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Carter did not know why, but she trusted Li Xiang very much.

She directly replied, “I believe in your strength!”

Li Xiang thought to himself, “If you believe in me, who should I believe in”

Such inexplicable trust made him feel a little burdened.

Not immediately agreeing, Li Xiang uttered, “Ill have to think about it.

I will give you an answer a day later!”


Li Xiang was not worried that Carter might have other motives or conspiracies.

Since it concerned a beautiful woman, the decision was no longer his own, but that of Yang Mi and the other 4, too.

Therefore, after he forwarded all the chat records with Carter to Yang Mi and her group, Li Xiang added, “You guys discuss it.

Its best if you also communicate with Carter.

When the time comes, you can decide whether to let the other party join or not!”

Yang Mi and the others were stunned that someone actually approached them at such a time.

Could it be a conspiracy

That was the first thought that appeared in the minds of the five people.

But then, they denied it.

Although their reasonings were all different, they all came to the conclusion that the other party could not be a spy.

“Li Xiang, what do you think”

Seeing the message from Yang Mi, Li Xiang chuckled and replied, “Its up to you guys.

I dont have any objections!”

When Yang Mi saw that, the corners of her mouth revealed a cold smile.

“Look at this guy, acting as if hes making concessions for greater advantages.

It seems that he really has a crush on that great beauty! Its a pity that we havent met before.

Otherwise, we would have been able to see just how fine she is!”

Zhou Yutong coughed lightly and said, “Sister Mi, you cant use your personal feelings to decide this.

The other party is a beauty with extraordinary strength and wealth.

If she joins us, it will greatly benefit us!”

“Benefit my ass! Dont you know how deep the foundation of the Kingdom of Dawn is Shes just the Country Lord of the Human race.

How deep can her foundation be It might not even be comparable to our initial foundation!”

Chen Shu was speechless.

“Mimi, youre hurting Qingya and me too much by saying that.

When we first joined, we were really broke…”


“Im sorry, it was a slip of the tongue.

I was just a little unhappy.”

Tong Qingya did not mind.

She waved her hand and said, “Its fine! Actually, we already know about you and the Lord of Dawn.

We initially thought you were too hasty in choosing a guy, but we now know our foresight and decision-making are not as good as yours!”

Yang Mis face was slightly red, but her beautiful eyes were filled with confidence and pride.

“In any case, what should we decide now Should we agree or reject”

In fact, Yang Mis opinion was the main deciding factor.

The others opinions were only for reference.

Yang Mi narrowed her eyes slightly and fell into deep thought.

After that, she seemed to have thought of something and said, “Why dont we have a video conference with her Lets meet and have a chat first to see what shes like.

Everyone, observe her carefully.”

“All right!”

Everyone felt that the suggestion was not bad.

After all, Carter was a stranger.

It would be too hasty to agree without careful consideration.

As for Li Xiang, he seemed to have thought of something at the moment.

He stood up and walked toward the back of the palace.

Li Xiang remembered that after he had obtained the Skylight Flower and the Divine Pure Grass, he had planted them in the space where the World Tree was located.

As the World Tree grew, it turned the space nearby into a unique World Tree Space.

There was an extremely rich vitality in it, which was extremely suitable for plant production.

It could even promote the evolution and mutation of plants.

In order to allow the Skylight Flower and the Divine Pure Grass to play a greater role, Li Xiang planted a part of them there.

The rest was still left in the Secret Plane Valley outside the country.

Fortunately, the place was well hidden and would not be discovered for a while.

With the protection of the barrier, Li Xiang did not have to worry about being threatened for the time being.

He came to the backyard where the World Tree was planted, and instantly, his surroundings changed into a strange space.

The space was extremely vast.

It was at least three or four times larger compared to the last time Li Xiang entered.

However, the thing that attracted his attention the most was the flowers and plants that covered the entire ground of the space.

Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass!

A bright radiance and green grass occupied the vast space, even growing at the root of the World Tree.

Based on preliminary estimates, there were at least a million of them.

“Its only been a few days, yet so many have grown!” Li Xiang squatted down and placed his finger on a Skylight Flower.

Instantly, the information about the flower entered his eyes.

Skylight Flower

Quality: Mythical

Function: Expel darkness and purify evil

Description: wherever Skylight Flowers are, evil will retreat.

Often grows together with Divine Pure Grass.

The living environment requirements are extremely strict.

But if grown together with Divine Pure Grass, any environment will be fine.

Li Xiang stretched out his hand and gently touched the green grass beside him.

Divine Pure Grass

Quality: Mythical

Function: devours evil, purifies filth, and spawns vitality.

Description: the most precious spiritual herb in the Myriad World Continent.

It has the effect of purifying the land.

However, this spiritual grass has to be accompanied by a large number of Skylight Flowers in order to grow.

The two complement each other, and neither can be missing.

Li Xiang looked at the Mythical Divine Pure Grass and Skylight Flowers, and his entire person became spirited.

“Good heavens, Ive only planted them here for a short while, and theyve already advanced to become Mythical.

With a little more time, wouldnt I be able to advance them to the divine grade Then how heaven-defying would the effect be”

Of course, that was just a thought.

Unless the World Tree grew again, it would be very difficult for it to birth divine grade Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass.

Even so, the Divine Pure Grass and Skylight Flowers in his hands were an incredible wealth.

“Hmph, the Alliance of Gods is restricting the import of Skylight Flowers into the Kingdom of Dawn, and the price is still so expensive.

Since they want it, lets fight an economic war!” With that thought, Li Xiang waved his hand, and millions of Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass on the ground flew into an independent storage space.

However, Li Xiang did not pluck all the Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass.

Instead, he took a small portion and scattered it all throughout the storage space.

It would not be long before another million Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass grew.

With the World Trees support and abundant heaven and earth vitality, the place would produce countless Skylight Flowers and Divine Pure Grass.

What Li Xiang valued the most was not the Skylight Flowers, but the Divine Pure Grass, a spiritual herb that could purify the earth.

Li Xiang then proceeded to plant the seeds of the spiritual herbs and spiritual herbs that he had recently gathered in different locations.

Other than those that had just been planted, there were many other spiritual herbs that were planted long ago.

They were all abnormally lush, and some had already borne fruits.

Li Xiang picked some and put them away, then left the place.

As for the World Tree, he would let it grow slowly on its own!

If it really grew, then the space might evolve into a world or a universe.

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