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“I wonder what the result will be when the wonders and treasures fuse.”

Li Xiang extracted the Ancient Well of Darkness from the Lords Cornerstone of the country and entered the Starlight Shrine.

“Do you want to fuse the Ancient Well of Darkness and the Moon Well Consuming divine power can increase the success rate of the fusion!”

Li Xiang was speechless.

“Theres a chance of failure in this fusion I wonder how much divine power will be consumed”

Li Xiang thought for a moment and still clicked “Agree”.

[ Ding! ]

[ Consuming 15 points of divine power will increase the success rate of the fusion to 100%.

Do you want to consume it ]



The illusory furnace appeared again, and at the same time, a strand of golden divine power flew into the furnace.

A golden vortex appeared, and the light gathered.

Within a few breaths, a brand new item appeared before his eyes.

[ Starlight Well ]

Quality: Mystical

Type: rare treasure

Description: Condensing Starlight Divine Water.

Seeing the simple description at the end, Li Xiang was dumbfounded.

He had a rare treasure, the Starlight Fortune Pool, that could condense Starlight Divine Water! It was a mythical rare treasure.

“Isnt this a repeating process”

Li Xiang was not disappointed.

Instead, he became even more excited.

He continued to merge the Starlight Fortune Pool and the Starlight well.

This time, he did not use divine power.

However, the flickering light in the illusory furnace was abnormally dazzling.

Li Xiangs heart was pondering.

His eyes were staring at the illusory furnace, filled with excitement and anticipation.

After the mythical and divine grade treasure, there was a high chance it was still a divine grade treasure.

However, the Starlight Shrine had its bonus effect.

There was a certain chance that this new treasure could be upgraded to Holy Light grade.

[ Ding! Congratulations, Lord of Dawn.

You have fused with the Holy Light grade treasure, the Heart of the Stars.


[ Heart of the Stars ]

Grade: Holy Light

Type: rare treasure

Description: Wherever the Heart of the Stars is, there will be endless starlight and endless star power.

Li Xiang felt extremely great.

It was another Holy Light grade treasure.

He had obtained two Holy Light grade treasures in just two days.

It was really out of his expectations.

Li Xiang integrated the Heart of the Stars into the Lords Cornerstone and immediately felt a strange change.

The Eternal Blazing Sun in the sky and the starlight canopy became even more dazzling.

For the Starlight Canopy, as long as it had enough star power, it would be challenging to break through.

The two rare treasures directly changed the future of the Kingdom of Dawn.

If he didnt have these two pieces of equipment, Li Xiang could only mobilize his troops.

Before the one-month time limit arrived, he would place enough warriors to guard the various checkpoints.

However, the borders of the Kingdom of Dawn were too long.

A chaotic battle would ensue if one node city were breached.

At that time, the livelihood of the entire Kingdom of Dawn would also be greatly affected.

After coming to the real Myriad World Continent, the grain would mature once every ten days.

Now, it would mature once every month.

Although it was still much better than the original earth, this kind of change was the most terrifying.

That was because the protective barrier blocked the speed.

If the evil energy from the outside world poured in, it would be unknown how long it would take for their land to produce a season of grain.

It must be known that everyone who entered the Myriad World Continent this time had brought their land into this place.

That land was extremely fertile.

If it were eroded by evil energy, the earths strength would decrease, and the output would decrease.

It wouldnt be long before there would be a food crisis.

The feeling of starving was unbearable.

And now, not only did the land within the Kingdom of Dawn not receive much of an impact, but because of the Starlight Canopy, the Eternal Blazing Sun, and the Heart of the Stars, the entire world was filled with dense starlight energy.

Not only did the land receive nourishment, but even the humans and other races living here would also receive the nourishment of the starlight energy and gain huge benefits.

Even demons were fond of the star power.

At this moment, Yang Mi suddenly arrived.

“Li Xiang, I heard you want to make an identity card”

“Yes! This isnt a secret.

Do you have any suggestions”

“I dont have any suggestions, but I have something that might be useful to you!”

Yang Mi smiled as she reached out her hand to sweep, and an item immediately appeared beside her.

That was a huge crystal ball placed on a shelf.

There was energy flowing and flowing on it.

It did not look simple at all.

“What is this”

“Do you still remember Victor from the Azure World The connection between him and the Dark Lords clone Pope was carried out through this treasure.

This item was called the True Vision Crystal Ball.

It could transmit information over a long distance.

At the same time, it was also a mythical treasure.

It should be of some use to you, I guess”

Li Xiangs eyes lit up, and he exclaimed, “This is useful.

If we can use this as the core to build a communication network, no, if we can build an information network, that would be great.

Sister Mi, youve helped me a lot!”

After saying that, he hugged Yang Mi in his arms.

Yang Mis face flushed red.

She knew that this guy was deliberately taking advantage of her.

She could not struggle even if she wanted to, so she could only let him hug her.

Li Xiang wanted to take the opportunity to taste Yang Mis soft lips.

But when he lowered his head and saw her plastered smile, he knew his plan was too obvious.

She had seen through his thoughts, so he could only smile awkwardly.

However, he was thick-skinned and refused to let go of her.

Yang Mi didnt struggle and just let him hug her.

A light cough came from the door, reminding the two to stop.

Li Xiang looked a little unhappy.

He turned around and saw Zhou Yutong with her arms crossed over her chest, leaning against the pillar at the door with a teasing look on her face.

“Ahem! You didnt come alone”

He reluctantly let go of Yang Mi and asked unwillingly.

Yang Mi rolled her eyes at him.

She stroked her hair and said, “I wanted to come alone, but many people were worried, so they came to check us out!”

Li Xiang was a little speechless, “This is a little ridiculous!”

Yang Mi couldnt be bothered to talk nonsense with him and said directly, “If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.

I still have a lot of things to do!”

Yang Mi and the others managed the Kingdom of Dawns internal affairs.

Each received a share and coordinated, managing the Kingdom of Dawn orderly.

Li Xiang was very satisfied with this.

Managing a country had many tasks that were troublesome.

If he had to do everything himself, it would be too tiring.

However, looking at Yang Mi and Zhou Yutongs departing figures, he felt he had to take the initiative to pull them closer.

He couldnt let them stay together like this while he lived alone when a group of beautiful women was around him.

Wasnt that crazy

Looking at the True Vision Crystal Ball beside him, inspiration filled Li Xiangs mind.

“If this thing were to combine with the Heart of the Stars, I wonder what kind of existence it would become.

However, the Heart of the Stars was at the Holy Light grade.

Not only was it a huge energy core, but it also had a huge impact and pity on the Starlight Canopy and the Eternal Blazing Sun.

The loss would be great if there were any mistakes.”


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