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Chapter 331: Tower of Stars

Hou Chun saw Li Xiangs reaction and knew what he had seen.

He smiled and said, “Brother Li, you must have seen the first treasure, right”


Just this blueprint alone is already Rank 9 of the divine realm.

Wouldnt it reach the Holy Light grade directly if it were forged How precious is the material used Ordinary craftsmen cant forge it, right”

Hou Chun shook his head and said, “Brother Li, you dont know.

This treasure is indeed of a high level, but its actually of little value.

I also dont know how many hands it had fallen into before it reached me, yet it still hasnt been sold.

Theres a reason for this!”

It wasnt just Li Xiang.

Yang Mi, Ye Xi, and the others who followed behind also revealed curious expressions.

Hou Chun did not say much.

He turned around and walked to the front of the booth.

He picked up a golden box and handed it to Li Xiang, saying, “Brother Li, youll know once you take a look!”

Li Xiang did not overthink.

He opened the box, and within it was a blueprint made of an unknown material.

It flickered with a beautiful glow, and it looked very mystical.

He held the blueprint in his hand, and the information of the blueprint instantly appeared before his eyes.

[Forging Blueprint of Tower of Stars]

Grade: Rank 9 of the divine realm

Type: Consumable

Description: One can immediately forge the treasure successfully by putting in the corresponding materials and using the blueprint.

Materials: Star Core, Star Sand, Star Divine Iron, Sun Refined Gold, Lunar Refined Soul, 10,000 points of Divine Power.

Looking at the list of materials required for the blueprint, Li Xiangs expression slightly changed.

Each of those materials was extremely rare and precious.

They could only be found by chance and not sought after.

Even more ridiculous was that forging that equipment required Divine Power.

Moreover, it was not just 1 or 2 points, but 10,000 points of Divine Power…

To a common Country Lord, not to mention 10,000 points, that blueprint was practically useless in his hands if he could not even obtain a single point of Divine Power.

However, even so, the single blueprint alone was a treasure of Rank 9 of the divine realm.

It should not be to the extent that no one would want it.

Even if it were for collection, he would still keep it.

Hence, he looked at the specific attributes of that equipment.

[Tower of Stars]

Quality: Unknown

Rank: 1

Attributes: None

Characteristic 1: When the treasure is forged, it immediately becomes a natal treasure and cannot be replaced.

Characteristic 2: When a treasure is put in, it can evolve into a Star Treasure and open a layer of grotto-heaven.

It will grow together with the Tower of Stars and can break through its original quality.

If the quality of the treasure is lacking, it will completely shatter and turn into nothingness.

Characteristic 3: It can absorb and provide Star Power at any time.

If the Star Power is insufficient, it will devour the hosts life force until the treasure grows to the end or the host dies.

After reading the introduction to that treasure, Li Xiang fell into silence.

The first two characteristics of the treasure were excellent, but the third characteristic was too deceptive.

It could absorb and provide Star Power at any time.

If Star Power were insufficient, it would devour life force until the host died.

To the other Country Lords, that treasure was not a treasure but a life-threatening one!

However, the first two characteristics of the treasure were very attractive.

It was fine that it would immediately become a natal treasure after being forged, but a treasure could evolve into a Star Treasure when it was placed in it.

And its quality would increase and could even grow together with the Tower of Stars.

That was heaven-defying.

Li Xiang couldnt help but think.

If he put all the treasures on him into it, would they all increase by a grade

However, when he thought about the third characteristic, it was enough to make people stop moving forward.

If he kept that thing in his hands, he would probably be thinking about it all the time.

If he impulsively used it, it would be equivalent to slowly committing suicide.

But since it was him, the one with the Starlight Shrine, Star Power was something he wont lack.

That item was almost completely prepared for him.

“Ill take it!”

Hou Chun nodded.

He was not surprised at all.

The Lord of Dawn had always been a bold person.

He even dared to face the Alliance of Gods head-on, so he was definitely not a simple person.

Then, he kept the blueprint and looked at the other items.

Spirit Gold Soft Armor, Divine Silkworm Gloves, Green Battle Sword, pearl, seed…

A detailed introduction was marked at the back of each item.

[Spirit Gold Soft Armor]

Quality: Rank 3 of the divine realm

Rank: 100

Defense: 100,000

The only pity was that it was not a piece of military equipment.

Otherwise, every warrior under his command would have an additional 100,000 Defense.

Tsk tsk, Li Xiang could not help but feel sad for the enemy.

[Divine Silkworm Gloves]

Quality: Rank 4 of the divine realm

Rank: 100

Description: A support type equipment.

It can be fused into the skin and resist weapons attacks below Rank 3 of the divine realm.

That equipment was also used by individuals.

However, it was a little too simple compared to his [Frost Hands].

However, no matter what, that was still a piece of divine grade equipment.

Even if he did not use it, he could give it to others.

The Green Battle Sword was not the forged weapon that Li Xiang had imagined it to be.

It was a heaven-and-earth-borne rare treasure embryo that had not yet been fully formed.

However, just by getting close, one could feel the endless sharpness contained within it.

“If I can successfully forge the Tower of Stars, I can throw this treasure into it.

Perhaps that will allow the embryo of this battle sword to evolve and come into being quick.

With the blessing of the Star Power, perhaps I will be able to obtain an incredible treasure.”

Li Xiang was still using the Commanders Sword.

Although the characteristics and skills that came with it were not bad, they could no longer keep up with his needs.

Therefore, during this period, he would use the battle spear every time he made a move.

He was filled with anticipation now that a battle sword had appeared and a rare treasure on top of that.

As for that pearl, it was an Innate Spirit Pearl that was even more precious than a rare treasure.

It had many uses.

It could be used to change an areas spiritual energy, make the land abundant, or as a material to upgrade other treasures, such as the Five Elements Boundary Pearl.

However, it would be a waste if it was used up.

After the Five Elements Boundary Pearl was integrated into the City of Dawn, it was enough.

Perhaps it could be placed in the space where the World Tree was located, making that space better.

Not only could it promote the growth of the World Tree faster, but it could also nourish the growth of other plants in the World Trees space.

And if there were enough time, just an Innate Spirit Pearl would be able to create a new spiritual vein underground in the World Trees space, agglomerating more crystals.

Finally, there was the seed.

A divine grade seed.

The last seed that could not even be appraised was the World Tree.

Although the seed in his hand had already been appraised, its value could not be ignored.

[Seven-colored Gourd Vine Seed]

Quality: Divine

Description: Find a suitable plot of land and plant it.

After planting, it can produce seven gourds with different mystical properties.

The introduction of the seed was very simple.

As for what it looked like after planting, that would depend on the specific planting environment.

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