.

Did you think I took a fancy to your beauty and used that as bait, thinking I would capture you because of that”

Carters eyes flashed with surprise.

When they were in the Frost Purgatory, she felt that Li Xiang kept her alive because she was a beauty.

So, after she came back, she also wanted to use her beauty as bait to save her people.

Regarding that, she had long been prepared to sacrifice herself.

But now, the man opposite her told her that her beauty was not worth mentioning at all, which made her find it hard to believe.

“If you think so, then youre overthinking! The reason why I agreed is first, for the sake of the 20 million people.

Perhaps you feel that your looks are amazing and that you can make countless people covet you and be willing to pay the price.

But in my eyes, compared to the 20 million people, youre not worth mentioning at all.”

“The second reason is the 3 million square kilometers of land here.

It will be a pity if you just give up and let them turn into a dead land.

Thats why I agreed to your request.

Perhaps I agreed too quickly and made you misunderstand, thinking I was coveting your beauty! If thats the case, then Im sorry.”

“However, to obtain this territory, there are only two ways now.

Either you join the alliance and become a member of the alliance.

Still, this land will actually become an enclave that is very difficult to deal with.

Using an ancient Chinese saying to describe, it is hardly worth eating, but it would still be a pity to discard it.”

“However, if you refuse to join, it will be even simpler.

As long as you dont stop me, then I will shatter your Lords Cornerstone and naturally be able to devour this territory.

But then, you will be homeless! Now, what will be your choice”

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