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At the same time, Alice, Alicia, Yafei, Mia, and Kyla flew directly toward that place.

It alarmed Ayer.

He questioned himself, “Why these people seemed to know that I am hiding here”

“Should I hide now or not”

Was the other party testing him on purpose, or did they already know about his disguise

In just a few seconds, Ayer hesitated.

But for Alicia and the others, a few seconds was enough for them to cross thousands of meters and cover the entire courtyard.

At this point, Ayer could confirm that something should have exposed his identity.

But how he was exposed, he did not know.

“How did you find me”

He did not attempt to quibble, but he still had some doubts.

Yafei moved.

She struck down from the sky wearing heavy punching gloves as she shouted, “A dead man does not need to know this!”

Her entire body darted to the ground like a meteor, bringing enormous kinetic energy to its target.

The energy around her body flickered, along with an indomitable aura.

Although Ayer was currently in his true body and his strength was at the peak of the divine grade, much stronger than the common divine grade.

Yet he was still somewhat hesitant in the face of this attack.

Moreover, four experts were eyeing him like tigers watching their prey, ready to attack at any moment.

From the looks of their auras, each was at least of the divine grade.

He would not be able to leave if they delayed his journey here.

Therefore, even though he was Gods clone, he could not care less about his reputation.

With a single move, he leaped as though he was about to fly away.

Alice sneered.

With a flash, she appeared in the sky.

A huge black and long sickle appeared in her hand, and she slashed it down abruptly.

However, Ayers expression did not change.

With a turn of his body, he teleported and appeared outside the encirclement.

However, before he could show a smug expression, a figure had already appeared before him.

A sharp battle sword with a sharp sword aura stabbed at him.

At this moment, he had finished his continuous transformation and had yet to use his remaining strength.

He could not dodge it even if he wanted to, so he could only meet it head-on.

Therefore, he put his hands together and planned to use the black cursed demonic flame to grab Alicias long sword.

That action was bold and could even be said as insane.

Alicia knew that this black demonic flame could quickly burn through dragon scales.

Although the sword in her hand was made of extraordinary material, if Ayer caught it, it would immediately cause a flaw in her defense.

Fortunately, the others who came with her were also powerful.

Kyla attacked using the Holy Judgement.

The black demonic flame and the Holy Judgement were opposite attributes.

Even if Ayer was powerful, as the holy light descended, it also caused his entire body to feel like a knife was cutting.

Thick black smoke emerged from his body.

“Im going to kill all of you!”

At this time, he finally accepted that he would have no chance to leave under the siege of these people unless he killed a few of them.

At this moment, Yafei, who had missed her attack, rushed up again.

She condensed the magic power on her fist and started to fight with Ayer.

That made it difficult for Alicia and the others to intervene and attack.

Li Xiang stood on the sky battleship in the distance and frowned when he saw this scene.

“This clone of the Lord of Dark has a lot of battle experience.

With Yafei being entangled like this, she can only fight him one-on-one.

The advantage in numbers is useless now.”

“Cant we make Yafei retreat immediately” Yang Mi frowned and asked worriedly.

Zhou Yutong shook his head and said, “Its not that simple.

If it were me, I would also try my best to stall Yafei at this time.

If Yafei had any intention of escaping, I would attack with all my might because he knows that it will be him dying once Yafei escapes.

His only goal is to capture Yafei and use her as a hostage.

Only then will he have a chance to escape.”

Li Xiang nodded approvingly and said, “Among all of you, only Yutongs combat talent is fairly good!”

“Are you saying that you think we are useless”

Yang Mi complained unhappily.

“Ahem! Of course not.

Talent is gifted.

Each of you has a different talent.

Even Yutong doesnt have your talent!”

“Oh What kind of talent do I have”

Li Xiang chuckled and said, “Youre beautiful!”

“Bah! All you do is flatter me! Im not going to talk to you anymore!”

In the sky above the noble manor, Yafei knew she had acted rashly, giving Ayer a chance to break through their attack.

She was angry.

She gritted her teeth and went all out to deal with Ayers attack.

Suddenly, Alicias faint voice assailed her ears.


Yafeis eyes lit up, and her body expanded.

It immediately blocked some of Ayers attacks.

His expression changed.

Seeing that the other four nearby had already gathered their strength and were ready to attack, he knew that he would die at this critical moment if he could not find a way to deal with it.

An idea flashed through his mind, and his body also expanded.



The roars of two giant dragons resounded throughout the sky above Byron.

Countless birds fell from the sky, and all the animals stuck their heads into the soil and shivered.

Yafei and Ayer had both transformed into giant black dragons.

Even the size and color of their bodies were almost the same.

Li Xiang was dumbfounded when he saw this, and he blurted out, “F*ck, in my previous life, there was a real and fake beautiful monkey king.

Could it be that Im going to witness the real and fake Dragon Lady”

Yang Mi and the others were also shocked and astonished.

Alicia and the others gathering their strength in the air, were also a little confused.

“I didnt expect the Pope of Dark, Ayer, to be so powerful.

He can even transform into a giant dragon at will In this way, its almost impossible to tell the difference.”

However, when Li Xiang activated his insight skill, he immediately knew the identities of the two.

However, at this moment, the two giant dragons were already fighting each other.

They were rolling in the air and biting each other.

Even if they could tell which one of them was Yafei, they could not provide appropriate support due to the rapid changes in their bodies.

“Ayer is so cunning and strong.

If we let such an enemy escape, it will bring us trouble in the future!” Chen Shu said calmly.

Alice and the others also felt the situation was challenging to handle.

“What should we do now We cant help at all.

Yafeis strength is inferior to Ayers.

It would be bad if Ayer got Yafei.”

Mia comforted her, “Dont worry.

We must surround them and not let Ayer find a loophole to escape.

Lord will have a way to deal with the situation.”

Kyla also nodded with absolute certainty.

Alicia glanced at Alice and nodded as well.

Alice was speechless.

They were acting as if she did not trust the lord.

At this time, Li Xiang already had a golden battle bow in his hand, the Dragon Slaying Divine Bow.

This Mythical weapon helped him greatly when he first entered the Myriad World Continent.

However, as he had more subordinates, he did not have much use for it.


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