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Chapter 280 New Specialty

Li Xiang turned his head and saw Yang Mi slowly walking over with a silver tray in her hands.

Her bright and beautiful eyes were filled with obvious concern.

“Ha! Its nothing.

I just thought about too many things, which was very different from my previous assumption.

I couldnt help but feel a little disappointed.”

Yang Mi blinked when she heard that and smiled.

“Really I wonder what your previous assumption was like Dont tell me.

Let me guess!”

As she spoke, she placed the tray in her hand in front of Li Xiang and said, “This is a delicacy made by Master Chef Chen Tao using a new transcendent material.

It also has a special bonus effect.

Its very delicious.

Ive brought it to let you try!”

Opening the lid, she revealed the pastries in eight different colors.

They looked highly exquisite.

At the same time, there was a faint glow.

A rich, sweet smell surged into their mouths and noses, instantly giving them a sense of physical and mental pleasure.


Li Xiang unknowingly felt his saliva secreting faster, almost flowing out.

“This pastry looks very delicious just at the look of it.

It must be very delicious!”

Without asking, he immediately picked up a piece of green pastry and lightly took a bite.

His eyes immediately lit up.

At the same time, a rich vitality burst forth under the sweet and soft texture of the pastry, clearing ones mind.

At the same time, one felt as if one could sense more heaven and earth vitality.

“Good! Delicious, too delicious!”

Li Xiang couldnt think of any adjectives to describe it.

He swallowed the pastry in one bite and couldnt stop praising it.

“What material is this pastry made of I feel that this pastry can increase the affinity to heaven and earth vitality and has an extraordinary healing ability.

The vitality contained in it is not weak!”

Seeing that Li Xiang liked it very much, Yang Mi smiled.

This pastry was indeed made by Master Chef Chen Tao, but the few of them provided the idea this time.

The materials used were all transcendent materials from the Myriad World Continent.

“What you ate was mainly made of Green Spirit Wheat, supplemented with Golden-winged Bee Honey and some common materials.

The Green Spirit Wheat was a specialty of Xiaoyues original territory, and its production was extremely low.

However, it could be planted in large quantities after a special cultivation method.”

“As for Golden-winged Bees, this type of bee is considered a transcendent species, and their vitality is powerful.

The honey produced has powerful vitality and can have healing effects.”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

This could be considered a specialty!

Although he didnt know how much this specialty was worth in the Myriad World Continent, it was definitely a best-seller for many human territories.

When Hou Chun came over the next time, he could sell those things through him and see the results.

Looking at the remaining seven cakes on the tray, which were of different colors, he couldnt help but ask, “Are the remaining cakes also made from Green Spirit Wheat”

Yang Mi smiled and shook her head, “Of course not! There are more than a hundred types of spiritual rice in the Kingdom of Dawn, and here are only eight of them.

They were more suitable to be ground into flour, made into cakes, and not directly cooked and eaten.

Continue to taste them.

Each type is different.”

Hearing that, Li Xiangs interest was greatly piqued.

He was a little hungry, so he immediately picked up a piece of pink cake and put it into his mouth.

The taste was also excellent, but the bonus was a little strange this time.

It was actually glowing radiantly.

Li Xiang felt his cheeks slightly cold, and his skin tightened.

It actually had an extremely strong beautifying effect.

“The effect of this pastry is actually beautifying What material is this used”

“Its Moon Peach Rice.

This special spiritual rice only blooms and bears fruit under the moonlight.

Although its tree-borne, the fruit it bears isnt a peach.

Instead, its pieces of strange spiritual rice the size of a plum.

It has an excellent beautifying effect.”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

“This thing is very attractive to women, but to me, its useless!”

“Im just giving it to you to taste.

I didnt say it was developed for you!”

“What you said makes sense!”

Li Xiang continued to taste the remaining six cakes.

Each of them had a good effect.

Although it didnt last long, the effect would also be very good if used well.

Most importantly, this thing was delicious.

As food, it was worthy of being a gourmet.

“Let Master Chen Tao study more of these cakes.

Its best if he can make it so that other people cant make it even if they eat it.

This way, it can be our unique specialty.”

“Okay, I will tell Master Chen Tao!”

Li Xiang opened the systems trading interface and planned to see what was traded on the market.

Skylight Flower, one thousand crystal coins per flower.

It could also be exchanged with a hundred Demon Nucleus.

Li Xiang casually clicked to buy it, wanting to see what the use of that item was.

But in the next moment, the system popped up a notification.

[Ding! The system has detected you as the sellers rejected transaction object.

The transaction cannot be completed.]

Li Xiang was slightly stunned, the corners of his mouth curling up into a sneer.

That was the Alliance of Gods method

They forbade him from buying their things.

Did they think that that would be enough to restrict him Naive.

On the transaction interface, there was not only one shop that sold the Skylight Flower but many others.

However, the others only sold three to five or more, while the others sold one flower after another.

The price was very high, at least 5,000 crystal coins per flower.

That price was instantly increased by five times, which could be considered very expensive.

However, Li Xiang didnt care and quickly bought three Skylight Flowers.

The systems mail transmission function was very strong, and it arrived in an instant.

Taking out the Skylight Flower, he found out that it was a kind of strange flower that could emit light on its own, and the light it emitted had the effect of warding off evil.

However, the biggest effect was that it could protect a certain area from being eroded by the black tide when facing the black tide.

“I see!”

“Black tide!”

Li Xiang immediately put up a common item in the trade channel, but the price was very special.

That was his special way of trading with Jian Suyan.

In less than a minute after he put it up on the trade channel, Jian Suyans profile picture quickly lit up.

However, the other party did not speak, obviously waiting for him to speak first.

Li Xiang directly asked, “I want to buy all the information about the black tide!”

“One million crystal coins!”


“Wait a moment!”

Very soon, a message was sent to Li Xiangs mailbox.

Li Xiang did not immediately check it.

“I also want all the information on the Alliance of Gods!”

This time, the other party was silent for a full three minutes before replying, “30 million crystal coins!”

Li Xiang did not hesitate at all.


Then, he quickly transferred 31 million crystal coins into Jian Suyans account.

That amount was not much to him, but the information he received was highly precious.

Soon, another email arrived.

Jian Suyans profile picture instantly dimmed.

Li Xiang was also used to it and did not try communicating with the other party.

Then, Li Xiang opened two emails and began to check them.


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