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The Myriad World System was only effective against the various kings and lords.

Even the heroes summoned by Li Xiang were unable to log into the Myriad World System and could only access some insignificant functions.

Therefore, if he could establish a personal information network, it would definitely be a great thing.

“The bolder a person is, the more successful hell be.

Ill fuse it again!”

Thinking of that, Li Xiang put away his True Vision Crystal Ball and closed his eyes again.

Not long after, he slowly opened his eyes, his eyes filled with joy.

The fusion had consumed a total of 20 points of his Divine Power, but the result was also full of surprises.

Star Web

Quality: Holy Light

Type: rare treasure

Description: it has the ability to store energy and information, transmit, calculate, and analyze, among other functions.

After fusing with the Lords Cornerstone, there is a high probability that a true spirit will be born.

Li Xiang could still understand the previous introduction, but the final introduction made him a little confused.

“Once this is fused with the Lords Cornerstone, it will naturally give birth to a creature with intelligence”

Li Xiang had some guesses in his heart, but he was still extremely shocked.

He did as he thought and directly integrated the Star Web into the Lords Cornerstone.


The entire City of Dawn shook slightly.

Many people were slightly shocked, but they did not show any signs of panic.

Such tremors happened from time to time in the City of Dawn.

They were already used to it.

Almost at the same time, the Lords Cornerstone seemed to have undergone some kind of change.

A dot of light exploded from within, as if it had opened up a world.

The originally chaotic world was instantly opened up into a strange space.

The space was not large, but within that space, there were many dots of light floating.

Those dots of light could obtain corresponding information just by meeting with ones eyes.

There were two intermediate-level planes in the Abyss, as well as the Starlight Canopy Pearl and so on.

However, the most eye-catching thing was still a human-shaped girl that looked like a spirit.

The girls appearance was extremely beautiful, and her figure was graceful.

She wore a translucent white dress and lay quietly in the core of the space.

When Li Xiangs consciousness descended there, the girls eyes trembled slightly, and then she slowly opened her eyes.

The girls pure eyes were somewhat confused, and she looked at Li Xiang and asked, “Are you my master”

Li Xiangs heart skipped a beat, and he nodded.

“Are you the true spirit that was born here”

“Yes! Please name me, Master!”

The True Spirit Girls expression was calm, and she didnt look too excited.

She turned around and stood up.

Li Xiang said, “Then you will be called Star Spirit from now on!”


“Star Spirit, what abilities do you have”

“I can store and transfer information and energy.

I can analyze, process, and calculate information.

I can also use Lords Cornerstone to set up an information network and communicate with all intelligent true spirits.”

The spirit continued, “I can communicate with all the buildings in the City of Dawn and control the functions of these buildings, too.

Besides that, its possible for me to communicate with your Starlight Shrine and use the shrine as a medium to build an information network.

As long as your faith covers it, the information network can cover it!”

Li Xiang was delighted.

This ability did not have any attack power, but its support ability was really strong.

She was like the core hub of the entire Kingdom of Dawn, and was also a signal tower that could reach the heavens.

The information network that she possessed was not transmitted through electronic signals and was almost impossible to block.

Her existence could definitely bring about a world-shaking change to the entire Kingdom of Dawn.

“Star Spirit, then can you expand the information network to all parts of the country now Can you monitor the entire border of the country”

“No! Although my network can expand to the entire country, its size varies depending on the number of believers of your faith, so it is not that firm.

Moreover, each persons true spirit is independent.

So surveillance will increase the burden on your believers.

Most importantly, I can only communicate, not manipulate!”

The spirit continued, “Moreover, it is easy to communicate with individual places, but if there are too many of them, there will be a huge energy loss.

But if there is the corresponding media equipment, that energy consumption can be reduced and information can be processed in time.

Li Xiang immediately understood after confirming it.

In short, the current Star Spirits ability was powerful, but it was not developed enough yet.

There were still many areas that needed to be perfected.

“Thats true.

If you could directly control ones soul and even check their true spirit, I wouldnt be at ease,” thought Li Xiang.

“Looks like a medium is necessary! It just so happens that I need to make an identity card.

That can be used as a medium.”

Not only was Li Xiang not disappointed, but he was also actually very happy.

If successful, it would have a subversive effect on the entire Kingdom of Dawn.

It was equivalent to the influence brought about by the appearance of the Internet on Earth in his previous life.

Currently, on the Myriad World Continent, all the living beings came from countless different worlds.

The level of civilization was different, but there were not many races that came from high-level civilizations.

Most of the races civilizations were at a very backward level of civilization.

Humans were different.

There were worlds with high-level human civilizations, and there were worlds with low-level civilizations.

However, as humans, with the intervention of the system, there were no barriers to communication.

The appearance of such a network would bring great convenience and benefits to countless people.

He remembered that in the legendary western magic civilization, there was an existence called the Demon Web.

It could allow people to directly borrow the spells above and become combat mages.

Although the Kingdom of Dawns Star Web was still quite far from the Demon Web, as long as it continued to develop, it was not impossible for the Star Web to catch up to or even surpass the Demon Net in the future.

Magic could produce all kinds of magic products, alchemy items, and even develop a civilization.

Even the Kingdom of Dawn now had many magic items, the most famous of which were the magic tower and the Magic Crystal Cannon.

The Magic Tower was the magic foundation of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Li Xiang had already thought about it in the future, and he would open it up to everyone in the kingdom, especially the humans.

If he could train more mages, the foundation and strength of the Kingdom of Dawn would greatly increase.

And the Magic Crystal Cannon was the weapon that guarded the Kingdom of Dawn.

The Kingdom of Dawn with the Star Web and the Kingdom of Dawn without the net were two completely different things.

“Star Spirit, in the future, the Star Web will be yours to handle.

If I really become a god in the future, then I will definitely give you a physical body and let you live life as you wish!”

Star Spirits pure beautiful eyes were filled with joy as she nodded vigorously.

Although she was still a newborn, she naturally understood many life principles.


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