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Chapter 327: The Power of The Frost Law

Just like that, they had opened up an area of about one square kilometer in a day.

Although it didnt seem much, over time, as long as they had enough manpower and sufficient Skylight Flower and Divine Pure Grass, there would be no limit to the Kingdom of Dawns expansion.

However, they still needed time to test out the feasibility of that method.

At night, the wilderness was even darker and colder, and all kinds of powerful demonic monsters began to wander out to search for food.

As Li Xiang was close enough to the Kingdom of Dawn, he did not return.

Instead, he set up camp outside, intending to meet those monsters.

That was mainly because the Kingdom of Dawns strength had significantly increased.

Setting up camp in the wilderness at night could also test their combat strength.

Just then, the army had already set up camp on a small hill dozens of miles away from the Kingdom of Dawns border, occupying the entire hill.

At the same time, a large number of evil creatures began to appear in the wilderness.

Some of those monsters were in groups, some did not have physical bodies, and they had strange movements.

Some were even huge and traveled alone.

Not long after, at the area where the army set up camp, a massive amount of vitality and HP attracted a large number of evil monsters.

Shadowy figures loomed in the wilderness, and it was abnormally terrifying.

There were also strange howls and shrill cries that were disturbing.

The first to appear near the camp was a strange Two-headed Iron-armored Wolf.

Not only did it have two heads, in which one could spit fire and the other spit water, but it also had black scales that were almost the same as iron armor on its body.

Its movements were swift, its speed was fast, and it was extremely dangerous.

Moreover, that kind of Two-headed Iron-armored Wolf was also a type of wolf.

When it moved, it also naturally moved in groups.

Right then, it appeared in groups of five to six hundred.

It looked like a dense mass of shadows when it ran over from afar.

Following the Iron-armored Wolf was also a strange red creature.

It was like a tide, with at least tens of thousands of them.

Wherever it passed, there was a rustling sound that made ones hair stand on end.

Eye Demon immediately reported, “Country Lord, behind the Two-headed Iron-armored Wolves is a group of Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants!”

Alice also quickly added, “Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants have extremely tenacious vitality, high defense, and strong devouring ability.

Wherever they pass, all life will be devoured.

Right now, with at least tens of thousands of Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants, itll be very troublesome to deal with them, and theres even the risk of them breaking through!”

Li Xiangs heart stirred, and he thought of an ability he had never used before.

So, he took out the Gods Annihilating Bow and said, “Ill know if I can deal with them after I try one shot.”

As he said that, the Gods Annihilating Bow was pulled to its maximum.

At the same time, an arrow completely agglomerated from strength and Divine Power appeared on the bowstring.

Finally, a trace of strange silvery-white energy spread out from the arrow.


The arrow flew out and streaked across the void with a silver light.


The instant the arrow fell, it immediately exploded.

However, the explosion was no longer flames this time but silvery-white frost.

The instant the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants were touched by the silvery-white frost, they were immediately frozen into lifelike ice sculptures.

That silvery-white frosts ripple spread in an extensive range at a breakneck speed.

If it were a flame, it would ignite a huge fire wherever it splattered.

However, the speed of its spread would only cover the radius from the center of the splatter.

However, that was not the case for the Frost Arrows splatter.

Instead, it spread like a ripple, instantly expanding to a radius of a thousand meters.

All the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants that surged into it would immediately be frozen by the Frost Power.

In just a moment, the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants that surged into it had piled up into a small hill.

Although the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants were very terrifying, they had almost no intelligence, and their actions were all instinctual.

Only when they charged into the Frost Power could they feel the threat from the Frost Power, but by then, it was already too late to escape.

However, the area covered by tens of thousands of Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants was vast.

Li Xiangs arrow only covered a small part of it.

But Li Xiang was not disappointed.

He agglomerated another three arrows in his hand and shot them out again.

The three arrows fell simultaneously this time and instantly covered a large area.

It instantly restrained the surging tide of Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants, missing only a small part of them.

Ye Xis eyes lit up when she saw that, and she said, “Country Lord, have you comprehended the Frost Law”

Li Xiang nodded and shook his head.

“Not really.

Last time in the Frost Purgatory, I swallowed a part of the Frost Law fragment, but its only the introduction to the Frost Law.

I can barely use it.

If I want to improve, I need some time!”

As for the improvement of the Law, Li Xiang knew that other than relying on his comprehension, the best way was to use Divine Power to agglomerate more Frost Laws.

The Frost Law was not considered the top of all Laws, but it was not easy to agglomerate a strand of Law.

He could agglomerate a strand of Frost Law using ten wisps of divine fire, which was to increase the progress of the Frost Law by 1%.

His progress in the Frost Law now was 5%.

If he could increase it to 10%, its power would be at least ten times stronger than it is now.

Even so, after that wave of attack, there were only a few hundred Two-headed Iron-armored Wolves and over a thousand Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants left.

That was no threat to the Kingdom of Dawns army.

With a wave of charge from the Dread Fiend Cavalry, which relied on their berserk charge and super strong defense, followed by a rain of arrows fired by the Human Archers, the monsters were instantly wiped out.

Li Xiang did not even have the time to activate his Halo skills.

However, those monsters were just appetizers in the Myriad World Continent at night.

The true test was far from here.

The Material Collection Team that followed behind immediately rushed forward.

Before the next wave of monsters arrived, they quickly collected the monster corpses on the ground.

Especially the corpses of tens of thousands of Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants were even more valuable.

That demonic monster was a metal-eating monster.

Its body was as hard as fine gold.

Each of them could be considered a huge piece of scarlet gold.

Moreover, they also contained biological characteristics, which had excellent plasticity and energy conductivity.

They were top-grade materials for forging equipment.

After listening to Qin Wus introduction, Li Xiang felt that it was a pity that there were too few Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants.

However, the Two-headed Iron-armored Wolves gave Li Xiang a huge surprise.

TheIron Armor on those Two-headed Iron-armored Wolves was the same biological material as theScarlet Gold on the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants, but it was much easier to obtain that than the Scarlet Golden Demonic Ants.

ThatIron Armor was actually a type of magic iron with Yin attribute.

It could also be used to forge equipment, and its value was also very high.

The vigorous blood of the Kingdom of Dawns army gathered on that small hill was the best bait.

Just when the two waves of monsters had been cleared, several waves of monsters swarmed over again.

Eye Demon quickly reported those demonic monsters information.

Faceless Demonic Spirit, Black Flame Tiger, Shadow Scorpion, and several strange evil monsters without names.

Faceless Demonic Spirit did not have a physical body.

It was just a grayish-white spirit in the night.

It did not have a face, but it was full of malice toward all creatures with faces.

It could emit Soul Shrieks, cause fear, possess beings, extract life force, and so on.

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