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“Thats right.

Its obvious that the Alliance of Gods is no good.

They want to control our competitive lifeline, just like how they controlled our currency system in our previous life.

This is competition sabotage.

Dont fall for it.”

“We cant beat them with our strength.”

“Hehe, the guy upstairs is smarter.

Even if we know what the Alliance of Gods is planning, what can we do Dont you see how the two Lords of Dawn didnt make a move Compared to the Alliance of Gods, the Kingdom of Dawn is just a slightly bigger ant.”

“Dont spread rumors.

With how strong the Lord of Dawn is, he might just not be taking the Alliance of Gods seriously.

I wonder how the Kingdom of Dawn will be affected if they refuse!”

“Why do you care about them You should think about how to have your country survive first!”

“Stop thinking so much.

Hurry up and exchange your crystal coins for Demon Nucleus.

Then, purchase the most important treasures from the Alliance of Gods.

Otherwise, not many people will be able to survive after a month.”

“Like what”


Fortunately, I acted quickly and bought the crystal protective shield from the Alliance of Gods, as well as the gene medicine.

The protective shield acts as double protection of our territory after the protective film disappears.

It can also isolate our aura, allowing us to live longer.

As for the gene medicine, its a transcendental treasure that can increase our strength.

Only by joining the Alliance of Gods can we have the right to purchase it.”

Li Xiang frowned as he looked at the so-called gene medicine.

He discovered that the gene medicine could actually break the gene shackles of various races and increase life essence.

There was even a chance that his Talent, which had been fixed for a long time, could increase or even mutate.

That was definitely a blessing for many people who didnt have high Talent.

Moreover, there were many types of gene medicine.

Other than the most important Bloodline Gene Medicine, there were also Talent Gene Medicine and Special Ability Gene Medicine, among others.

Every single one of them was extremely precious.

For the newly arrived and uninformed kings in the Myriad World Continent, those items were extremely important.

“Looks like this is what the Alliance of Gods is trying to attract the new kings with.

Although its not a lot of things, to the new kings, they have a fatal attraction.

And the other partys threat is also real.

If we dont exchange crystal coins with them, it would be equivalent to losing the right to purchase these items.

But how can they be sure that those who trade with them will take out all of their crystal coins” Li Xiang thought for a moment and guessed that the other party might have some treasure in their hands that could tell how much money the other party had, or maybe it was a rare treasure that targeted crystal coins alone.

In the present world, nothing was impossible.

Yang Mi saw Li Xiang view the chat channel and asked, “How is it”

“Yeah, Ive seen it.

Although the message in the other partys announcement is very simple, the threat is indeed real.

But even so, I dont intend to compromise.

Im not that that generous to hand over my lifeline to the Alliance of Gods.

As long as a ruler has some foresight and ambition, they wouldnt agree!”

“I think with the strength of the Alliance of Gods, the threat wont end lightly!” Chen Shu guessed.

“It doesnt matter.

Well take it as it comes! According to my guess, the most convenient and effective threat that the other party can make is to rely on the demon beasts outside.

Perhaps theyre powerful enough to command the demon beasts to attack the defying countries and territories in order to force them to compromise.

For those who dont have the strength to pit against them, this method can be considered useful, but it wont work against everyone!”

“Then what should we do Should we respond I see that many people in the World Channel are waiting for our response!”

Li Xiang thought for a moment and said, “Ill respond myself!”

Thus, Li Xiang opened the World Channel again and posted a note on it: “The Lord of Dawns announcement: in view of the tyranny and rudeness of the Alliance of Gods, the Kingdom of Dawn will absolutely ignore it! Trying to control other countries by suppressing their economic lifeline is absurd!”

After that, Li Xiang also pinned his announcement at the top of the World Channel.

Getting the World Channels pinning function was very simple, and that by using merit points.

Only a Country Lord who had more than a million merit points had the right to pin their message on the World Channel.

Not only would it cost a large sum of crystal coins to do that, but there was also a time limit for it to be placed at the top.

At most, one could pin a message for 24 hours.

Li Xiangs reply caused an uproar in the World Channel.

Among the rattled were not only the new kings but who had just arrived in the Myriad World Continent, but also the numerous factions in the Myriad World Continent.

“Ive never seen someone so stubborn!”

“Ive heard that the Lord of Dawn is the most outstanding person in the Trial Continent.

He being arrogant because of a little fame.”

“Has the Lord of Dawn already obtained a divine name It seems that hes pretty capable.

But if he belittles the Alliance of Gods, hell probably be slapped in the face soon.”

“What Lord of Dawn I bet that the so-called Kingdom of Dawn wont exist for more than three days after this month.”

“One day!”

Many of the new Country Lords hesitated when they saw unfamiliar factions speak.

Meanwhile, Li Xiang couldnt be bothered with the other peoples choices, nor did he care about the reaction of the Alliance of Gods.

Although the Alliance of Gods was very strong, it was very difficult to break the Holy Light grade protective shield.

Yang Mi and the others looked at the World Channels various statements and reactions with solemn expressions, continuously whispering to each other about the information they had obtained and the thoughts they had in their hearts.

Since Li Xiang had already made the decision, then they only needed to do their best to do their own jobs well.

Alice also found out about the Alliance of Gods incident from Yang Mi and the others.

She said with an angry expression, “The Alliance of Gods really dont know their place! Country Lord, what should we do”

Li Xiang smiled indifferently and said, “What do you mean, what should we do Just leave it.

Were still in the protection period.

We just need to focus on developing and improving ourselves.

Theres no need to hesitate.”

When everyone saw that Li Xiangs expression remained the same, they immediately felt at ease.

“Just now, I tested the chats pinning function and realized that it actually requires a certain number of merit points.

That gave me a flash of inspiration.

Ive decided to implement the corresponding merit points system in our Kingdom of Dawn! I also plan to issue our currency system.”

Alice and the others didnt know much about such things, so they could only express their full support.

Seeing that, Li Xiang didnt give them a detailed explanation.

He simply arranged work for them and asked them to do their assigned tasks.


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