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Chapter 329: Power of The Three Divine Arrows

Hearing Li Xiangs question, Qin Wu answered without thinking, “You are right, Country Lord.

The Black Demonic Bees feed on the pollen of flowers, plants, and trees in the dark, so the honey brewed must contain a huge amount of poison.

But even so, its value is still higher than the best honey found today! That is because this kind of honey can be purified and eaten after purification.”

“So thats how it is How do we purify it Is it troublesome Whats the cost”

“That mainly depends on the tools and materials.

Top-rank tools and materials can greatly reduce the cost.”

“Can we find the hive”

“Yes, but…”

“Dont worry.

After tonight, Ill send a team to you!”

“Okay! It shouldnt be difficult!”

At that time, a series of loud footsteps came from afar, and the entire hill shook.

Then, they saw a huge figure approaching.

There was only a massive shadow in the darkness, and its shape could not be seen clearly.

As the tremors became more and more intense, everyone could finally see the actual appearance of that colossal monster.

Three to four kilometers away, a black giant with tentacles on its back, a height of more than a hundred feet, three eyes and six arms, and wearing a layer of black armor shimmering with a metallic luster, was sprinting towards them at a speed of more than a hundred feet per step.

It was approaching at a rapid speed.

[Six-armed Spirt-devouring Troll]

Quality: Divine

Rank: 210

HP: 1,050,000

Defense: 300,000

Attack: 150,000

Skill 1: Soul Absorption

Skill 2: Soul Shriek

Skill 3: Intimidating Roar

Skill 4: Necromancer Demonic Domain

When Li Xiang saw the monsters attributes, his expression froze.

“Good heavens, 1,000,000 HP, divine grade, four skills! Ye Xi, if you were to face it alone, would you be able to defeat it”

Ye Xis expression was solemn as she said, “I dont know, as Ive never fought it before, but my chances of winning should be higher!”

Li Xiang nodded.

However, he did not intend to let Ye XI take action.

His eyes flickered with excitement when he raised the [Gods Annihilating Bow] in his hand.

Raising the Divine Bow, three arrows filled with three-colored Divine Power agglomerated on the Divine Bow.

Silver, black, and white arrows instantly shot out.

Under the support of the halo skills, they almost instantly landed on the [Six-armed Spirt-devouring Troll]s body.


A huge ray of light lit up in the dark world.

At the same time, the collision of the Divine Power representing the three Laws resulted in an even stronger reaction, causing a second explosion.

The blazing light was so intense that one could feel the pain even with their eyes closed.

Then, a mushroom cloud rose from a distance, and a berserk shockwave spread out.

The earth trembled.

The other monsters and evil spirits were annihilated wherever the shockwave passed.

Even if they were three to four kilometers away, everything would be blown away and unable to stand properly.

Along with it were soil, shattered corpses, bones, and minced meat.

They were even able to pierce through the armor they landed on.

Li Xiang immediately activated all of his defense effects after seeing that the situation was not looking good.

At the same time, with the help of Ye Xi and the other heroes, he barely managed to stabilize the formation.

By the time the shockwave dissipated, the area within a ten or more kilometers radius was already in a mess.

As for the [Six-armed Spirt-devouring Troll], there was no sign of it at all.

There was also no way to find the items that were dropped.

Only the system notified that he had obtained a large amount of EXP and Soul Points after killing a divine grade boss.

There were no other rewards at all.

Li Xiang sighed softly and said, “What a loss!”

He really did not expect that, on a whim, he would agglomerate three types of Divine Power into three arrows and shoot them out.

After he had used the Power of the Frost Law, he had some strange ideas about how to use the Power of the Law.

At the same time, he had some new understanding of the divine star power and the divine death power.

That was why he had launched that attack.

However, he did not expect that the power of that attack would be so great that it almost sent him and his troops away.

That was only his entry-level crude use.

Then, if he was a true God who had mastered the entire Law, what would the power of a casual attack be

That attack had given him a new understanding of the power of a God.

Previously, he did not put demigods and true Gods in his eyes.

Now, it seemed that he was indeed a little hasty and arrogant.

That attack had almost wiped out all the evil monsters in the surroundings.

There would not be any monsters appearing for a short period.

Li Xiang waved his hand and said, “Send someone to take a look over there and clean up the battlefield at the same time! Eye Demon, send your clones to a further place to check if any evil creatures are approaching!”

The army immediately spread out and began to explore the surroundings.

Half an hour later, Alice was the first to return.

“Country Lord, there is almost no threat in the surroundings, but…almost all the spoils of war were destroyed!”

Although Li Xiang had long expected that, he could not help but feel a little disappointed.

“It seems that the next time we need to use it, we must be more cautious! Forget it.

Lets go over and plant the Skylight Flower and Divine Pure Grass in the place where the monster died.”

After the army made a thunderous reorganization, they rushed towards the center of the explosion three to four kilometers away.

When they arrived at the center of the explosion, there was already a huge circular deep pit.

The bottom of the pit was at least seventeen to eighteen meters from the ground, and the radius was more than three hundred meters.

At that time, the bottom of the pit was still emitting a cold and dark aura.

Li Xiang leaped into the middle of the big pit and called out to everyone, “Start planting the Skylight Flower and Divine Pure Grass from here.

Plant the entire pit full! Mages, set up a Concealment and Protection array on the outer perimeter.

Everyone else, be on guard!”

The more people there were, the more power there was.

The huge pit was already filled with Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass in just a short while.

On the outside, the Demon Mages had already set up the array.

With a clearer understanding of his strength, Li Xiang finally let loose and led his army to sweep along the countrys border.

Previously, as a precaution, he had planned to connect the Secret Plane Valley to the countrys border.

Then, he would use that as a base to expand.

However, tonights action made him realize that although the wilderness was terrifying, it was still within the Kingdom of Dawns tolerance range.

Seven days later, Li Xiang rode on his warhorse and watched the army easily annihilate all the evil creatures in the distance.

His eyes were calm and unperturbed.

He would not have known if he had not cleared them out.

He discovered countless evil creatures by just clearing a circle along the countrys border.

Some of them even numbered more than 100,000.

They were in groups and were extremely terrifying.

But at the same time, his gains were also huge.

Not to mention the massive amount of spoils of war, just the EXP and Soul Points alone were even better than the Frost Purgatory.

Moreover, among the spoils of war, there were indeed many unexpected surprises.

But at that moment, Yang Mis communication suddenly came, telling him that Hou Chun from the Myriad Worlds Traveling Merchants had arrived.

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