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Zhou Yutong said unhappily, “What wholesale These three skill stones were given to us by Li Xiang.

Youll have them in the future too.”

Yang Mi added, “I insisted on coming out this time mainly because I wanted to understand the situation in the outside world and see the strength of the enemy.

Staying in the country all the time would be too comfortable, and thats not good.”

Ning Xiaoyue chuckled and said, “Anyway, as long as we can help him!”

The five people did not follow behind Li Xiang.

Instead, they formed a small group behind the group of heroes.

Their own heroes followed them.

Because of their Masters, those heroes strength had greatly improved.

None of them were lower than Rank 150.

In terms of equipment, they were even superior to the heroes under Li Xiang.

After all, Li Xiang had more than a dozen heroes under him, while Yang Mi and the others only had one hero.

Naturally, they focused their best resources on themselves and the heroes.

Therefore, in terms of combat strength, the heroes under Yang Mi and the other two were not weak.

They were even stronger than the Demon Commanders.

Chen Shus eyes revealed a look of undisguised envy.

She was very clear about the value of a halo skill stone.

Halo skills could last for a long time.

Even the most trashy halo skills were comparable to strategic rank.

Halo skills were rarer than Mythical or even divine grade treasures.

She did not know how Li Xiang could obtain so many.

In addition to his own five halo skills, he could actually prepare three for his women.

“I wonder when I and Qingya will be able to obtain such an item.

Then, I will be able to gain a foothold in the Kingdom of Dawn in the future.”

One could not blame Chen Shu for thinking too much over such a small matter.

But it was still too superficial to think of gaining a foothold in the Kingdom of Dawn just based on a little bit of intimacy with Li Xiang.

“Country Lord, we are still 6 miles away from the enemy! The enemy seems to have sensed something, and the army is already reacting.”

Li Xiang coldly snorted, “Got it! Continue to monitor!”

The person who answered did not change his speed at all.

6 miles away, a million humans were trekking with great difficulty.

From time to time, there would be screams.

There were even people who silently fell down and could no longer stand up.

Most peoples eyes were empty and numb, like walking corpses.

They did not have any dreams for the future.

Even if they died right away, they wouldnt feel surprised or afraid.

If no one stopped the migration of a million people, they would have been able to cover 1 kilometer more.

However, it was clear that the nearby foreign races wouldnt let them humans escape their sight.

Once someone fell behind, the foreign races would immediately open their mouths and eat.

Their mouths were the most mangled, and it was extremely bloody.

Even though the Human race civilians were already numb to it, they still felt fear when faced with such a terrifying death.

They could only do their best to hurry up and not fall behind.

Therefore, the millions of people were almost divided into dozens of teams.

Each team had ten to twenty thousand people, and they were being watched and driven forward by a group of foreign races.

In the air, on eighteen huge magic battleships, a purple-haired middle-aged man in a golden robe from the Three-eyed race was looking into the distance indifferently.

Behind him, a warrior from the Three-eyed race in Golden Battle Armor was reporting.

“General, our detection magic has detected that an army is rapidly moving toward us from 16 miles away.

It wont be long before they meet us.

The direction theyre coming from is the Kingdom of Dawn!”

“Mhm, okay!” The purple-haired middle-aged generals reaction looked calm, but there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

“I didnt expect the Kingdom of Dawn to be so courageous.

They actually dared to lead their army out of their own territory and give up the protection of the barrier-”

Before he could finish his sentence, three rays of light flashed and appeared beside him.

They were a tall and slender young man in Blood-Red Battle Armor, a silver-haired middle-aged man in Silver Battle Armor, and an old man in a black robe giving off an aura of death.

“Yade, I heard that theres movement in the Kingdom of Dawn!” The first to speak was the young man in Blood-Red Battle Armor.

He was the commander of the Blood Wolves army, Alan Blood Moon.

The purple-haired middle-aged general was the leader of the Three-eyed race and the commander of the 7th Battleship Team, Yade Green Eye.

The Three-eyed race used the color of the eye on their foreheads as their surname.

Different colors represented different potential, classes, and identities.

Among them, the purple eye was the noblest.

Such an individual had the strongest potential and strength, followed by a golden eye and then a green eye.

Even though he was only ranked third, he was still considered a high-ranking member of the Three-eyed race.

“There is indeed movement.

The Kingdom of Dawn has sent people to attack us.

If we are not wrong, it will take at most five minutes.

If they are fast, they will arrive in three minutes!”

“Hehehe, the Kingdom of Dawn is really bold.

Do they really think that we, the Alliance of Gods, are unworthy of our reputation”

This time, it was a black-robed old man who was the last to arrive.

Although he was full of deathly aura, his face was as red as a living person.

“Master He Lande, according to our investigation of the Kingdom of Dawn, the other party is not a pushover.

The reason why we chose the other party as a target to establish our authority is that the Kingdom of Dawn is too strong and will become a hidden danger in the future.

Naturally, we have to nip it in the bud,” Yade did not turn his head and said calmly.

“Since the other party has already made a move, what are we waiting for Shouldnt we attack together and kill the enemy” The silver-haired commander of the Silver Moon Wolf race, Baders eyes were filled with eagerness and excitement for battle.

“Whats the rush Our purpose in coming here is to establish our might.

Naturally, we have to thoroughly teach them a lesson! Letting them watch their own people die in front of them is the greatest punishment for them!”

After saying that, Yade slightly tilted his head and said, “Bader, Alan, get your armies close to the Human race.

When the enemy is within asmile radius, immediately attack with all your might and kill those millions of humans.

Meanwhile, my magic battleship is starting to recharge.

As long as the enemy dares to charge over, I will make sure that they never return!”

He continued, “As for Master He Lande, have the Undead Cavalry pursue the remaining survivors!”

“No problem!” Master He Lande had no objection.


At that moment, the sound of galloping warhorses could be heard from afar, and a torrent of Iron Knights rushed over.

“The two of you can start now!”

Bader and Alan had long passed down the order for their armies to camp at both sides of the migrating millions of people.

Hence, when the two of them received the new order, they sent out signals to their subordinates to make a move.


Regardless of whether it was the Blood Moon Wolf race or the Silver Moon Wolf race, they were the most elite troops of the Beast race.

Once given the order, without the slightest hesitation, they fired arrows.


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