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Chapter 328: Frost Law Upgrade

The Black Flame Tiger was a tiger-shaped monster covered in black flames.

However, the scariest part was that each of them was accompanied by more than ten humanoid monsters of different shapes.

Li Xiang guessed that those humanoid monsters were very likely to be Ghouls.

However, Ghouls had also been redefined in that world overflowing with evil energy.

The Shadow Scorpions made up the largest number of monsters in the second wave.

All that could be heard was a dense, hair-raisingcha cha sound.

At a glance, only a wave of shadows surged from the darkness.

Li Xiang immediately activated his halo skills.

[Divine grade Reflect Damage Halo]

[Divine grade Explosive Halo]

[Divine grade Splatter Halo]

[Divine grade Healing Halo]

[High-rank EXP Halo]

The 10,000 Human warriors immediately took out their bows and arrows and took the lead in their attack.

With the small hill as the center, the rain of arrows rained down and blossomed in all directions.

“Boom boom boom…”

The explosive flames instantly turned the entire small hill into a sea of fire.

That fire was not an ordinary flame but an inferno fire.

Even the Faceless Demonic Spirit, which was immune to physical attack, was instantly incinerated into nothing by the inferno fire.

After the Shadow Scorpions entered that area, they were immediately blown into pieces.

No matter how they could hide their tracks or how strong their defense was, they would become extremely weak amid the explosions and flames.

Following that, stepping on the inferno fire and riding on their nightmare warhorses, the Dread Fiend Army turned into a terrifying torrent and charged out.

They circled the small hill and killed all the monsters that approached them.

After returning to the small hill, the Archers shot another rain of arrows.

Then, the Dread Fiend Cavalry attacked again, and the cycle repeated.

Within half an hour, they had killed more than a hundred thousand monsters that came one after another.

However, that did not make the monsters in the darkness fear and cower.

What followed closely was an even more terrifying evil creature.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

It was as if another black fog had invaded in the distant sky, accompanied by a terrifying buzz.

Eye Demons tone was still calm as it said, “This time, its the Black Demonic Bees.

16 of my Eye Demon clones have been killed and devoured.”

With the help of the Eye Demon clones, Li Xiang could already see that that was a monster that was even more terrifying than the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants.

The most important thing was that that monster could fly, and its amount was even greater than the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants.

It was almost impossible to estimate the exact number just by looking at the dense swarm of bees covering the entire sky.

However, based on a rough estimate, the number of those Black Demonic Bees was more than a million.

Even a divine grade powerhouse like Ye Xi had a solemn expression on her face.

From that, one could see how terrifying the threat of those monsters was.

Li Xiang took a deep breath.

Even he found it troublesome to face those monsters in the sky.

An idea flashed through his mind, and he suddenly thought of an equipment.

[Frost Hand]

Grade: Divine

Rank: 200

Type: Military equipment

Requirements: Frost resistance 100

Attributes: Attack 200, Defense 100, Frost resistance 100

Skill 1: Frost Touch.

It will be triggered when the user comes into contact with an enemy.

Frost spreads.

The effect depends on where the user attacks.

Skill 2: Frost Grip.

The user can control Frost Air to freeze the enemy, and the freezing range depends on the users strength.

The basic range is three meters.

Every time the user increases a large level, the range will increase by three meters.

Skill 3: Frost Rage.

Detonates all the frost.

The effect depends on how much the frost is frozen.

Looking at the approaching Black Demonic Bees, Li Xiang raised his hand and pointed at the sky.

Instantly, a stream of frost-white air turned into a finger and pierced into the sky.

All the Black Demonic Bees were instantly frozen wherever it passed, but it only affected a small part of it.

However, soon after, Li Xiang suddenly opened his palm.

As he moved, the extremely condensed frost-cold air suddenly spread out rapidly.

That was not the end.

Li Xiang did not tighten his palm as he did with his skills and agglomerate the Frost Power.

Instead, he casually waved his hand.

Instantly, a frost-white mark like a brush in the sky agglomerated into a long mark above the small hill, enveloping the entire small hill.

Then, he suddenly clenched his fist.

In an instant, the Frost Qi in the sky suddenly condensed into a line.

The extremely cold air agglomerated, causing the Black Demonic Bees, which were approaching with a buzzing sound, to be instantly frozen within a range of a thousand feet.

They fell from the sky like raindrops.

Following that, Li Xiang suddenly opened his palm again and pushed outwards.


There was a sound in the sky.

The entire night seemed to brighten for an instant, but in reality, it was the effect of the flickering and spreading of the Frost Power.

One could see even more clearly if one looked down from the sky.

With the small hill where Li Xiang was at as the center, the Frost Qi that suddenly spread out swept through the sky and instantly enveloped the Black Demonic Bees.

At that moment, everyone heard a series of fine crackling sounds as the Black Demonic Bees fell to the ground.

From a close distance, they could see that after those Black Demonic Bees fell to the ground, many of them directly shattered into several pieces.

Clearly, they had already been completely frozen to death in the air.

Li Xiang took a deep breath and slowly withdrew his hand.

The operation just now seemed simple to those who did not understand it.

But in reality, grasping power usage and understanding the laws within it was extremely exhausting.

However, Ye Xi also congratulated him with a smile, “Congratulations to the Country Lord for taking another step forward in the Frost Law!”

Hearing that, a hint of joy flashed across Li Xiangs eyes.

After completing the skills, the systems notification sounded in his ear just now.

He opened it and took a look.

[Ding! Congratulations to the Lord of Dawn for gaining some understanding of the Frost Law during the battle.

Law comprehension progress increased by 3%.

Current Frost Law mastery is 9%.]

Li Xiang was slightly delighted when he saw that notification.

Although it was only a 3% increase and seemed insignificant, he could already use the Frost Power as he wished.

Of course, that was also because he had relied on his skills to reach such a level.

Perhaps due to the threat of the Black Demonic Bees, that wave of attack ended with the destruction of the Black Demonic Bees.

At that moment, Li Xiang also felt the danger of the wilderness in the dark.

It was only because he had an army by his side and sufficient means and equipment that he could deal with it freely for the time being.

If it were any other Country Lords, they would basically be waiting for death when faced with such a situation.

At that moment, Qin Wu and the others had already charged out again.

Seeing their anxious and pained expressions, Li Xiang wanted to laugh.

He could understand Qin Wus thoughts.

After all, the inferno fire had burned countless monster corpses, and now another unknown number of monster corpses were frozen and shattered.

That was a huge loss to him.

“Although the Black Demonic Bees are also a type of bee, the honey they produce shouldnt be edible, right”

Li Xiang came behind Qin Wu and asked casually as he watched the group of Caravan Material Decomposers hard at work.

After all, Qin Wu was the leader of those people.

Naturally, he didnt have to decompose the materials himself, but he still followed their side and commanded.

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