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Even a fool would know by now that the Kingdom of Dawn did not only have the experts in front of them, but there were also experts of a higher level.

This time, they had not only failed in their attempt to sabotage them but also suffered losses on their end.

“Li Xiang, becoming enemies with the Alliance of Gods is your biggest mistake.

Just wait for your doom!”

In the fading shadow in the sky, a middle-aged man in a golden robe with an imposing aura suddenly appeared.

The voice that initially could not be transmitted was clearly heard on the battlefield.

Li Xiang did not show any signs of weakness.

He raised his voice and said, “What bullsh*t alliance Its just a bunch of parasites that rely on devouring other peoples flesh and blood to survive.

Ill come for your heads sooner or later!”

The golden-robed middle-aged mans eyes flashed with uncontrollable anger.

He cursed angrily, but that sentence could not be transmitted over.

That was because the shadow in the sky shook for a moment before completely disappearing.

The trump card support failed.

Yade and He Landes expressions were tragic.

“Lets go!” The two of them did not dare to stay.

Their figures flashed and they were about to teleport away.

However, Li Xiang did not want to let them go.

He threw an arrow after the two figures, and it flew at a fast speed.

Although Li Xiang lost sight of the two of them in the end, the arrow was also out of sight.

Almost at the same time, two miserable screams sounded in the air more than 3 miles away from the battlefield.

Then, two figures fell from the sky.

The two of them were almost stuck together because Li Xiangs arrow had pierced through them.

What was more terrifying was the three additional status effects of the arrow: the splatter, the explosion, and the Sacred Flame.

They had cut off the last bit of life of the two of them.

As an Undead race member, He Lande was born with a weak resistance to the Sacred Flame.

The splatter and explosion attributes made him even more vulnerable.

Yades situation was not much better.

He only lived a few more breaths than He Lande before he died unwillingly.

The battlefield had stretched for more than a hundred kilometers this time.

The human race had a human army guarding the Great Wall of blood and iron, so they did not suffer much losses.

However, both the silver-moon and blood-moon wolves left a large number of corpses under the wall.

Although Li Xiang wanted to leave all the enemies behind, as the battle continued, the smell of blood spread for more than 31 miles and attracted a large number of evil creatures in the darkness.

Therefore, for the sake of the migration of the millions of humans, Li Xiang could only end the battle quickly and did not adopt the strategy of wiping out all of them.

The Demon Army continued to surround the Great Wall of Iron Blood and charge in all directions.

More than 200 angels in the sky stared at the various ranks of the enemy army and massacred them.

Since the few experts on their side were held back, they suffered a great defeat.

At that moment, Ye Xi sent a voice transmission to Li Xiang, “Country Lord, there are divine grade evil creatures approaching.

There are more than ten of them!”

Li Xiangs expression changed slightly.

If it were not for the human civilians, he would not be afraid of the enemy.

However, now was naturally not the time to act rashly.

“Retreat!” As he spoke, he activated the Cross-Border teleportation array and evacuated the millions of humans.

The Kingdom of Dawn had as many as 12 Cross-Border teleportation arrays, and each of them could instantly teleport more than 100,000 humans.

In just one go, they could instantly teleport a million humans back to the City of Dawn.

Under the leadership of Li Xiang, the army of the Kingdom of Dawn forced back the dark creatures that were charging at them.

Under the illumination of the teleportation array, they watched as more than a dozen terrifying creatures that were as big as mountains rapidly approached them.

Then, they disappeared from the wilderness.


The various kinds of evil creatures that had charged at them from the darkness saw the corpses that were covered in blood and fought each other, triggering a big battle.

After returning to the City of Dawn, Li Xiang saw that there were millions of people gathered outside the city, and he could not see the end of it.

At that moment, those people looked at Li Xiang who suddenly appeared on the city wall, and their eyes were shining with a strange light.

Originally, they had already given up hope for the future.

However, at that moment, after experiencing the previous battles and seeing countless soldiers fighting bloody battles to protect them, even they were filled with hope.

Until they were teleported there, their hearts were still filled with disbelief and apprehension.

A thought appeared in everyones mind.

“Hes a human Country Lord.

Will he take us in on account of his race”

As Li Xiang saw everyones eyes filled with hope, he took a deep breath and said, “I am the Country Lord of the Kingdom of Dawn and come from the Human race.

So, my fellow humans, stay in the Kingdom of Dawn and live in peace! I will treat everyone fairly!”

As soon as he said that, countless people among the millions of people burst into tears of excitement.

They had experienced too many cruel things.

Their families were broken up and their families were destroyed.

They were even raised as livestock and placed on the dining table as food.

They had no dignity and were on the verge of death.

They thought that their lives were over and there was no hope left.

Now, after hearing those words, they finally believed that they had escaped from the sea of bitterness and arrived in heaven.

“Long live the Lord of Dawn!”

“Praise the Lord of Dawn!”

The cheers were scattered at the beginning and were extremely messy.

However, after a few breaths, they became uniform.

The cheers of millions of people and the scene were shocking.

Even Li Xiang, who had experienced countless big scenes, could not help but feel his blood boiling with excitement.

When the heroes behind Li Xiang saw the scene, a strange light flashed in their eyes.

As their summoner, Li Xiang was also their target of loyalty.

To be able to gain the love and recognition of so many people meant that he would gain a huge amount of faith.

And faith was the source of divine power.

With enough divine power, he would eventually ascend to the throne and be at the highest position.

And they would also rise with the tide.

The future was bright.

“Alice, arrange for these people to do a simple registration first.

Then, transfer them to other cities.

Pay more attention to those with special skills and abilities.

I will settle the identity card matter as soon as possible!”

After saying that, he suddenly thought of something and turned to Yang Mi.

” Sister Mi, these humans are relatively weak.

Give them your Blessing Halo and Recovery Halo.

Let them recover properly.”

“All right!”

Yang Mi smiled like a flower, her eyes filled with relief.

When she was on Earth, Yang Mi was a celebrity with a righteous outlook.

For her lover to be able to be so thoughtful, it was obvious that he really cared about the humans.

She was naturally happy, and so were the others.

Li Xiang saw Chen Shu and Tong Qingya standing behind them, their eyes carrying a trace of envy and disappointment.

He flipped his palm and took out five more halo skill stones.

Just by looking at the light, one could tell that they were all low-rank skill stones.

However, even if they were only low-rank skill stones, they were still extremely precious in everyones eyes.

“There are still five skill stones here, but they are all low-rank ones.

Each of you will have one.

Take it and use it!”


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